15 December 2011

Already mark, Busquets!

Only a goal from the Club World Cup 2009 in Abu Dhabi.

Pep often reminds one of the reasons for his continued success at Barça, having accounted for 12 of 15 possible titles was its strong commitment to Pedro and Busquets. The canary has always corresponded with his goals and the Badia, performing an invaluable role as pivot. Nobody would understand the endless effervescence of 'Pep Team without Busquets, recovering and going on.

His goalscoring contribution, however, shown in dropper, just five goals in three seasons and peak, three of them in their first year. One in the league, in that promising debut against Racing (1-1), and two against Basel in the Champions League (0-5) and Shakhtar (2-3). Today brings to mind that which marked precisely in the Club World Cup 2009. It was the fourth of his career. The semifinal against Atlante of Mexico had uphill when five minutes Rojas beat Valdes. Barca did not break down and in just half an hour the machine Barca won the tie. Holder that game, Busquets hair topped by a ball Touré in a corner. A while Messi led the way first and then found Pedro for 1-3 final. His performance brought him back to the title in the final, won also against Estudiantes.

Since that December 16, 2009, Busquets goalscoring contribution has been reduced to a single well, the fifth, won the September 25, 2010 at the Cathedral to the Athletic League that day with remarkable prominence of second-line players . Xavi and Keita also viewed door (0-3). A single goal, then, in two years. Sure, it's just one of the leading Mascherano, who has not been released yet Barca. Since then there have been 71 games. The story could quote him again in Japan.

Sergio was trained at a rate somewhat softer than their peers in the Rondos, mainly due caution, as some slight discomfort still carries the Bernabeu. It is likely that precaution will not play today, but Sunday's match (consolation or final) will be safe.