28 December 2011

Alexis Sánchez: "Messi is the only one who understands my jokes"

The Chilean player of Barça, Alexis Sanchez, Chile spoke about his situation at Barça.

Alexis Sanchez renewed as advertising image of Movistar in Chile at a ceremony in front of the press in which he spoke about the situation of the Chilean and the days you're looking at FC Barcelona.

The 'niño maravilla' he talked about Leo Messi in the press conference of which said that he is "learning" and "following the one on the way to Messi of winning everything." Also Alexis Sanchez admitted that Leo Messi is "the only one who understands my jokes."

On his understanding with colleagues, Alexis said: "I always said Victor Valdes' Chile, do not understand anything."

"I do not know if I have milestones. I stay with Udinese's campaign. I'm only in Barcelona," Alexis told the Chilean press.

Alexis was asked if he had Neymar preference, the player of Santos and Eduardo Vargas University of Chile and Alexis replied: "I am Chilean, Vargas".

"At Barcelona go step by step," said Sanchez, who more important than titles or money you can earn is your personal growth.

At the recent Christmas Sanchez in his hometown led a massive distribution of toys and gifts to the locals, including footballs and jerseys Barcelona.

Although it was declared fan of the University of Chile, today said that the front end of the Clausura, the dispute with the Cobreloa U wants to win this last team, which started as a professional at age 16 .

"This time I'm on Cobreloa by the people of the north" he said. The U and define the title Cobreloa on Thursday, having drawn 0-0 Monday in the first leg of the final.

In another apparent sign that is not a fan of the U de Chile as everyone thought, said he would like to play for Colo Colo, club that was devoted, before leaving the River Plate and then give the jump to Europe.

"You never know, but I'd like to Colo Colo some day, but no one knows what may happen in the future, maybe I could end my career in Europe," he said.

Regarding the selection of Chile, said the costume "still attached" after the separation of five players for indiscipline and said that they "must meet" the ten-game suspension for which they were punished.

"You can not turn back, they must meet the ten games. They are very important players for the Chilean football for kids too, which always are seeing," he said. (via SPORT)