16 July 2011


Debut with win (0-8). Barça B starts the preseason victory. The Eusebio won the friendly against l 'Escala by 8-0, with goals from Sergi Roberto Planas, Kiko Femenía, Bartra, Soriano and triplet Tello. The domain has been featured Barca.

Premiering the away kit, black in full dress and with a curiously Barca Scale, the subsidiary Eusebio on the bench started the preseason with a clear victory over a scale with practically no chances, and this year debuted in second division Catalan.

From the first minute, Barça B has come to win the game, and chances are quick to arrive. At minute 5, Saul has enjoyed starring in a frontal shot first, after taking advantage of a pass from Sergi Roberto. 3 minutes later, Isaac Basin has interpreted one of the clearest chance of the first half with a shot straight to the club as a defender of L'Escala has been able to refuse.

It seemed that the goal was at hand, and Marc Bartra has drawn the first sketch with a goal disallowed for offside. The targets would soon arrive. Sergi Roberto would be responsible for opening the scoring starring in the first goal on 20 minutes, with a great solo run. From here go goals going. 3 minutes later, head Riverola has taken center plans to mark the head 2-0.

Kiko Femenia has been released as a forward wearing the shirt of B with 0-3. It was a tight shot, straight at goal from outside the area on 37 minutes. A minute later. Bartra had already warned, headed in the fourth goal.

Eusebio has decided to change virtually all the players during the break, and a new team Barça dominance has remained patent. At minute 5, Soriano has been a goal disallowed for offside. By L'Escala, Dani starred the only time all game in 9 minutes.

Goals Barça continued to be protagonists in the 7th minute Tello has scored the 0-5 for Eusebio. Soriano on 25 minutes with a direct shot on goal, has won the 0-6. Wanting more visibility, top scorer last season has yet had time to return to threaten the goal of L'Escala with a direct shot against the crossbar.

10 minutes from time, Taylor again, set the defined 0-7 with a shot that broke all the defense of the scale. And if there was not enough, the young striker Sabadell has starred in the hat trick of the game, 0-8 with 3 minutes remaining. With this 0-8 Eusebio those have exposed a clear superiority to L'Escala, and given the first warning. Brilliant debut for Barça B which promises a good show for this season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
L'Escala: Sergi, Pablo, Deulofeu, Mir, Miki, Alexis, Julio, Molina, Manu (Jacki, min 32), Meliton (Maese, min 32), Kevin.

Barcelona B: Olazábal (Masip, min 45), Balliu, Bartra, Rosell (Armando, min 45), Planas (Dalmau, min 45), Gustavo (Romeo, min 45), Martí, Sergi Roberto (Lobato, min 45), Kiko Femenía (Tello, min 45), Saúl (Soriano, min 45) y Cuenca.

Referee: Sergi Pont.

Goals: 0-1, Sergi Roberto, min, 20; 0-2, Riverola, min 23; 0-3, Kiko Femenía, min 37; 0-4, Marc Bartra, min 38; 0-5, Tello, min 81 ; 0-6, Soriano, min 52; 0-7, Tello, min 78; 0-8, Tello, min 88.