11 December 2011

Alexis and Cesc, two signings that killed at Madrid

They are responding to the trust of Guardiola and in Bernabeu they didn't allow to pass the opportunity.

Three goals. Two of the new. FC Barcelona yesterday found Alexis Sanchez and Cesc Fabregas to the men who killed at Madrid. Two signings yesterday was exhibited in Santiago Bernabeu he hoped the exhibition of the same and also of their new additions ... and ended up unable to celebrate neither one nor the other.

Because while Pep Guardiola does trust in men who have joined this season to the discipline of the club, Mourinho is costing your news, some of them sold to great fanfare as if they were to be the silver bullet apuntillaría at Finally, when Barca have their minutes. Still less in a game like yesterday. Of the five signings this season the Portuguese chose to rely solely on his countryman, Fabio Coentrao. He decided to send to the stands to Nuri Sahin, Hamit Althintop and Raphael Varane, while on the bench and had also made him warm up in a couple of times to Joseph Lane ... But not any of them remember those white fans.

In the worst nightmares of the meringues will the 'Boy Wonder what a man who has always argued that, above all, was a Barça from head to foot. Up yesterday where all Barca failed to score dream, home of the great rival, the enemy of good. Cesc, the man with an unpronounceable name in Madrid, opened and celebrated almost in tears, hugged his teammates and friends, those he grew up in La Masia, as Messi and Pique, and the shares now in the locker room hours and play in the field. He is enjoying and it shows.

Alexis starred in what is undoubtedly, to date, his best game with the Blaugrana shirt. The Chilean took advantage of the opportunity, the trust gave the coach in a game so much tension, passion and he had much at stake.

At no point hiding and attacked not only logically expected ¿a ¿but also front up at full speed to help his teammates on defense, cutting balloons and bothering opponents. On the first occasion on which options made it to the goal of Iker Casillas, Alexis did not spare. It was the tying goal, which made him forget that Madrid had gone ahead after 24 seconds error that knew Victor Valdes of the ever-opportunistic profit Benzema. Barca had not decayed, continued playing football and his players were looking for opportunities.

Cesc came on 66 minutes. Dani Alves and focused Arenys came as a shell to top of the head and cause delirium ... own, the peer, the bench and the fans, brave, who were in the upper area of ​​Madrid stadium. Fabregas wanted to play in this boat and is responding with goals ... they are love. It has become authoritative in the second top scorer Barca in the league, with eight goals, surpassed only by the 17 goals from Leo Messi in the competition. (via SPORT)