17 December 2011

Alexis, the big question of the final against Santos

The Chilean, who made the last session before the end outside the group, is the big unknown for the clash against Santos.

The injury to David Villa opens up a whole range of possibilities for Pep Guardiola ahead of tomorrow's final, taking into account that the discomfort of the Chilean Alexis Sanchez made ​​a more than doubtful. The coach again gave yesterday about 24 hours off the template, from yesterday's lunch to lunch today, before facing the arms ensure game. Pep, once again, has prioritized the mood of the team and want, above all, players have a fresh mind.

The player has trained separately from the rest of the team in the afternoon session, Japan time, in Yokohama. While his companions were exercised in two rounds, Alexis ran alongside a physio on his own, making their participation in the final tomorrow is complicated, but so far, while still not over training, not discarded. Guardiola has said this morning that "we'll see how it is in practice and then decide." There is still time until the final one and tomorrow you can make a last revision of the state of the Chilean that is up to now the coach's main doubt in the alignment.

Yesterday the staff divided into two working groups: the owners of Thursday, more Alexis, who merely make up work in the gym and in the water area of ​​the hotel, and non-holders, who carried out a full training session in the sports city of Yokohama F. Marinos, facilities that today is the last training before the finals. Guardiola has been analyzing the past few days all aspects of the Santos game and is pretty clear what to do, but so am not communicate his plans to the players. But Villa, and possibly without Alexis, the coach could play the card surprise Cuenca, which is the secret weapon against the Brazilians.

The young end is the natural relief of Villa and Alexis and their entry form triplet attacker with Messi and Iniesta, who already played the clásico advanced. Behind, the interiors, Xavi and Cesc, with more delayed Terrassa, taking the reins, and the Arenys ready to exchange with Iniesta or Messi up next in a very flexible training that would allow constant swaps positions. Fixing the core will Busquets, although it has been somewhat hobbled this week after his physical display, tactics and technique of the clásico.

In defense of the two sides are fixed, Alves and Abidal, without prejudice to the enormous performance of Adriano in the semifinals. Alves is the perfect trick to change on the march a 4-3-3 in 3-4-3 and so much has coincided with Cuenca in a system as in other, for what there would not be incompatibility. As the centre-back axis, there is huge competition between Puyol and Mascherano to pair with Pique, although the great form of captain becomes, in principle owner. Both of them are in perfect condition, despite the end of the semifinal match two separate blows complained, triggering speculation. (via MD)