31 August 2011

Zubizarreta: "The ongoing challenge is to maintain the excellence"

Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sporting Director Andoni Zubizarreta explained the actions carried out in the sporting area during the summer, and the goals for the future.

A few hours before the end of the summer transfer market, there was time to take stock of events during the preseason. With this in mind, the Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu, and Sporting Director Andoni Zubizarreta appeared at a press conference. Bartomeu explained that: "We tried to deliver everything the coaching team asked for, but always from an austere standpoint, and defending the interests of the Club".

Together they reviewed market movements, performances on the field in the first months of new season, and changes in the technical organization. "The ongoing challenge is to maintain the excellence in every training session, and every game" Zubizarreta said.

Having said this, Zubi, happy with the winning of the two Super Cups, didn’t want to make the winning of more trophies an obligation: "The goal is to compete at the highest level every day, to be able to compete at our best in every game, and every competition. This is a game where the unexpected can happen, a last minute goal can change everything".

In terms of players leaving and joining, Barça announced the move of Alexander Hleb to Wolfsburg, on a loan basis, "at a cost depending on matches played". On the other hand, Zubizarreta explained the status on the renewal of Abidal’s contract. According to him, "we must show him a lot of respect and he must find time to resume discussions". Regarding the continuity of reserve full-back, Martin Montoya, he said: "We will close the deal, of that I’m sure."

The ex Dream Team keeper also discussed the record of matches played for Barça, that from last Monday he shares with Victor Valdes. "He’s one of the best goalkeepers, and rightfully takes his place in football history. His numbers are the result of his conviction, since childhood, that one day he would be Barça’s goalkeeper. We have insurance in goal" he said.

Finally, asked about the renewal, year by year, of manager Pep Guardiola, Bartomeu replied: "We try to do everything possible to improve the club. The important thing is that we give him the best working tools to do his job, which is spectacular, fantastic. If we do this, then when the day comes to discuss contract renewal, it’ll be difficult for him to say no. He’s the most vital piece in the success of Barça in recent years". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[BarçaB] Albert Dalmau, to Valencia B

The player Albert Dalmau, until last season in the ranks of Juvenil A, B will play in Valencia.

FC Barcelona and Albert Dalmau have reached an agreement for the termination of his contract. The player will play in Valencia B. The club holds the option to buy for the next two seasons.

Hleb to Wolfsburg on loan

Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu has announced the loan of forward Alexander Hleb to Wolfsburg, who play in the Bundesliga. The cost of the operation will depend on the number of games he plays.

The Belarusian player, Alexander Hleb, will play next season, on a loan basis, with the German Bundesliga club, Wolfsburg. The player, currently recovering from injury, will join the German team in October, Josep Maria Bartomeu confirmed.

Hleb, who for the last two seasons has been on loan at Stuttgart and Birmingham, played a total of 36 games for Barça in the 2008/2009 season, 19 in the League, 9 in the Champions League, and 8 in the Spanish Cup. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Joint session with the B team

Puyol, Maxwell, Keita, Pinto, and Fontàs trained with the reserves in a session led by Tito Vilanova and Eusebio Sacristán.

The five first team players available, along with Pique, Adriano, and Afellay, (who did some work with the group), doing recovery work away from the main group, trained with the B team, who are preparing for their game on Saturday against Cartagena.

The session, which started at 9.30 at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper, was not attended by Josep Guardiola, who is travelling to Nyon today to attend the 13th Managers Forum, organized by UEFA, which will take place on Thursday September 1st.

The first team will return to training on Thursday, also at 9.30, at the Joan Gamper training ground. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Real Sociedad-Barça, family time

FC Barcelona and know what time play their next league match against Real Sociedad ...

The match will take place on Saturday September 10th at 18:00 pm, in San Sebastian Anoeta stadium.

The Madrid derby between Real Madrid and Getafe will play then that same Saturday at 20.00 h.

The Valencia-Atletico Madrid will be televised open at 22.00 the same day. Villarreal-Sevilla will be played at 18.00 h, just like Barca, as confirmed by the LFP.

The rest of the day will be held Sunday and Monday (see schedule in box below). (via SPORT)

[Times of Day 3 in First division]
Saturday, September 10:
18.00 Real Sociedad-Barcelona
18.00 Villarreal-Sevilla
20.00 Real Madrid-Getafe
22.00 Valencia-Atlético de Madrid
Sunday, September 11:
12.00 Betis-Mallorca
16.00 Racing-Levante
18.00 Osasuna-Sporting
18.00 Rayo Vallecano-Zaragoza
22.00 Espanyol-Athletic
Monday, September 12:
21.00 Málaga-Granada

[Times of Day 4 in the Second Division]
Saturday, September 10:
16.00 Hércules - Recreativo
18.00 Sabadell - Cartagena
18.00 Alcorcón - Villarreal B
18.00 Guadalajara - Huesca
18.00 Alcoyano - Xerez
18.00 Córdoba - Numancia
18.00 Murcia - Almería
Sunday, September 11:
18.00 Celta - Elche
20.00 Barcelona B - Deportivo de La Coruña
20.00 Gimnastic de Tarragona - Las Palmas
20.00 Girona - Valladolid

Super Keita: 102 passes well, 12 turnovers

Thiago Alcántara When dazzled in the European Under-21 and the signing of Cesc Fabregas was assumed sooner or later, Barcelona was licking the best midfield in the world next to Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta with Sergio Busquets and Javier Mascherano as bodyguard. The indoor pools to play anywhere near Seydou Keita appeared. At that time, the head of Pep Guardiola guessed a new location for the Mali, portentous Monday against Villarreal wiping out a 'player' as Borja Valero and initiating many of the attacking moves of the club. No more balls recovered (12) and Thiago only (108) gave him more good passes (102). Missed only five of the 107 who tried.

The technical decision not to sign another Santpedor central although the general trend of opinion in filling some gaps impinged ago, had much to do figure Keita. Pep was convinced that Mascherano would play more in the heart of the defense and Sergio Busquets could put in at center or released to a defense of three as it did at the Mestalla last league or at home to Athletic.

Guardiola had studied it all with Tito Vilanova: Keita, pivot. And so it was already in the first bolo summer in Split. In the following friendly wager repeated until an injury kept Busquets with selection as a midfielder in the African Super Cup first leg in Madrid. Pressure to the central white Abidal Mascherano and put the Catalans into trouble and was blamed Keita its difficulty to get the ball. On lap came in 85 'ahead of a possible extension but in Monaco after a stellar Gamper at the goal including Napoli, Pep, erre erre that broke all expectations and confirmed its blind faith in Seydou' Busi 'the bench and the Malian pivot in front of' Masche 'and Abidal. After a shaky start, Keita ended up being an insurmountable barrier against Porto.

On Monday, returned on board to be the broom wagon Barça positional astonishing intelligence. He committed five fouls, all tactics, no untimely. Play as the 'minutes away' a final and with that mentality has fallen in love with Guardiola. "Masche and Keita are my girls. Neither the touch me," Pep said after the 5-0 Villarreal. (via MD)

Oriol: "I had not run so much in my life"

Joan Oriol, Villarreal defender, blown away with the Barca, his brother Edu, Zaragoza, Real Madrid suffered a 0-6.

Edu Oriol, former Barça B and now in the ranks of Zaragoza, and his twin brother Joan, the full-back of Villarreal have suffered in their own flesh the might of Barca and Real Madrid in the first day league. Edu took six of the Madrid set on Sunday and a day later, Oriol suffered a hand of Barça in Camp Nou. In total, 11-0. Despite the setback, both showed good yesterday having lost in the program 'Primer Toc' RAC1. "I called him and said, 'will debut' (for the six fitted with Zaragoza Edu) and then I took five. You can never talk about," said Joan Oriol. "I thought it would take not five, but seeing that on 25 minutes and went 2-0 ...", I said Edu, who hid the six goals that put the Madrid" I still hurt me more like culé life I am. "

If Edu Oriol took off his hat to the exhibition of Madrid, directly Joan explained that I had never played against a team beaten. "The 3-4-3 surprised us, but it has been shown to play Barca in the play who is not noticed because everyone has the same level.'s The best team in history and is suffocating pressure you see, they attack you , retrieved the ball and attack you again. I had not raced much in my life, "said Joan Oriol.

After this first day, and after they have had to suffer before the two, both Joan and Edu Oriol agree that the League "is just a matter of two." "The money they charge each other is showing. There are two leagues. One of two and an 18," said Zaragoza midfielder. "The league does not have much incentive. It is a league of two, they can sign and the rest. The other play another championship," said Villarreal defender.

About Madrid, Edu said that "this year touches the ball more and have more possession in the transition, but if the club says 'we are here', or the Madrid slows it down". (via MD)

Barca 'spy' to Neymar in Brazil

Brazilian forward is one of the objectives of Madrid, but from the Nou Camp will remain very attentive.

The Brazilian international Neymar is one of the priority objectives of Real Madrid for next season but the club is aware of all movements. In fact, one of the scouts that are part of the technical secretariat will be led by Julia Narcís today live football in Brazil.

Melero Jordi has participated for three days at a conference organized by the Gremio dedicated to grassroots football. The scout has given several talks Blaugrana in which she talked about funcionalmiento the youth ranks at Barcelona, ​​a model of interest worldwide.

In addition, Melero wasted no time and use the trip to southern Brazil to witness the now-Santos International is held in Porto Alegre from the 21.50 hours. This is a meeting for the day number 20 of the Brazilian league.

Although Neymar not seem to be a priority for the coaching staff, is one of the players with the greatest of the Brazilian market and the club prefers to stay informed and alert to any possibility.

The player has publicly opted for any of the clubs that claim. Indeed, it has always been ambiguous in his answers about the interest of Barcelona or Real Madrid. (via SPORT)

Rotations to maintain the excellence and the successes

Guardiola will bet by alternating so that all men come to May at their best.

From his first day in the locker room Barca manager Pep Guardiola has a message for heating deep into his men, no one has the job secured. It's their way of involving all staff and make no guard down and smacking into complacency.

The coach himself warned after the game against Villarreal, "If all accept and understand the competition, get away, if we understand that we all win, we do a very good season." His speech is totally faithful to reality, since in the four official matches this season, Guardiola has ushered in all players has been called, except the two goalkeepers José Manuel Pinto and Oier Olazabal and Andreu Fontàs and the team players and Sergi Roberto Marc Bartra.

As happened in previous seasons with Santpedor on the bench, the rotations will be the tonic, so that everyone can reach the month of May at the peak of form. So far, Victor Valdes, Javier Mascherano, Eric Abidal and Leo Messi have been the four untouchable the coach, the ones who have played 90 minutes in the four official games, but when the club are returning to normal after the break for selections Guardiola will not hesitate to start rotating his players, a practice that has such good results given so far. (via SPORT)

Mascherano, how good you came!

Twelve months later, last-minute strengthening and is one of the most profitable club operations.

Yesterday marked one year since it became official the signing of Javier Mascherano for FC Barcelona. The 'little chief ¿(San Lorenzo, June 8, 1984) came hoping to break into the team, but knowing that it would not be easy given the reputed quality of his new teammates. However, injuries, Pep Guardiola's confidence in their qualities and quality midfielder appears to have served, over last season, has grown into a mainstay of the team. "From the first moment that came the interest of FC Barcelona was clear he wanted to come here." And he did.

Mascherano evaluated first season as Barca player and you could say that grazed the outstanding. "At the group level, last season was a spectacular year that I will not forget. I got a team that knew what it was, but I reconfirmed by the titles and so enjoyed working with everyone, with peers, staff and all who are part of this team, "said visibly happy. "Individually I'm very happy, I came to Europe and had not yet achieved any degree, and thanks to Barca, the club and colleagues, I had the chance," said grateful for the successes.

And the signing of jefecito `Was not easy. He landed the day before the market closed. It was the third reinforcement Blaugrana after the additions of Villa and Adriano, and his arrival was marked by the economic effort that made the player to become one of the signings most profitable resigned to twenty percent of their salary to help his move from Liverpool to Barcelona will be implemented without further delay. "As a person and as a player, each must decide to leave some things out and stick with what you want. I fought for my signing was resolved, he, and the year that I lived, last season ended up giving me the reason I took the right step. "

The adaptation of `Masche was it progressive. It came from the Premier, Messi and Milito know, friends in the selection, and other colleagues received him "with open arms. It is a spectacular group. I got started the league and I adapted well. " At first, their performances do not quite convince. Partners Mascherano saw a player too hard and strong for a team like Barcelona. However, as we got more minutes, he assimilated the style of play, touch and possession, and became one more for Pep.

Technical and versatile, a year, alternating with the midfield behind. Mascherano is a key wins, alignments and strategies Guardiola. "A gem of a guy." A leader in power continue to grow.

Javier now has four titles ... Liverpool and rubs his hands
To Javier he has changed his life after move for Barça. Their adaptation to the club and the city has been total, but more importantly, it has begun its unique collection of titles. In twelve months, the Argentine government has lifted four trophies, something unheard of throughout his football career.
Mascherano is not the only happy with the outcome of the transfer. His former club, Liverpool, also enjoys the title squad. And the transfer was accompanied by Argentine juicy variables depending on the sporting successes. The Champions League and continue to haunt you at Barça.

A rhombus of five stars

Guardiola had spent days preparing the revolutionary scheme 'cruyffista', with which swept Villarreal.

The deployment of tactical resources Pep Guardiola has amazed fans of the ball. The last show on Monday against Villarreal, has knocked out even those who had come to criticize the touch football squad. The Santpedor pull back a scheme to raise unprecedented brilliance for years on a field, for players with a diamond in midfield, the style of `cruyffista ¿, leaving no options to Juan Carlos Garrido. A brilliant resource, with jugadorescinco stars.

Barca coach surprised almost everyone except the players. The team had spent days secretly preparing the new drawing, but in reality, homegrown years the scheme had been well internalized, as in the youth ranks of Barça is not strange to use the 3-4-3. "We were psyched to play like this for days," admitted Sergio Busquets in the mixed zone after the game in the Camp Nou, "is good to have alternatives and fortunately everything went well with a very complicated, very goal. The way in which Villarreal won says a lot about this barca. " Guardiola was not the only one who ended the game fully satisfied with the work. Busquets himself insisted that "this system forces you to be especially attentive, very top of the front, not letting them think. You can not make mistakes on defense. " The boss risked the time to bet on the diamond, but the heavy casualties in defense forced him to take the risk, "is a system we have to consider, especially against teams like Villarreal can play."

Meanwhile, Pedro also analyzed the success of the Barca bid, "we managed to have a player in midfield and has agreed that our players have done a great building work. Thiago, Cesc and Iniesta from midfield, and Messi receive the ball down. The key game was that it allowed us to make big plays in combination. " And is that throughout the game was the largest repertoire of theoretical manual resources of football. After the good result is not unreasonable to think that Guardiola can reuse the same system from now on, "the system will change depending on the opponents and the players that we have."

The newly reinstated, Cesc Fabregas, remembered seeing from London part of a barca with an identical pattern in the stage of Frank Rijkaard, "even with Guardiola and Barça had also played some time, is a style that we have adapted very young our style ", in fact pointed out that during its passage through the Barca youth teams" with this system had played virtually all season that had been in the lower grades. "

Precisely why the players recognized that the house had been much easier to adapt the scheme, "we played a little different and for those of us from the house is easier to internalize these schemes, Alexis is going to catch on anything because it is proving to be a great player, "he said, showing his full confidence in the Chilean. (via SPORT)

[Youth] The tricampeón opens in Celtic Park

The guys of Oscar Garcia on Wednesday disputed the first match of 'Next Gen Tournament' against Celtic Glasgow. Barca TV will provide live debut of Juvenil A from 20.30.

There could be no better debut. The team opens the season's treble against one of the largest in Europe, Glasgow Celtic, one of the best venues, Celtic Park, and one of the most prestigious competitions of the category, Next Gen Tournament. The icing on the cake puts Barça TV that will offer the game live on Wednesday at 20.30.

After taking over the treble last term, The Juvenil A of Barca can only be among the teams largest in Europe. If the early month of Oscar Garcia proclaimed champions PSV Tournament on Wednesday at the Next Gen Debut Tournament against Celtic Glasgow. The Scots, who will be the first team to beat in a group which also are Manchester City and Olympique Marseille, and premiered in competition with a defeat (0-1) to the French team.

Both Barca as Scots are keen to be on the lawn of Celtic Park. When they have sold over 30,000 tickets to enjoy the show, Oscar Garcia explained to Barça TV that the team is excited and looking forward to the tournament: " We look forward to starting this new competition. For several reasons: because it is the first game of the season, the competition is very excited because we play against the best teams in Europe and because we play Celtic in the field . "

The requirement of the competition, the result of the high level of the teams is also a motivation for the team, as coach says, " because we want to show the club and the philosophy we have . " When the Catalans play at home, they will in the Miniestadi. There will be three games in which the stage is also very important for the players: " Very few players have played in the Mini. There you can see everything much closer than in the Sports City. We hope that many people also come because it will be broken very attractive , "said Oscar García. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola-Wenger, face to face in the summit of coachs of UEFA

Pep Guardiola Wednesday travels to Geneva to participate in the technical elite summit of UEFA . The coach of Barça , current coach of the winner of the Champions League will be the real protagonist of this peak to that already went last season. And the Barca coach will make a record hard to beat, with 12 titles on a possible 15, has been at the forefront of Barca since he arrived three seasons ago.

In the absence of Jose Mourinho , the curiosity is that it will be the first time the coach of Barca match the manager of Arsenal , Arsène Wenger , who has maintained the pulse erio uns in the last three years to reach finally the signing Cesc Fabregas .

Definitely, Jose Mourinho will not attend the meeting celebrating the UEFA in Nyon on upcoming August 31 and September 1. The UEFA tried to convince Mou , until the last minute to attend, but in the end, it was considered that it was not so bad not to attend because his presence would have drifted far from the sense of the meeting. The incidents involving Mourinho in the last Supercopa of Spain have been around the world and have damaged its image. So there will be morbidity in Nyon to cross for the first time after the brawl, Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola . Mou has excused his presence, because not in vain maintains an excellent relationship with and UEFA president, Michel Platini , although the latter been criticized after 'show the finger' at the Nou Camp, and especially after the press conference.

In the list of technicians, headed by Pep Guardiola ( FC Barcelona ), are given Sir Alex Ferguson (Manchester United FC), André Villas-Boas (Chelsea FC), Arsène Wenger (Arsenal FC), Roy Hodgson (West Bromwich Albion FC), Rémi Garde (Olympique Lyonnais), Didier Deschamps (Olympique de Marseille), Massimiliano Allegri (AC Milan), Ralf Rangnick (FC Schalke 04), Thomas Schaaf (SV Werder Bremen), Frank de Boer (AFC Ajax), Jorge Jesus (SL Benfica), Felix Magath (VfL Wolfsburg), Vítor Pereira (FC Porto), Mircea Lucescu (FC Shakhtar Donetsk), Unai Emery (Valencia CF), Thorsten Fink (FC Basel 1893) y Rudi Garcia (LOSC Lille Métropole).

The day that Guardiola fell in love with the 3-4-3 again

Pep Guardiola wrote in 'El País' in 2007, the first time that Rijkaard used the 3-4-3 and showed his admiration for the use of the outline and the intention of the game.

Pep Guardiola on Monday told a news conference a lot about the game system that used against Villarreal, the famous '3 -4 to 3 ', which he drank in its youth football at the hands of Johan Cruyff. But Pep Guardiola made ​​a plea for good arts system on the day that Frank Rijkaard used him against Zaragoza in the Copa del Rey. Guardiola wrote an article in El Pais in which glossed the virtues of the game system that Frank Rijkaard used days: "It seems they say that the dream team back in Zaragoza, I think the dream team has not gone before, "wrote Guardiola.

Guardiola has also learns that Frank Rijkaard will use this game system, it was through Andrés Iniesta' SMS to his representative, Pep's brother, Pere Guardiola: "Iniesta sent a message to my brother. My brother forwarded it. He said: "Go back the dream team . Game. "Do you feel or how they play this wonderful profession that is playing football?".

The article also discusses how to play football by taking control of the party and Marcelo Bielsa quotes talking about the "role" in the party. Pep glossed with beautiful words after the match against Zaragoza on Monday after more than three years of the project at the Camp Nou the system again brought to light. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Milito: "Guardiola is an innovator, the best coach that I had"

The defense of Independiente praise for what has been his coach the last three seasons at FC Barcelona, ​​Pep Guardiola.

"Guardiola is an innovative, the best coach I ever had. It is the key to the success of Barcelona," said Gabriel Milito in the Argentine media.

Marshal also mentioned the custom of comparing the FC Barcelona with Argentina: "We fall into the mistake of trying to compare two different teams, Leo plays 60 games with the same classmates."

"Playing well is how does Barcelona, ​​at all times know what to do on the court and try it," he added.

Finally, asked about why he changed his shirt blaugrana for the one of Independiente, the defender said: "I felt it was time to return (...) In Barcelona he would not play every weekend."

Özil: "We've shown that we are at to the height of Barça"

Özil think this season will face FC Barcelona in all competitions.

Mesut Özil said his team, Real Madrid, has shown that it is up to the Barcelona, ​​despite having lost in an "unfortunate" the Super Cup.

"We lost the Super unfortunate way. But in the two games showed that we are at the height of Barcelona," he said in an interview Özil published today by the German newspaper "Bild".

Özil also said in the interview were satisfied with the start of the league season, which began for whites with a resounding win against Zaragoza.

"I am completely satisfied, was a wonderful victory and also important. Started the season well is something that gives confidence," said the player. (via SPORT)

New exodus of international

Fourteen first-team players as well as the lateral branch of Montoya, played commitments with their national teams between 2 and 6 September. Seven Barca remain at the Sports City (five of them low).

The international matches that the club will stay with the family the next day. Fourteen of the first team and one subsidiary (Martin Montoya) have been summoned by national team. Thus, from Wednesday the coaching staff may have only Barca and Fontes Pinto, plus the injured Puyol, Piqué, Maxwell, Adriano and Afellay.

Éric Abidal, France, will face two games classification for Euro 2012. Will be in Albania (September 2) and Romania (September 6). It is not the only one who played matches. Valdes, Montoya, Busquets, Cesc, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Villa and Thiago, all summoned by Spain, first play a friendly match in Switzerland against Chile's Alexis Sanchez and then another officer with Liechtenstein, day 6, Logroño. Chile, meanwhile, will act on 4 against Mexico at the stadium in Cornella-El Prat.

On the other hand, Seydou Keita Mali reappear after a year's absence. Their combination will face Cape Verde to qualify for the next African Nations Cup at stake. Leo Messi and Javier Mascherano should also carry out long journeys, and that Argentina will face Venezuela on September 2 in Calcutta (India), and four days later, with Nigeria in Dhaka (Bangladesh). Finally, the Brazilian Alves in London will play Ghana on day 5. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[BarçaB] Saúl Berjón, on loan to Alcorcón

Barça B forward will play on loan at Alcorcón, Second Division A, until June 30, 2012.

Saul Berjón, 25, will act as loan at Alcorcón this course after coming to Barça B last summer from Las Palmas. The Spaniard played 26 games (10 starts) in the 2010/11 season in second with the reserves squad. He showed his versatility on offense and scored two goals. In this exercise, as owner Berjón participated in the two matches of the Copa Catalunya. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

30 August 2011

Alexis: "I have all trust of my colleagues"

The Chilean forward is charmed with his new teammates and how to treat him in his first months as azulgrana.

Alexis Sanchez drew a smile from ear to ear when you leave the locker room of the Camp Nou. His baptism to his new hobby could not be more positive. Victoria and goal. The Chilean striker was very happy and he did know told 'Radio Cooperative'.

"I wanted to get a goal, and I took off the first goal for everyone is important," he said.

Alexis Sanchez proved to be very comfortable in his new team and it's all thanks to the host of a costume that allows you to exploit all its qualities, including coach Pep Guardiola.

"Guardiola told me to let go and to come in confident, because this is a team that gives you the freedom to play. I have the confidence of my peers, which is what I got, and I have to continue to adapt better because I just started here, "he said.

Alexis enjoys the beautiful dress of Barca but still asks for patience to show its best side. He is determined to succeed at Barca. "The boat has a special way of playing, that nowhere in the world plays the same, but we must adapt," he said. (via SPORT)

Valdés: "Without the final in Paris would not be Barça goalkeeper"

Victor Valdes believes that his performance in the Champions League final in Paris was the best of his career。

Barca goalkeeper fulfilled a dream match as goalkeeper Zubizarreta brand more competitive games in the history of Barcelona, ​​which exceed at their next meeting. Therefore, the match against Villarreal will be a special game, but certainly not forgotten everything that happened to get here.

Victor Valdes has experienced many special moments in recent seasons but in the mind of a goalie shines above all: the Champions League final in París'2006.

, "But maybe now that it would end Barça goalkeeper," he said one Valdés admitted it was his best game as player.

In spite of the gotten record, Valdés feels strong and it assured that he plans to play "until the 36 years" if physically it is well. (via SPORT)

Wolfsburg can be the destination of Hleb

The German team is determined to bid for Belarus midfielder.

The case could be solved Hleb after Wolfsburg's interest in having their services. The player Byelorussian, which will not count Guardiola, is recovering from an injury but would be in the spotlight of Wolfsburg, notes the German newspaper 'Bild'.

Hleb is one of the major candidates to complete the template directed by Felix Magath who is willing to have Hleb for next season. The midfielder, who played in the Bundesliga and in the ranks of Stuttgart, could leave FC Barcelona for an economic pillar next to the 1.5 million euros.

Hleb, who last season played on loan at Birmingham, would welcome his departure from FC Barcelona aware it will have no opportunity to return to a country that still enjoys a good sign. (via SPORT)

Alexis's goal causes furor in Chile

Alexis Sanchez is on the cover of all Chilean newspapers after premiering as Barcelona striker.

The 'knack' of Barca is talking football fans after the screening featuring players from FC Barcelona. But where have woken up with a huge bulky happiness after Barca victory has been in Chile.

The country of origin of Alexis Sanchez has been quick to portray the opening as the top scorer of the 'Boy Wonder' in a Barca shirt. The Chilean press has echoed the official debut of Alexis Sanchez and highlighted her image in his first goal.

The newspaper La Estrella 'entitled "Alexis celebrates his first hit" while "El Llanquihue" states that "Wonder Child's screams and feel in Barcelona." For its part, El Mercurio Calama "highlights" the dream debut of Alexis, "which also points to the" Chronicle chill 'with the "Boy Wonder, partying, scored his first goal in Barcelona."

Even in the digital newspaper 'The Fourth' two articles are dedicated to Alexis Sanchez in his debut that stands out and comes to be compared to Maradona. Chile's Alexis Sanchez and vibrates with the Catalans as well. (via SPORT)

Milan will press for Maxwell until last hour

Maxwell is the choice of Milan to sign his left full-back and try joining 'express' before closing the transfer market.

The closure of the transfer market may hold some surprises in the Barça squad. Sounding names, players change team ... and Maxwell is in the crosshairs of the Italian league. Milan have returned to revive interest in the Barca fullback led by his agent Mino Raiola.

The defense has a very good sign in Italy after visiting Inter Milan, as he says' Sportmediaset, the whole 'Rossoneri' fight for incorporation.

While many expect the Italian closed the arrival of a midfielder out of the way to Lecce Oddo would have put a high priority on incorporating a profile of Maxwell's defense to cover this low on the left full-back.

Galliani is aware of the complicated operation but hopes that paying for a large part of its output can get salary of FC Barcelona. (via SPORT)

The answer to the incompatibility of Cesc and Thiago

Thiago and Cesc played together and not just sparkled, but also marked.

They were the great debates of the summer. The first was born because of the extraordinary season that made Thiago Alcántara, and scoring great goals shining almost every game he played. Soon the question arose whether the signing of Cesc Fabregas was necessary and there were many who saw both players incompatible. Perhaps one of the objectives of the alignment Pep Guardiola presented yesterday was to teach analysts and on the first day that players can play together always extraordinary. They showed very fast in this ultraofensivo 3-4-3 (with one defense pure) which delighted the 75,097 spectators who came to the Camp Nou and were left clapping hands. The connection between Cesc, Messi and Thiago was the best I saw last night and quickly bear fruit when the oldest of the Alcantara took his two companions made their movements recoil behind Villarreal to go closer to the front area and drop a shot that opened the scoring. Fabregas would not be unless your partner 'debate' and the stroke of half rounded off a great pass from Messi made it 2-0. It was the third straight game in which he scored after the Gamper and the European Super Cup.

So the explosive emergence of the 'incompatible' blew Villarreal and gave way to the festival. There was also looking forward to seeing Alexis Sanchez, who had nurtured the second debate of the summer with these 26 million more fixed variables 11'5 some considered excessive. The Chilean had already pointed out ways in the Madrid and reaffirmed yesterday. Tactically disciplined, found one on one when he could and noted especially for its resilient defense. The icing on his performance was the goal he scored after an excellent service Thiago, who last night gave two asistencias.Marcaron three new point and end point for discussions.

It seemed impossible to improve the football team had done Pep Guardiola in the past three seasons, but the offensive display yesterday showed that had not yet reached excellence. Especially if you consider that this team is capable of playing a record level despite not count on the pitch with players such as Dani Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Xavi and Villa. And that is also able to play many of his men in various positions without notice the difference. Even a discarded theory in the summer, Jonathan dos Santos, showed yesterday that the cog in the machine runs at top. (via MD)

Pep Guardiola's revolution: a defense

Guardiola surprised everyone lining up as the only defense Abidal pure and betting on the 3-4-3 scheme.

Season after season, as has been collecting titles, Guardiola has been able to overcome reinventing himself as a coach your team whenever the opponent believed to have studied. In his second year on the bench Barca, Messi moved to Pep right end to the center of fake attack as '9 '. Besides increasing the surprise factor, the 'Flea' closer to the area, scorers Messi numbers started rising. Last season, more than rivals Barca tried to push up, Pep was pulled out of the hat to exercise false Busquets libero central to helping to dispose of the ball. At the same time, depending on how you develop the game, his team was able to switch from 4-3-3 to a 2-3-5 start in many phases of the match with Alves and making ends Maxwell in the same play.

Pep decided yesterday to take a step honoring his master, Johan Cruyff, betting home for the 3-4-3. For more daring of the three back, just a defender Abidal was pure, for Mascherano and Busquets are converted. Ahead, a rhombus with Keita, Thiago, Iniesta and Cesc, and up Alexis, Messi and Pedro, with total freedom.

Rijkaard was the last to implement the 3-4-3 start in around 1/4 Cup in Zaragoza (02.07.28), with Oleguer, Thuram and Puyol back in a game that the club rallied the tie (1-2). (via MD)

Garrido: "Today is much higher, a little more I can say"

"Barcelona are a great team, many agree that the best team in the world".

Juan Carlos Garrido surrendered to the superiority of Barcelona said Guardiola's team is "the best team in the world."

"It was a game with a very clear and very forceful. A team has been far superior to another, we have said many times, is a great team, many agree that the best team in the world," admitted Garrido.

According to the Castellon coach, Villarreal was not at his best, but said this is the result of its rival. "We have left to our game" to push as above. "It's a team that today is much higher, I can say little more."

Garrido had an impact on Barcelona has a team "that will make history and is making a time." Also, Garrido warned that the League is running in a matter of two by "excessive economic impact" between clubs. "They are creating some dramatic differences," he said. (via Marca)

Alexis opened as scorer in his league debut

Despite the debate opened by the price of its signing, the player continues to prove that his arrival is a big hit and misses and up.

After his remarkable performance in the first leg Super Cup at the Bernabeu against Real Madrid, Alexis Sanchez returned to the team yesterday after recovering from the slight injury that made him miss the Gamper and away from the starting lineup in the Super Cup. And the Chilean again offered a great performance by right this time crowned with a goal in which recorded his virtues.

Alexis Sanchez received a pass on huge deep pass from Thiago and with a speed much higher than that of the rear villarrealense, joined in the area and topped with a shot placed to dry and Diego Lopez, who could do nothing to prevent premiere filmmaker of the first signing for the season.
The Chilean certify just mad and made ​​it 3-0 a venial sin to take off his shirt in the midst of euphoria. Legislation in hand Turienzo Alvarez showed a yellow card very avoidable. 'A what Cristiano Ronaldo', the end to take advantage of Barcelona's chest and show off their abs and pecs worked.

Alexis Sanchez overcame a first examination with flying league, as well as his constant riding on the right, the Camp Nou was greatly appreciated his tireless work in defense capability. Far from being discouraged, the Chilean redoubled their efforts when they came out their usual antics and not give up until the team recovered the ball again and again.

And the former Udinese has understood the first success of this boat is based on solidarity and a suffocating pressure is what allows that possessions are longer and prevents opponents have the ball. And in the football, without ball, little one can make.

Last season, Alexis was tired of giving assists and scored 12 goals in all competitions. Yesterday he signed his first goal for the club official in his league debut. (via SPORT)

[Player Rating; Liga BBVA; week02] FC Barcelona - Villarreal CF (5-0)

Global rating 8.4 .


[BarçaB] Jonathan Soriano recovers thinking of the winter market

The player continues to receive offers and both the club and its environment does not rule out a mid-season transfer.

Jonathan Soriano could be available to Eusebio Sacristan in late September. Right now is the time to make medical services for the striker is restored completely from the injury he suffered in preseason and that affected the posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. A mishap that ended his more than likely out of Barcelona during the summer market.

Soriano and his entourage have been forced to rethink its future. Under the technical direction of the club, the striker will return to the discipline of the subsidiary and will face their last year of the contract normally. The slogan is not other than to recover the form of gambling that led him to proclaim top scorer last season in second with 32 goals. Jonathan Soriano's return will be slow and not take risks.

What is not clear is the future of Catalan striker. Truncated his departure in the summer and in the light facing his last year of contract, player and coaching staff have left open the door to a possible departure during the winter. Despite the injury, the player environment has continued to receive offers both the incorporation of Jonathan once it is restored.

The club handles all the options to the player's expected return. Jonathan will take minutes and even it is possible that Pep Guardiola will be given the occasional opportunity. If the player regains his killer instinct to the first change will be difficult to keep him until the end of the season. (via SPORT)

[BarçaB] Grimaldo, other juvenil for Eusebio

The fullback, which debuted with the first team in the Copa Catalunya, will train all week with the subsidiary.

Alex Grimaldo, juvenil A left fullback, will train all week with Barça B. Eusebio Sacristán decided reinforced with another player from the team of Oscar Garcia Junyent to prepare for the game against Cartagena. The absence of plans to be called up to the State under-21 selection and Muniesa injury has forced the hand of the youthful cast. Grimaldo is the first year and last season was one of the protagonists of the dramatic Cadete A of Garcia Pimienta. The Valencian youth first year, turning 16 on 20 September, although he debuted with the theory that Barca first team presented at the Catalunya Cup final against Espanyol. Grimaldo played 90 minutes and was one of the sensations of the meeting, which provided intensity and self-confidence. (via SPORT)

Adriano will also get lost the friendly of Brazil

"The left fullback Adriano suffered a leg muscle stretch and is friendly called off the September 5th," stated the Brazilian.

The Brazil coach Mano Menezes left fullback called off today's Adriano of Barcelona and who suffered a leg muscle injury, for the friendly against Ghana on September 5 in London.

"The left Adriano suffered a leg muscle stretch and is friendly called off the September 5" according to a statement released by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

According to the note, now the coach has not thought about calling another player to replace him.

In the squad released ten days ago, Menezes included four fullbacks: Daniel Alves (Barcelona, ​​ESP), Danilo (Santos), Marcelo (Real Madrid, ESP) and Adriano (Barcelona, ​​ESP).

Real Madrid's Marcelo, therefore, is the only left-Menezes available in the friendly will be played at the stadium Craven Cottage, Fulham English club with a capacity of 25,700 and built in 1886 on the banks of the Thames.

The big news in the squad for the match against Ghana was the inclusion of twice world champion and world's best player Ronaldinho, 31, and not nine months saw the shirt of the Brazilian team.

Despite this novelty, Menezes maintained its bet on the youth for the team preparing for the World 2014 and reconvened disclosures and Paulo Henrique Neymar Goose, Santos and midfielder Lucas, Sao Paulo, strikers Alexandre Pato, AC Milan and Italian Leandro Damião Internacional.

The friendly against Ghana will be decisive for Menezes because the coach is now being challenged by their poor performance in front of the Brazilian team, especially the elimination of Brazil in the Copa America in Argentina in July.

Of the thirteen parties as Brazil coach Menezes has accumulated six wins, four draws and three defeats. The coach, however, has not achieved any success against other teams in the world champions, having been defeated in friendly France, Argentina and Germany. (via AS)

Roig: "Either this changes or kill the Spanish football"

"If you want to have 2 games just because you have 2 games, but this is not good. I am within three or four years. Or this changes or kill football," the president qualifies.

Fernando Roig, the president of Villarreal, has been very angry after the meeting that they have lost to Barcelona 5-0: "This is the league you want. I sell players to balance budgets and other take out loans and are granted" .

"If they want to have two parties only, as there are two parties, but this is not good for football. I am within three or four years. Or this change or kill the Spanish football," he qualifies the president.

"We've had offers for Rossi and Nilmar, but his departure would weaken the team. The economic difference leads to this," he stresses.

While acknowledging that the Catalans played much better: "He has done great and Villarreal have made a very bad game, one of the worst."

Finally, he stressed that the 'yellow submarine' can close in the coming hours the signing of Julian de Guzman: "The Canadian might be of Villarreal in the next few hours," but also recognizes that it may remain in nothing. (via AS)

Cesc Fabregas: "With Messi it’s easier being a striker than making goals"

The author of the second goal against Villarreal has a total understanding with Messi. Messi’s pass made Cesc's goal tonight.

Since he came to Barça, Cesc Fabregas has scored 3 goals in 4 games, 1 in the League, 1 in the European Super Cup, and the 3rd in the Joan Gamper Trophy match. In the last 2 games, on Friday in Monaco, and at the Camp Nou tonight, Cesc scored from a Messi pass. It’s a connection that provides excellent results.

With regard to the Cesc and Messi partnership, Fabregas explained that: "I know him so well. I know how he plays and what he’s going to do. It's easier to be a striker with him than making the goals". One of the reasons for the great understanding between them is that "we’ve been educated in the same way. A lot of training sessions, a lot of games, lots of years, and we play from memory".

Cesc’s adaptation, therefore, has been more than satisfactory. Cesc said that "they’re helping me a lot. It’s fantastic playing with them. For me it’s a pleasure and an honor to be part of this team".

Here we reproduce statements from more players, after the game.

Lionel Messi:
(Goal number 101 at the Camp Nou): "The important thing is that the team has won a difficult game, especially after the Super Cup"
"Cesc came from here, so we said he would adapt easily, and he’s demonstrating that it’s true"
"We hope to carry on doing the same things, and calmly. We’ve started well, despite it being a tricky fixture"

"I’d like to thank my teammates for a job well done"
"Luckily I'm scoring and we have to make the most of that"
"Barcelona and Madrid are the 2 top teams ... we’ll try to win everything".
"We played really well as a team. A great job done together”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

On Tuesday, rest

Pep Guardiola has decided to rest the team Tuesday after premiering Monday at the league and come to win the European Super Cup in Monaco on Friday. The team will return to training on Wednesday morning from 9.30 am at the Sports City. The first 15 minutes of the session will be open to the media. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bartomeu: "They are ecstatic"

Following Barça’s 5-0 win against Villarreal, the first vice president emphasised the ambition the players showed on the pitch: "This is a really ambitious team. They’ve won the European Super Cup and the Spanish Super Cup, and it’s been a really tiring August. We have a lot to thank them for. They are ecstatic". Along the same lines, Bartomeu recalled that last Friday Barça were playing the final of the European Super Cup, which meant they had to make an extra effort to be ready for the match on Monday: "It was a fantastic game. The team came from winning the European Super Cup. We ought to thank the coaching staff and the players for their efforts today. It would have been normal that on Monday they might have been a bit relaxed, but not at all. They were so motivated".

On the other hand, Bartomeu wished to highlight the performances of three players who managed to score tonight: "Alexis, Thiago, and Cesc, all started tonight, and all three scored. We must recognise how quickly they’ve adapted, and how well they’re playing". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: "With different types of defenders we couldn’t have played like that"

Whilst recognising that playing with three defenders against a team as dangerous as Villareal might have been a risk, Guardiola stressed that the quality of his players was the key for having dared to do just that.

At the press conference after the match against Villareal, Josep Guardiola explained his tactical approach to FC Barcelona’s first game in the League. The manager began by analysing the game with regard to the wingers, when playing with three defenders: "When you don’t play with full-backs, the wingers have to be a little more static, and more patient. We had only one natural defender, Abidal, and we decided to play like we did. The idea was to have control of the ball, play the ball out of defence, pack the midfield, and move the ball around a lot".

It was an approach which had a very positive result: "We played an unbelievable game, which in my opinion is the end of the preseason, as I think that the season starts when the players return from the matches with their respective National teams. We played really well against a Villarreal team that has always given us lots of problems. I want to again congratulate each player, because I’m very pleased with the performance of all of them".

When asked if, in the case that he’d had everybody available, he would have opted for a 3 man defence, Guardiola was pretty clear: "It depends a little bit on everything. If I’d had all the players available, I’m not sure what would have happened. In this club I’ve always thought that good football comes from the midfielders, and we are lucky to have quite a few very good ones".

Insisting on the 3 man defence, the manager recognised that "it was a risk to play like that, because we hadn’t prepared too much. We explained three or four concepts, and once again they’ve proved to be very good players and really smart, and they did everything very well. They had to be calm at the back, and Mascherano and Sergio Busquets were just that. The job of the manager is to know his players and their qualities. With other types of defenders we couldn’t have played like that".
Guardiola also stressed the high level of possession that Barça maintained throughout the game: "We’ve gone, I don’t know, 180 or 190 games with more possession than our opponents, and that’s a significant figure against a team with the quality of Villareal……..playing with three defenders against Nilmar and Rossi is always dangerous, but it went well" he said.

One of this season’s new signings, Cesc Fabregas scored again tonight, against Villareal. Guardiola mentioned this, saying: "You always hope that a new signing fits in well. In Cesc’s case, he combines 2 very good things. The first is that he knows the club and some of his teammates very well, and the second is that he was captain of Arsenal at a very young age, and he’s developed a really strong personality. We knew he just had to get used to the rhythm, and bit by bit everything would fall into place”.

About the tandem that Cesc has formed with Lionel Messi, Guardiola said "they look for each other, and find each other", although at the same time he wanted to emphasise the role of players like Thiago, Iniesta, and Keita. "In the end it’s the feeling in the style of play that gives you confidence for the future. They all run, and know how to pass to a teammate, and this is key" he added.

Another player who shone was Alexis, who scored his first goal for Barça on his official debut at the Camp Nou. "It’s never easy to come to this stadium and play like he did. The truth is that we’ve already seen what he’s capable of. As always, we must give him time. He’s a young man who is now the joy of the dressing room, and is beginning to be loved. As always, if anything bothers him, we’re here to help".

Finally, Guardiola didn’t want to go as far as to assess whether this was the best game Barça have played since he took over the team: "I think we played really well, and we’re very happy. Coming from where we came from, and the efforts of the 2 Super Cups, the team once again responded really well. This gives us that extra confidence, to take the next step forward". Once again he praised his players: "For all that I might tell them, if it doesn’t come from within themselves, then things won’t go well. A lot of them have been here many years and know that minor details can cost them everything. Most times I don’t have to tell them what to do, because they know already. They’re the stars, the ones who make people happy". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Valdés equals Zubi’s record

Victor Valdes has caught up with Andoni Zubizarreta, as the goalkeeper who has played most games for Barça. Against Villarreal he reached the target of 410 games, in his tenth season with the first team.

Victor Valdes is now the keeper who has played most games for Barça. On Monday, against Villarreal, he equalled the figure of Andoni Zubizarreta (the current Sports Director) of 410 official matches. Valdes made his debut with the first team in 2002 and since the end of the 2003/04 season he has been the undisputable number one between the posts. Four Zamora trophies as the goalkeeper conceding fewest goals in the League (2005, 2009, 2010, and 2011) stand out in his career.

The Barcelona number 1, 29 years old, has the 410 games distributed as follows: 296 in the League, 82 in the Champions League, 12 in the Spanish Cup, 4 in the World Club Championship, 5 in the UEFA Cup, 8 in the Spanish Super Cup, and 3 in the European Super Cup. In total he’s let in 323 goals, which represents an average of 0.78 per game. In his ten seasons with the first team he’s won 17 trophies, including 5 League titles and 3 Champions Leagues.

Behind Zubizarreta and Valdes (410) come other Barça legends, like Antoni Ramallets (384 games and 5 Zamora trophies), Salvador Sadurní (331), and Pello Artola (248).

After the game against Villarreal, Valdes mentioned the record he’s just reached: "I’m very proud to equal Zubi, it’s a very special day. This figure was unthinkable when I made my debut”. Later, his manager, Pep Guardiola joked about the record: "As testimonial to Zubi, I decided to play with a 3 man defence ....our aim is that Victor helps us to move the ball, and he’s not the typical goalkeeper who just makes saves”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Liga BBVA; week02] FC Barcelona 5 - 0 Villarreal CF

Barça crushed Villareal with an exhibition of football, and made it clear that this season they’ve come back even hungrier. Three of the four new players, Thiago, Cesc, and Alexis, scored in the game, and Messi scored twice.

Both teams play neat football, but Barça is at a different level. Pressure, intensity, possession, and instinct make all the difference, and this Monday Barça had it all. The 5-0 win against a team in the Champions League just demonstrated the ambition of these players who never have enough. Sanchez and Cesc scored, Messi scored twice, and a sublime Thiago Alcantara got the other.

Starting with a 3 man defence of Sergio, Abidal, and Mascherano, Barça made their intentions clear from the start. They wanted to have the ball from the kick-off and were totally successful in their aim. With a midfield full of ball-players, Thiago, Cesc, and Iniesta, and one defensive pivot, Keita, Guardiola's side went for everything from the first minute. They controlled the game, and created the better chances, although at times the final pass went astray.
Thiago, who helped in defense, covering the right hand side, also got forward a lot. Proof of this was the first goal. A fabulous Thiago run high up the field brought the goal. Thiago went alone and, spurred on by the fans, got to the edge of the area, and with a low cross-shot beat Diego Lopez, to make it 1-0, in the 25th minute.

In his debut in the League with Barça, and at the Camp Nou, Cesc showed all his qualities, from helping out in defence, to getting into the box, without forgetting the combinations with his teammates. From one of these combinations, in the 44th minute, he made it 2-0. Messi, well inside the Villareal half, spotted Cesc’s run, and hit a superb through ball, that Fabregas took in his stride, rounded Diego Lopez, and slid the ball into the net.

In the second half the story was the same. Same script, same actors, but 2 of the forwards hadn’t scored yet .The goal to make it 3-0, right at the start of the second half, fell to the Chilean, Alexis Sanchez, making his debut at the Camp Nou, who hit a low drive into the back of the net after a fantastic pass from Thiago. The striker from Tocopilla now knows what it’s like to score in the Camp Nou.

The fourth goal came from the best player in the world. Iniesta hit a brilliant pass into space, and Messi rounded Diego Lopez, to make it 4-0. The goal was Messi’s 100th in the Camp Nou, a truly amazing statistic.

Four goals ahead, Barca took their foot off the gas a bit, but not much. Pep took the opportunity to make three changes, and on came Xavi, Villa, and Dos Santos, but there was time to marvel once again with a fifth goal. Again, a superbly timed pass from Thiago, two assists and a goal in the game, reached Messi in the 6 yard box, who slotted the ball past the keeper to make it 5-0, in the 74th minute.

Then, in the last fifteen minutes, Barça stayed faithful to their style of play. Playing one and two touch football they had Villarreal chasing shadows, just like they had over the 90 minutes. A fabulous start to the season against a rival who are playing in the Champions League. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona: Valdés; Mascherano, Sergio Busquets, Abidal; Keita, Thiago, Iniesta (Xavi, min.56), Cesc (Jonathan dos Santos, min.70); Alexis, Pedro (Villa, min.67) and Messi.

Villarreal: Diego López; Zapata, Gonzalo, Musacchio, Oriol; Marchena, Bruno, Borja Valero (Camuñas, min.50); Cani (Wakaso, min.64), Nilmar (Senna, min.61) and Rossi.

Goals: 1-0: m.25: Thiago. 2-0: m.45: Cesc. 3-0: m.47: Alexis. 4-0: m.51: Messi. 5-0: m.75: Messi.

Referee: Turienzo Alvarez. Show tarjeta amarilla Zapata (min. 20), Mascherano (min.33), Cesc (min.34), Wakasa (min.84) y Marchena (min.88).

Incidents: Party of the second game of the season, the first was stopped by a strike of the AFE-match at the Nou Camp before 75,097 spectators. Before the start of the meeting observed a minute's silence for the death of Heribert Barrera, who was the first president of the Catalan Parliament.

29 August 2011

Defensive different options against Villarreal

Mascherano, Abidal, Fontàs, Sergio, Bartra and Dos Santos will be disputed the four places of the rearguard.

The casualties of the injured Puyol, Piqué, Adriano and Maxwell and the suspended Alves Guardiola will force the defense to rebuild squad. The axis of the rear offers a wider range of alternatives. The low Pique and Puyol can be covered up to five men: Mascherano, Abidal, Font, and the young Sergio Busqutes Marc Bartra have options to form the central couple.

Against Real Madrid in the Bernabeu, Guardiola fielded together Mascherano and Abidal, while the pairing of Fontes and Busquets played against Inter de Porto Alegre, Bayern Munich and Manchester United. Abidal is the only natural-born left back to cover the absence of the injured Adriano, and Maxwell remains low. An alternative would be to Fontan, who already occupied this demarcation against Espanyol in the final derby match at the Nou Camp.

For the right side, Guardiola has options Jonathan dos Santos and Marc Bartra. The Mexican has occupied this demarcation in most games he has played with the first team this season, offering a good performance but good considering his natural position is in midfield. A Marc Bartra nor makes strange position. Guardiola can use both in the core of the defense and the band where you can show off their polished technique and remarkable speed.

Two sentenced in Villarreal
Dani Alves is not the only player who will miss tonight's game through suspension. In the ranks of the Villarreal goalkeeper Mario César and GAPAR side must also meet one-game suspension for the card you saw in the last league match of the 2010/11. These two losses are added to the injured Angel, who continues to recover from a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Previous session in Camp Nou

Barca has trained on Monday at noon behind closed doors at the stadium to finalize details before the visit of Villarreal. Have exercised the same players in Sunday's session.

The team has tested this afternoon the stage where he debuted in the League against Villarreal at night (21 hours, Golta, Canal + League and R @ dio Barça). They worked the same players that the previous day. Therefore, players have repeated the subsidiary Cuenca, Bartra, Sergi Roberto dos Santos and Jonathan . The injured Afellay, Pique and Adriano have continued their work of recovery.

After training behind closed doors, the newly superchampion Europe has eaten at the Camp Nou. Then your free one hour and a half before the game when the players return to be cited in the stadium. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Jeffren chute marked and injured

The former player of FC Barcelona scored a free-kick and the same action was injured and had to leave the pitch.

Sporting Lisbon found today in his own field and to a surprising Maritime, the first defeat of the season (2-3), despite a goal from Spanish suffered Jeffrén Suarez left the game with an injury after both.

The Maritime hungry for goals after the first two days unused marker, got his first win of the season in a thrilling Portuguese second part that disturbs the eleven Domingos Paciencia.

Two goals from Brazilian Rafael Miranda and Guinea Leocífcio Patrício in less than five minutes did panic when Sporting's stadium, which had gone into the break with a goal lead set by the Russian Marat Izmailov.

After the many almost chained by sea, Patience took the field to the Spanish Diego Capel, who left with few outstanding plays by Valeri Bojinov and entered Sai Jeffrén Yannick.

Twenty minutes in Spanish from Venezuela marked by a shot that could not hold to an injury on the play and complained loudly out of the field.

A little over a quarter of an hour after the game, Sporting tied with ten players and, despite trying to defend a lowly 2-2 at home, Senegal's Baba gave the Marine the winning goal on 90 minutes.

In other games of the day, took the Beira Mar instability-Victoria Guimaraes coach Manuel Machado with the recently-resigned to palm the second win of the week (3-0) at home after the 4-0 Atletico Madrid League in Europe.

Was less spectacular in the field of Feirense, who tied zero to the Pacos de Ferreira in a duel with two ejections, one for each team, and when the Brazilian player Diogo Cunha (Feirense) was the closest to the goal was in several plays.

The Olhanense won an easy victory against Rio Ave with a 1-0 win that made him climb to third in the table, tied with Vitoria Setubal and Sporting Braga, who play tomorrow.

Benfica will play again this Monday against the National Madeira, where it could reach the lead with a win, that Porto postponed its game against Leiria at September 6, to rest after the final of the European Super Cup. (via SPORT)

Pasillo and fiesta for the supercampeones

The staff of Barça will offer to the tier the title of Supercup that makes alone some days it was achieved in front of Porto.

It almost sounds routine, but the Camp Nou will enjoy another opportunity to pay tribute to the second title made in recent days. And it reached the European Super Cup in Monaco have not yet received the deserved heat the enclosure tier squad. Minutes before the debut in the league, the staff plans to display the trophy and will most likely address the obligatory victory lap around the field in a gesture of complicity to share with viewers this coveted trophy against Porto.

The party could be completed even if the Villarreal take action on the matter. The staff directed by Juan Carlos Garrido can add to the relaxed atmosphere and onto the field seconds before to formalize the traditional corridor to the supercampeones of FC Barcelona.

In any case, the minutes before the league debut of the season will be marked by a team deserved recognition of his legend continues to grow. The Super Cup is the latest milestone achieved this evening will be welcomed to the fans.

Celebration and joy before the opening of the 2011-12 League Champions against an opponent. (via SPORT)

Valdes-Zubizarreta: Chocalán porterazo

Valdés will catch today to Zubizarreta like the goalkeepr as most games played with Barça.

The new generation of legends in the Barca goal is served. Andoni Zubizarreta , currently responsible for the direction of club sports, today delivered the baton to Victor Valdes , one of the best goalkeepers in the world and he still has to write many Personal items in his chronicle. Tonight, the technician will observe from the balcony to his successor in the leadership of the Barca goals ranking with more games. Villarreal will draw to 410 and next to la Real, also in the league, will be 411 Valdes. With 29 years and 9 seasons, the goal of Gavà undertake alone the way to the museum of myths.

To Zubi touched her gloves when the Dream Team played football heaven in the early 90's. Victor Valdes is, into the twenty-first century, Mittens the best team of all time. Two goalkeepers holders hits in stages, with different style and technical features, but with the sobriety and the talent of the elect. Two guys who profess to be a mutual admiration. As a tribute, Victor wore a green kit in the Champions League final of 2011 against Manchester United. It was the favorite color of Andoni and the wink was not lost on anyone. Signed, the coach keeps his home shirt. The gesture filled with pride and gratitude. Although his references are Cañizares and Kahn, Valdés considers Zubi a reference visible in a club the size of the club. Both went through that period in the Nou Camp looks sternly at his goalkeepers. And they both passed with flying colors.

Valdes has gained in history. Sum 17 titles, six more than Zubi and one of the 18 Xavi, you are still a lot to gain. At the moment already exceeds Links to Vitoria, 5 4.

Does not, however, at 6 another good friend, Antoni Ramallets, but everything will come. The Sant Joan de Mediona also won the achievement of Zamora (1952, 56, 57, 59 and 60). Valdes now has four (2005, 09, 10 and 11) and takes up the challenge of sharing Ramallets feat that has championed for over 50 years.

Victor and Zubi flowers are exchanged. "It has always been a reference for me in my career. It is an honor to get to their numbers in the Barça," said Valdes MD, revealing that "we often talk about is not giving me advice but his experience is very valuable." To Zubi, "Victor has learned to climb at the Camp Nou. Is one of the best in the world the best you can have the boat." Goal scored in modern, "with a huge merit." They are geniuses. (via MD)

David Dein: "Barça has bought a French champagne to a sparkling wine price"

David Dein, the man that helped to take to Cesc to the Arsenal, is very proud now of his beginning in Barça.

If someone is happy, apart from family and friends, two Super Cups, the high performance and goals from Cesc Fabregas, David Dein is. The former 'boss' of Arsenal in his prime, fundamental man Arenys the arrival of the club of Gunners, is quite clear: "Barca, with Cesc, has purchased the finest French champagne wine price frothy.'s a real crack, "said MD.

David Dein say is talk about Arsenal's glorious seasons. It was he who brought Arsene Wenger in 1996 after convincing the other leaders Gunners. As vice president responsible for the sport joined the first crack in recent history, Dennis Bergkamp, ​​who played for Inter. Then did the same with Vieira, Petit, Overmars, Henry, Suker, Pires, Campbell, Gilberto, Gael Clichy, Kolo Toure, Cesc, Reyes and Van Persie. If anyone has been important in the arrival and departure of Arsenal's Cesc was David Dein, but preferred to stay in the shade, not out in the photos. "It was a matter of time Cesc Barca back to the team of his life, leaving Arsenal have done well to go because it is a great player and better person," he says. For him, "we signed a great player in the making that grew as a person and player in our club. It is a personal pride to see how things were then.

Do not want to reveal great secrets, but it does not but acknowledge that, yes, "I spoke to Arsene Wenger when he was your holidays here with me" in the quetiene yacht in Monaco (the now famous 'Take It Easier' (Take it easy).

Dein does not want to understand who has intervened as the father of Darren Dein, the manager of Cesc Fabregas. "Cesc has surrendered to stop in time who has been with the Gunners, Wenger himself knew that it was perhaps the last time I went by train from Barcelona to Fabregas, who had to climb up or just missed it. Against handicho what many know Cesc, Arsene has helped a lot so he could fulfill his dream of returning to Barcelona. have been other problems, other people who made it difficult to exit, Wenger is not a serious man of word. " Dein also maintains an excellent relationship with the family Fàbregas Soler.

Dein, who loves football, believes that "the club has signed a big boost, raised in the farmhouse, who knows the club, but has grown as a player in a competition difficult, especially for a midfielder, as the Premier League. It is easy to become the leader of Arsenal for a player as young as Cesc. It shows his character and ambition. " David Dein is convinced that "Cesc is going to be a major player in the club, I'm convinced. Fàbregas will win the job, every day in practice, game by game in the field. We stress on quality and to achieve and Pep knows Guadiola ". (via MD)

[BarçaB] Barça B under minimum for the game of Cartagena

After falling into the premiere league, Eusebio box stays in preparation for the next day in the fields of Cartagena on Sunday.

Barça B debuted in the premiere league defeat and must improve to be competitive in the category. Eusebio has work ahead, but must do a minimum. And the technician was unable Valladolid yet have all the staff and, in fact, this week I stay without several of their staff.

The Catalans played in the field of Granada on Sunday at 18 hours. Martin Montoya will miss being called by Vicente del Bosque to the absolute. In addition, Bartra, Planas, Sergi Roberto Tello and play a double qualifier clash with the 2013 European Under-21. On the other hand, Muniesa, Ilie and Soriano are injured. In addition, Saul, pointing to Getafe, and Dalmau, pointing to the subsidiaries of Villarreal, Valencia and Atletico will leave the club with the market close of summer. The good news is that Rafinha has been discharged from hospital and will also be with the team Oier Basin and Isaac, who were the first team in Monaco.

In these circumstances, it is logical that Eusebius does not give closed the template, as said before playing against Villarreal B. The possibility of achieving the transfer of the Uruguayan central Genoa, Diego Polenta, still alive. For now, the technician must comply with the post. (via SPORT)

Barça, to add the first 3 points

The goleada of Real Madrid in Romareda forces to the blaugrana to begin with good foot the start liguero before the visit of Villarreal.

The last to fall was Adriano in the Super Cup final. All the evils of Barca in the beginning of the season came on the defensive line. Dani Alves knew he could not play since the end of last season, was initiated Puyol, Piqué was injured in training and Maxwell followed with abdominal overload.

Pep Guardiola will have turned their heads to find solutions in defense. And the possibilities are many, but less and less. What seems like a hundred percent sure is that Mascherano and Abidal, two of the only ones available will be in the starting lineup against Villarreal. Once located the Argentine and French on the field, playing fetch two companions. Blaugrana coach has said on more than one occasion that if players are missing, dip into the subsidiary and, if necessary, until the juvenile. Today is a good opportunity to do so. To cover the absence of Dani Alves could give you the opportunity to Marc Bartra on the right side. The Sant Jaume dels Domenys was, along with Isaac Basin, one of the discarded in the final of the European Super Cup in Monaco. Yesterday, however, returned to train with the first team and their inclusion in the team is a real option. So is Jonathan dos Santos, who in the preseason acute in several games at right back, although not a natural position. Pep Guardiola knew I could not count on Dani Alves and wanted to try alternatives at that position. Another option would be to put Sergio Busquets along with Mascherano in the rear axle. Neither the technician is out of surprise and put a line of three defenders, a new game that would explain the refusal to incorporate a new defense in the summer market is not yet closed.

In contrast, the positions in midfield and up front, Pep Guardiola, if desired, not required to make any changes. Both Sergio Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Messi and Villa are available, so you could go home without major problems against Villarreal. The point is that after yesterday's rout of Real Madrid, Barca need to start a good start in the league for not giving leeway to whites. Cesc has also shown that as the holder may present at any time and the alignment of Alexis mean its premiere at the Camp Nou. (via SPORT)

To for the fourth League

Barça of Pep has transformed into a machine of winning holding and breaking records. Now you between the eyes match the Suspenders of Dream Team.

Tonight Pep Guardiola's Barcelona opens the curtain in the league does the competition par excellence, which marks the course of a season how often a challenge between the eyes: the four consecutive league match that got the 'Dream Team did Johan Cruyff at the beginning of the nineties. For now, the Pep already has three championships in the pocket, breaking all records also have or might have, as the highest scoring 99 points or more wins away from home, 14 in fact is only harmless yet the greatest number of goals scored in a league that did Toshack's Real Madrid in the 1989-90 season with 107 goals, as the Pep Barcelona remained in the 2008-09 campaign with only two goals to beat that figure.

It is clear that Barcelona is presented for the fourth consecutive year as the team to beat. Today only glimpsed on the horizon a team that can do a bit of shade to this machine to football. We are talking about Real Madrid, a club that has spent more than 500 million euros for the sole purpose of ousting the podium at Barcelona, ​​but results so far unsuccessful, both level of play and results and images.

There is no doubt that Barcelona look at his most difficult season, because it has to play more games than anyone, has more international than anyone what you are supposed to wear because they play more commitments with their national teams have also what a template considerably smaller than most because it does not meet the 25 tokens states.

This championship has so many attractions that will certainly become the metronome of the season. For starters, a new duel to the death against Real Madrid, which will begin on December 10 at the Bernabeu and ends on April 22 at the Camp Nou, but in between waiting Valencia, Villarreal, Sevilla and Madrid Atlétrico, among others .

Clearly, the battle between Barcelona and Real Madrid will mark the league, because in recent years, the superiority of both teams in this league has been so overwhelming that have made the national competition in a duel between the two giants of Spanish football with the other teams competing as extras and the odd guest of stone.

Guardiola, who has passed on the bench with his mentor and idol Johan Cruyff in the number of titles could Cabar the season, the genie igualanda Dutch conquered the number of leagues. The record in the history of the club Barca still `Dream Team With those achieved four titles consecutively from 1990-91 to the 1993-94 season.
Slightly less than twenty years later, another dream team, the Pep Guardiola, has in its hands to reach and even surpass that figure. For now, this team is about to exceed 300 league goals and totaling 298 in three courses. (via SPORT)

Garrido also has doubts on defense

The absences forced Angel Lopez and Mario Gaspar unknowns in the coverage generated Levantine.

They rested last night in Barcelona. After overcoming the hurdle of the preliminary stage of the Champions, the team faces their league debut tremendously relieved and just thinking about how to solve some defensive mismatches. The absences forced Angel Lopez and Mario Gaspar left a major gap on the right side. A vacuum may also affect the rest of the containment line.

After seeing in recent days, the main novelty of Villarreal may lie in the relocation of the Colombian Zapata emergency right back. However, Garrido has handled the last few hours little surprise that need to know if carried out on the lawn of the Camp Nou. And the coach goes mulling over a possible exchange of positions between Marchena and Bruno. From the outset, everything suggests that it would be the logical central Marchena while Bruno would work wear in the center of the field. Well, the body does not rule out waterboarding delay Bruno and leverage the experience and strength of Marchena to push a little higher.

For the rest of the block are presumed major contingencies. The veteran goal Caesar has traveled through suspension. (via SPORT)

Alexis will pass his first test before Rossi

The characters in a soap opera of the summer will face in the league debut of Camp Nou.

Barça-Villarreal is always full of attractions, among other details, because they happen to be the best football teams deployed on a playing field. But the clash tonight, will also provide special morbid grief. Nothing more, nothing less than a face-off between two players who have grabbed plenty of covers during the summer market: Alexis Sanchez and Giuseppe Rossi fought for several weeks as the reinforcement of Guardiola's line of attack.

The Chilean ended up winning the game. Some think it was the family Pozzo-Udinese-owners who took the pulse Roig-president of Villarreal, but the truth is that Alexis Sanchez did fulfill his dream and now wears Barca while Rossi enjoys another season under the Garrido orders having stated by active and passive land his great passion was in the Barça squad. Later, he lamented that the club had not increased its economic proposal -15 million over 12 variables fixed.

Pep Guardiola had blessed both players, but was the outcome of the negotiations who chose the screen. Roig was intransigent to the offer of Barcelona and Rossi was unable to break the iron will of the manager. A very different from Alexis. Pozzo's family managed to increase its offer Bartomeu -26,000,000 more variables, and 11.5 of the Chilean did the rest. From day one, the striker warned not to raise another operation that was not the signing for the club. A force and pressure that have led to the Camp Nou.

Alexis and Rossi face off tonight. The Italian will start and will have the opportunity to break his bad run with Guardiola. In six matches was still unable to score a goal. Opposite, the Chilean striker is not clear whether the initial strengthening exercise or continue its process of adaptation and enjoy half an hour on the final leg of the match. To date, Alexis has passed with flying today live appearances but his first big test. The league debut, possible ownership and accept the odious comparisons with Rossi deserve special monitoring. (via SPORT)