02 August 2011

[Youth] Jesjua Angoy Cruyff and the son of Gudjohnsen, among the 78 drops in the cantera of Barça

Up to 78 players, among them some of illustrious name, they have abandoned the inferior categories of Barça this summer.

In the same way they have recently arrived about 80 players to the ranks at Barca this summer have left the club another 78 young footballers, according to the report prepared by the analyst SPORT collaborator Marti Perarnau .

In it, detailing each and every one of the casualties suffered by the club this summer from Barca B to Benjamin and in most cases have been decided by the Catalan club, except in seven specific instances in that prevailed the will of the player: Nolito, Víctor Vázquez and Oriol Romeu (Barça B) and Toral, Héctor Bellerín , Pol Garcia Tena and Keita Baldé, all belonging to the Cadete A.

Least six casualties in the subsidiary Barca

For lack of that some exit can take place more, up to now they are six the players that Barça B has left in the summery recent market: Abraham Minero and Edu Oriol (Zaragoza), Nolito (Benfica), Víctor Vázquez (Bruges) and Benja (Girona), along with Oriol Romeu, who was traveling to London in Barca and Chelsea agree on the repurchase clause that Barca have the first two years.

Those who remain are finally Jonathan dos Santos and Jonathan Soriano. Mexican midfielder had one foot in Zaragoza, but the march of Oriol Romeu has been allowed to continue, something that appreciates both the player as Eusebio, who minimize the impact of progress Romeu. For its part, the injury to the ligaments of Jonathan Soriano makes your sale is more likely to be postponed at least until next winter market.

Five players leave the juvenile and 12 more are in the B

While eight players have made ​​the jump to Juvenil A subsidiary of Barca are five that have left the club this summer: Jesus Unzúe (Cornell), Carlos Castarnado (Logroño), Jordi Maso (Llagostera), Pepe Palau (Villarreal C) and but yet to be confirmed, Gaël Etock to Chelsea.

The transition from Juvenil B to A has been much harder because of the 26 players who formed the team led by Sergi Barjuan last season, are 12 to leave the club, including some 'media' as Jesjua Angoy Cruyff ( exentrenador Barca's grandson) who goes to Wigan or striker Pol Roigé , which leaves the club the way to Madrid. In addition, Pol Aitor Busquets and Ruano are Atletico Madrid, Joshua Currais and Roger Canadell, Espanyol, Roberto Alarcon Murcia, Alex Lopez, West Ham and four other players (Yannick Adamu, Adrià Escribano, Bakary Mendes and Mamadou Sylla) still have no computer.

Drain in the cadete

The computer on which there have been more level is the absence of Cadete A. The march of Héctor Bellerín and Jon Miquel Toral to the Arsenal and of Pol García to Juventus leaves to the team without three of the players with a more promising future. In addition, have left the club Keita Baldé (Lazio), Pau Belana and Marc Navarro (Espanyol), Antonio Glauder (Villarreal) and Juan Fernandez Mara (Málaga).

In the cadete B six players leave the club decided by the club. The Venezuelan David Zalzman (Cornell) and Aleix Bigorda (Lleida) do as assigned, while Ramon Saavedra and Sebas Leguizamón went to Espanyol and Pol Serrat, to Damm. David Soto still has no team, while David Soto queel Canary and Greek Efmorfidis James could end up leaving the club as well.

Low 41 more children, juveniles and Latest

Up to 41 players leave the club earlier in the categories. Among them, the son of Gudjohnsen, Sveinn Aron, who goes to Cornellà or Cameroonians Nelson Mandela (Infantil B) and Aboubakar Camera (Alevín A), which could have left the club by doubts about his age.

The casualties, according to the website www.blaugranas.com would be:

Infantiles: Cristian Sanz, Cristian Fabra, Álex Carbonell, Iván Martos, Conrad Carbó, Carlos Martínez, Rafa Mir, Marc Catón, Javi Puado, Marc San José, Ramón Alfaro, Guillem Burriel, Sveinn Aron Gudjohnsen y Nelson Mandela.

Alevines: Juan Fernández, Aboubakar Cámara, Eric Mas, Pol Muniesa, Adrià Collet, Lluís Martorell, Xavi Manrique, Joel Vallejo, Sergi Duarte, Arnau Valero, Sergio Medina, Álex Calatrava, Yevgen Zhenya, Miguel Sénder y Carles Portas.

Benjamines: Marc Tenas, Mika Mármol, Manel Rebollo, Joan Capdevila, Ismael El Youssfi, Marcos Olmo, Xavi Priego, Erik Castillo, Xavi Garrido, Mamadou Touré, Hugo Ramírez y Jordi Escobar. (via SPORT)