28 November 2011

[Ex-player] Nadal: "This Barça can also get it as us"

Miquel Ángel Nadal confident Barça.

A member of the Dream Team, Barca from 91-92 season until 1999, was Miguel Angel Nadal, versatile player, able to play both defense and midfield and a large counter area arrival.

Detached and Real Mallorca, the uncle of Rafa Nadal mythical, remember that "the distance seen da time really does seem almost impossible that we could win this league. There was the miracle of Tenerife, it is true, but I remember well that long before that last game we had left the eight-point lead Real Madrid to zero. In fact, one of our main motivations was to score many goals to overcome Real Madrid in the goal-general average, because the matter had also tied. I have won before the first European Cup of club helped us reach that goal of winning the league. "

Nadal is absolutely convinced that Pep exceed Mourinho to Madrid: "We must recognize that whites are very strong, but this generation of players who now commands Pep are very good. This situation will be touched if they recover their morale and self-imposed and keep the faith, you get it. "

"They keep to an extraordinary degree"

Nadal wants to emphasize that "a team that will defeat the San Siro and Milan in its field with the exhibition game, you can not forget to play soccer. I understand that what happened in Getafe was an accident, because the result was so. What happens is that, as is the Real Madrid, Barca can not afford any slip. Let's see, in direct duels at least Barça should not lose against Real Madrid, because surprises may occur when you least expect it. The ship continues to an extraordinary degree " (via SPORT)