28 December 2011

Alves put to Neymar and Messi to the telephone

Dani Alves has been a key player in the 'love affair' between Barça and Neymar. Barca side has always believed blindly in the quality of Santos striker and has always 'paddling' strong for one day end up playing with him at the Camp Nou. Concentrations of selection 'canarinha' has become the best friend and confidant of the great Neymar, who spoke wonders of Barça and the city of Barcelona. Furthermore, any information that would facilitate Neymar the interest of other clubs reached the Barca sports management for not missing a single detail. Also took advantage of these meetings the Barcelona side to 'recommend' to his young friend to all praise directed towards Guardiola's team and to the institution would be well received in the locker room in the offices noble and in the stands.

And as Dani Alves, one of the most clever that Barca are in the template, you do not pass one, was very clear from the outset that the arrival of Neymar was directly or indirectly linked to Guardiola's OK ... and Messi. So much like another one has been eating them 'coconut' speaking of the high quality of its Brazilian friend. Guardiola is convinced, not only for advice but because Alves was in great consideration the talent of the crack from Santos.

As for Messi, Alves has not been limited to rave about Neymar: in the latest edition of the America's Cup, played last summer in Argentina, and after he was 24-hours a day by Neymar, Dani called Leo Messi to bring about a telephone conversation between Barca and crack the Santos. A symbolic act but also significant because it led to Neymar and Messi were known personally and speak after Alves properly prepare the ground in Argentina. Conversation was brief but adequate, especially for the Brazilian, who until then spoke wonders if the '10 'Barca since it is on a pedestal and declared fan of his and to apprentice. Messi also seemed satisfied. A few days ago, upon arriving in the country to enjoy the holidays, Neymar opened the door to Barça joined by a very eloquent statement to the press in Argentina.

A conversation with constancy in the heart of the Barca directors and has also helped his own. For Alves gets goals and assists in the field, but also moves well between racks. (via MD)