13 December 2011

Alexis is pleasing to the culés

Again it was fulfilled the desire of the readers of SPORT with the goal of Alexis Sánchez against Real Madrid.

Once again, the desire was fulfilled Barca of actively participating in the SPORT website.

In the survey can be found at this link , the fans were asked what was the favorite player of Barça fans to score a goal against Real Madrid.

The options were: Leo Messi, David Villa, Cesc Fabregas, Alexis Sanchez and Isaac Cuenca (the one from the list that did not play a single minute on the pitch because it was not called). In addition, proposed a sixth option "Other".

With nearly 1900 votes, Alexis Sanchez was proclaimed as the favortie to mark the fans at the Bernabeu. What I meant, with 35% of the vote, ahead of Messi (22%), Cesc (15%), Cuenca (13%) and Villa (10%).

Interestingly it is not the first time are fulfilled the wishes of the fans this season. As we gathered last week in Sport , also David Villa scored (against Zaragoza and Rayo Vallecano) when Barca chose him as the most enthusiasm I made ​​brands.

For now, the syntony between the preferences of the readers of SPORT and the scorers of Barça is almost absolute. (via SPORT)