17 December 2011

Adriano: "We can't allow the luxury Neymar to feel comfortable"

Adriano told the Brazilian team's talent and revealed healthy 'sprints' of the azulgranas and their rivals in the Brazilian.

Adriano revealed in an interview with FIFA.com that the Brazilian clan joking with Barca leading international long-Santos on the party that they could face in the final of Club World Club Cup and will be a reality in the fight for the title .

"Everyone has been waiting for this game. At first we joked, but now the game is serious and there is no way for someone to take it easy," he explains.

The Brazilian, who scored two goals against the Al-Saad said that he had never managed to do but pointed to the ease and convenience with which adds to the attack from the defense. "Against Al-Sadd encouraged me a bit and played almost as a striker. I'm used to that and if I go, enjoy," he said.

Adriano also had time to refer to Neymar and warned that there will be very careful with their vigilance because of the quality that holds the striker in his boots. "" We'll have to rethink our plans a bit, because we can not afford to let Neymar is comfortable with the ball, "said Adriano, giving your view on the star of Peixe.

"Neymar is a great guy and no doubt it is the spearhead of a very talented team. They also have the talents of Ganso, Elano, Borges, who scored a great goal in the semifinal, and Danilo, and is in an excellent form. I think it will be a fantastic show ", she said. (via SPORT)