20 December 2011

Alves: "Neymar, your site is the Barça"

Alves advised him for when leaves Santos.

Dani Alves is a close friend of Neymar and one of the most descent people have about him after his father. Barca side was one of the first to go to cheer after Barca win the endorsement of Santos on Sunday. Despite being collapsed because completion of his great dream of winning the World Cup 2011 against Barca, Neymar was able to accept the superiority sportiness exquisite anthology translated into a sentence. "Today Barça has taught us to play football," he said just after the match on the same Yokohama Stadium turf.

Minutes later, more cold, Alves has spoken with his team mate canarinha, who advised him to play at Barça decides to go after Santos. "He always invited to play in this house. I've always said and I have advised that if you desire to play in Europe, the most suitable equipment and the style of game for him is Barcelona. The advice is given," said Barca side to the Brazilian media.

Among the tips, Alves also said that at the moment not in a hurry to make the jump and continue to improve, then only 19 years. "When you lose is normal to be sad. Must continue to work, having more continuity because losing a final or not play as he wanted to say that it's over his career," he said.

Alves asked people to have peace with him, then just beginning his professional career and much has to go. "Neymar has a lot to prove still. People who admire the game must be happy to have him in Brazil and who knows if I one day I can have as a partner and not just the team," said Alves, who along with the other American peers and Keita began yesterday the Christmas holidays until next December 29, when measured at return for Espanyol in La Liga. (via MD)