30 June 2011

[Barça B] Lobato, the first signing of Barca B

Cristian Lobato is committed for two seasons with the reserves squad. Esparreguera striker, 22, arrives from Hospitalet, where he has acted since he was a juvenil.

The first signing of the era Eusebio Sacristan has passed a medical and has signed a contract with FC Barcelona for the next two seasons.

Cristian Lobato usually left end last season but has combined this position with the fullback. Lobato made ​​his first steps in the FCB Escola, but since he was a juvenile admitted to the Hospitalet, where he has acted club until this season.

In his first words as a Barça player, Lobato has expressed his joy Barça TV to confirm his signing: "I am very happy and I am proud to sign for the best club in the world, come with the conviction that I am ready to make me a place here."

"I am a far left faster than I can also pay at the rear and lateral "is defined Lobato. At 22, the Esparreguera recognizes that still needs to improve "in many respects, especially in defense."

The ex-player and L'Hospitalet coincided with Barcelona B midfielder Ilie Sanchez in 'FCB Escola and already explained what will be found in the locker room Barça B: "I have been raving about this group and I'm waiting for the day July 11 to begin the season under the command of Eusebio." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Milan retires Cesc and Arsene Wenger could lose key men

The Rossoneri will be removed from the bid for the young Arenys.
The Catalan midfielder output may not be the only one for the London club.
Nasri and Clichy could leave the Emirates.

The problems of Arsène Wenger do not stop with Cesc . The talisman of the Gunners (as everyone called Cesc Fabregas in England) is very close to leaving London bound for Barcelona (Milan just retired from the race) and it seems the Arenys de Mar is trendsetting and is not the only player who does not want to play next season in the shadow of the Emirates Stadium. The temptation to stray from the English capital has taken over Gael Clichy and Nasri Sami .

For this reason, the war front for the French coach is three. Gallo technician for anything not like starting the new season without three members of the backbone of the current team, but it seems that all the players of Arsenal harassed by the sirens of the market respond with a wink.

Clear sky only about the future of Cesc

The Milan has expressed through the words of its chief executive, Adriano Galliani, who will participate in the auction to be done with Cesc , leaving only to Barcelona as the only suitor: "Do not play with us, but on the other club."

On the opposite side of the future of Clichy and Nasri is much less clear. The French midfielder considered a compliment the interest of Manchester United . Sir Alex Ferguson is ready to offer 20 million pounds, but the Arsenal asked, according to British newspaper The Independent , as well as for Cesc 40 million.

Moreover, the Daily Mirror ahead of the news according to which the Gunners offered Nasri 90mil a new contract pounds (120mil euros) a week which would make after the departure of Cesc in the club's highest-paid player. What is certain is that the club will do everything possible to settle the question why as soon as next year's contract ends Nasri and without income or may lose a pound. An option not to renew, which could please the player as this could multiply his future salary.

Different situation is to Clichy . The left side has the offer of Liverpool would be willing to turn up the tab up to 4 million pounds (now charges 'only' 2.5). An inside source at the London club has revealed to The Sun newspaper: "If players think they can get this money, good luck somewhere else because we do not participate in this game." Also, Manchester City made ​​their bid for Clichy : 7 million (Daily Mail). (via MD)

[Youth] La Masia closes with a moving ceremony

The FC Barcelona sports vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, the responsible manager of football training, Jordi Mestre, director of La Masia, Carles Folguera and the director of youth football, Guillermo Amor, were responsible for shaping the ceremony closing.

Mestre recalled that La Masia closes its doors after completing a "landmark year", where the Barcelona B has the best rating ever in Division II A (third) and the grassroots "has broken all records," the nineteen win titles fourteen in the men and five women.

To all this we must add the sixteen cups the first team and professional sections have achieved this season and have chaired the event this Thursday, which was held in front of the building's main facade.

A new building to improve the education of children

Folguera recalled that La Masia will give way to new players Oriol Tort residence, located in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper and the highlighting will be "a world example of design, space and the possibilities it offers."

The new factory of the entity Barca players, a five-story building will occupy a space of 6,000 square meters, will be fully operational in mid-July. The director of La Masia explained the benefits of moving to Sant Joan Despi. "We will win a lot of time management because we will have a residence in the same facility where he trains, the club's medical services are also located within the same structure of the residence, and there will be an increase in quantity but also quality because we spend 60 to 80 seats and that allow us to increase the number of sports sections of the club, "he said.

In short, Folguera, believes the new Masia "will be the same now, with the same values, but with more people, more quality and better time management."

The most emotional involvement fell to Guillermo Amor, the first player raised in La Masia who took the first team and who acknowledged being "more nervous" on Thursday that the day came, eleven, he would leave the residence and being more age. "I arrived in 1980-from Benidorm-being juvenile, and from the first moment I loved everything I saw. For me, it has never been a residence of players, but my home for eight years," said visibly shaken.

In any case, Love wanted to remember that La Masia is no longer a resident of athletes but not go away: "This building has been here three hundred years and will certainly be three hundred more. We will say goodbye to everyone." The director of football training now said, however, dismiss the sadness of a landmark as this contrasts with the joy of welcoming a new residence. "We're going to Sant Joan Despi, we have built a wonderful home, a new building, other than that we will have to fill out the transfer is complete, all that atmosphere and that love for children and their families filled the Masia, "Love concluded.

The signing of Rossi for Barça has vanished

Giuseppe Rossi's agent, Andrea Pastorello, told Italian media that the options for the striker signed for the club have "gone".

Speaking to Sky Italia, ruled that his client Pastorello term chip for the club after negotiations between Barca and Villarreal have been stalled for days. "The possibility that Rossi go to Barcelona is gone," said the agent.

"Now is no time to despair, because as the top teams begin to sign, there will be a domino effect and anything can happen. Even the player does not hate to continue in Villarreal. Going to Italy? Anything is possible, but to wait, "said the representative.

Although the agreement between Rossi and the boat was full earlier this month, Villarreal's refusal to sell the player for less than 40 million euros, the club offered significantly less-frustrated the operation with the Catalan club, who has opted for the Chilean Alexis Sanchez option. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Chelsea is taken from La Masia to Etock

Gael Etock was meant to be one of the players of the future in Barcelona. With 17 years and nearly five in La Masia, the new destination will be Chelsea. The English did not hesitate and was hired for the next four years. An extensive follow-up this season made it possible departure. There will be money involved, though the amounts did not transcend. Part will go to the Catalan club and the rest to the Foundation Etoo, which opened the doors to Europe when he was 12 years with a number of compatriots (Armand Ella, and goalkeeper Olivier Moussima Adamu, among others).

On 5 July (date to be 18), the attacker will be presented as a player from Sporting Portugal. Play given a year in the Liga Sagres Zon, where he had formed before settling in London. Son of Samuel Eto'o soccer, Etock will be the fourth player in the Barca juvenil to leave the institution a few weeks. Jon Toral and Hector Bellerín land at the Emirates Stadium and live the next few years as Arsenal's players, while Pepe Palau return to Valencia, where he studied as a medium. (via AS)

[Etock left Barca to go to Chelsea]
The Cameroonian youth will leave the club Gaël Etock to become a Chelsea player.

After five years in the quarry Barca, which came from the Foundation Eto'o, the youthful Etock Barca will play from next year in Chelsea, says Thursday the newspaper "As". The end of Cameroon, however, would go on loan to Sporting in Portugal next season to continue their education and have more minutes.

About to turn 18, Etock had seen their share this season because of the rise of Cameroon also Dongou, two years younger than him. Etock would be the fourth player in the juvenile leaves Barca this summer after the marches and Jon Bellerín Toral (Arsenal) and Pol Garcia (Juventus). (via SPORT)

Jaume Roure: "It is possible that the club play this season at noon"

Next Wednesday is drawn from the League calendar 2011-12. Can you confirm that the 10 games of each day and there will be no football match at noon also thinking of the Asian market?

League and clubs are talking about giving more value to the product and the less tread parties, more valuable. Everything is waiting to be adopted in the Assembly, but there is talk of nine slots: Saturday at 18, 20 and 22 hours, Sundays at 12, 16, 18, 20 and 22 hours and Monday at 21. There would only be a duplicate strip. The Second would be the same, with a Friday night by Gol T and C + League One on Saturday at four brand TV, the regional at six and on Sunday, one for C + and the other by T and C + Gol League.

Do you agree Barca and Madrid play at noon on Sunday or four?

If you are interested but can ask the opposite. First there are many clubs that, for various reasons or passing through II, have proven to play at twelve is not bad but good starting for Atletico, following Betis, Real Sociedad and Mallorca. When playing for Atletico Second, the Calderon was full every Sunday. Barca vice-president Javier Faus and was open to it in the newspaper "Times of India '. Therefore, it should not vary. Another thing is an experiment in the Nou Camp or Bernabeu because it would be risky. In other fields it is possible for Barcelona and Madrid play at midnight if you end clubs approve these times.

And all four of Sunday?

At twelve I see viable because there is experience, the four do not see it. We would be pleased if they could play at noon.

Sandro Rosell family times asked for the Camp Nou. Play the twelve would be ideal ...

The Camp Nou will be played at noon but there are clubs that should be clarified internally on the issue of time. In the Bernabeu would also be precipitated, but as there are many clubs who demand or want to play at midnight, you can start to see if it works.

And on Friday First games?

There are some clubs who want the issue but there are problems in the Champions League and the pools that make it difficult.

Will extend the four parties Gol T and three C + league?

The supply of both will remain as last season, there will be an open match on Saturday at ten, Canal Plus will choose a particular Sunday strip and other meetings will be on PPV with the price set each operator. People do not feel forced to choose but you can see everything you want.

Reports have appeared on the reduction of the eight games and eight open Barça Madrid only five between them. In FORTA deny saying that the contract is signed through 2012.

Do not believe what you say but what they say confidential contracts. Nothing will change.

Have you asked the club to start the league on Saturday 20 to have the Gamper on Monday 22?

No, if you ask the LFP will tell you that the club has asked to play on Sunday because it comes from playing against Real Madrid in the Super Cup last Wednesday.

By the way, the two classics of the League will be first to T and C + Gol League and the second to open?

Yes, as the last two seasons.

Is it easy to balance the stadium attendance and the number of subscribers to pay channels with the new schedules?

We are not in track but in recent years more people going to football, there are more open hearing in the last three years and more professional football audience with 2.5 million subscribers between T and C + Gol League. That's how easy this productocomo sell to everyone.

Is it viable to announce the schedule further in advance as long as the game open?

We have come a little before taking them 15 days and if we could, we would do but besides the game open, you should always have an interest based on the current classification, the timing is complicated. This season will be played each week, one Cup tie will be played on different dates, there are clubs that can follow or not eurotorneos.

How can I get those 150 million left to win the game open?

With the money from the pay TV would have more quality and summaries, which could be sold as a premium real program and not as now, at seven o'clock, everyone can deliver the goals of any form. Nor should we forget the radio, start paying now as in Europe. The ones here pay when they go out and claim freedom of information here. Radios collect more than 100 million sports programs based on a circus ride some men who do not see a penny.

Did you open the game in a lost war? Do you see sensitivity in the political parties to adopt an unpopular?

I do not think the law is changed but it is very easy to take popular measures based on other business without compensation.

The Premier League enters 1,150 million, Serie A 900 'kilos' and the Spanish league only 680. Apart from removing the party in open, is the solution of collective selling of rights?

Individually or collectively, the rights are worth what they are worth. Keep in mind that in England and Italy is twice the population of Spain, its GDP is different, Sky has 11 million subscribers and here are 2.5 in pay TV. No identifications can be made mechanical. What is relevant is that management and the business is television twice in Spain two years ago. More rational, the product could be further improved.

How do you interpret the loss of the rights of Zaragoza (2012-15), Royal Society (2013-15) and Athletic (2013-15) in favor of Rush TV (Digital +)?

We assume no commitments that can not fulfill. They made an offer, we believe we are out of the market and that's it.

Do you know anything Society Sports Multimedia Assets, which bid for all rights of the League from 2014-15 for 800 'kilos'?

Come here and give them all the rights of 750 million. If anyone believes that football is worth more and have the money, go ahead. (via MD)

Embarrassment of riches for the club 2011-2012

Guardiola might have this season up to seven midfielders level.

The recently closed contract extension Thiago Alcantara and the possible hiring of Cesc Fabregas by FC Barcelona adventure a midfield Barça populous and an embarrassment of riches that many teams would want to do. These two additions are added to the presence in that line mean the likes of Xavi Hernández, Andrés Iniesta, Sergio Busquets, Seydou Keita and Javier Mascherano. A luxury which raises several issues for the next season.

First, with such payroll solves one of the problems last season, was the lack of a bench to keep the level of the headlines. It can not be said that the staff is short. Need to know if both can lead to midfield during the season can be annoying if one considers that the minutes should be played. A priori, the three owners will Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta. Of the other four, Keita seems to have taken his role very well, like Mascherano, who also played central parties. The question is how to respond Thiago and Cesc, though supposedly being his first year with the desire that has to be at the club will accept whatever comes.

On behalf of all plays that will be another season of parties cargadísima and, therefore, will require many rotations. In addition to the Champions League, La Liga, Copa del Rey and the Supercopa of Spain, who also played in the competition last year, the club will face also the Club World Cup and the European Super Cup. All this with a little more compressed schedule as it is European Championship year and is expected to finish the league on 13 May and the Champions League final will be played a week later, on day 19. Not to mention the many tactical options that Guardiola will have all these players. Welcomes are.

Afellay, eighth in discord
Although initially Ibrahim Afellay is part of the payroll front, the Dutchman can also play in midfield and will be a variant tactic with which you can count on Pep Guardiola. (via SPORT)

De Oliveira, president of Santos: "When interested Neymar Barca"

President Santos said in RAC 1 that the player next on the agenda culé.

President Santos, Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro, said yesterday in an interview with the program 'You say,' RAC 1 that Barcelona are still interested in hiring Neymar, but reiterated that his intention is not to sell at least until it has contested the World Club, which could face a hypothetical final Barca with Brazil. De Oliveira revealed that "I'm a little worried because I asked not to make contact Sandro nor Neymar nor his father before the final of the Libertadores and now I have told you to wake up because the other big European clubs are moving ". The boss of the Brazilian entity said to maintain a great relationship with Laporta. "We met by chance in an event (bridal Ronaldo) and I fell very good. Has good contacts in Brazil and speak Portuguese perfectly. Sandro is a gentleman, very friendly, a great professional and a great president. I have a good friendship with him while generally good relations with all the clubs "

De Oliveira insisted on "Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Inter Milan ... All the big clubs are interested in Neymar because it is an exceptional figure, but my intention is to stay with us until the final against Barcelona at least. We not want to lose the player until the centennial, but that also depends on him, his conviction. And I remember that there is a penalty on the player's contract (clause 45 million euros). " This compensation seems limited to the president of Santos, confessed. "Clearly the interest of the big clubs we are the contractual penalty is small for the actual value is the player."

De Oliveira also said that Sandro Rosell has not been the only president of a club that has talked about Neymar, but also contacted the Real Madrid, Florentino Perez. "I spoke to Florentino directly and Real Madrid have expressed an interest in the player. That's public," he concluded.

Neymar is a player who likes long the coaching staff on the boat but there are doubts as to how they fit into the costume culé. That's why the initial interest was in hiring has been somewhat slowed lately.

Barça presses to the Arsenal with those 'robberies' of Toral and Bellerín

Barca are using all the resources you have in your hand so that the recess Arsenal full price of the transaction. In contacts with the group `gunner', Bartolomeu recalled unethical behavior that took the club to take Jon Miquel Toral cadets and Hector Bellerín. Barca will receive some 350,000 euros in royalties training for each of them and put these numbers on the table in negotiating down the price of Cesc.

Barca wanting, every penny to get the Arenys for the lowest price within the austerity of the club. (via SPORT)

What unites Barça and Madrid

Will hardly be the 'cold war' to open war: together dominate the main source of income.

Barça, through its president, Sandro Rosell, threatened to sever ties with Real Madrid due to allegations of Jose Mourinho. The possibility exists, therefore, that the two giants of Spanish football passing of the Cold War to an open conflict that would affect diplomatic issues such as institutional food or visiting the stands of Camp Nou or the Bernabeu, but would create a doubt of several million: what about TV rights? Barca and Madrid ¿continue getting out of hand in the distribution of television pie, a great source of income for the clubs first?

In the Spanish league, the difference between Barcelona and Madrid entering and receiving the other teams is abysmal (Barça, for example, receives an amount 19 times higher than the League's bottom club), a circumstance that reflects almost pinpoint the rankings. Barca and Madrid are shared 35% of the nearly 700 million euros generated in the Spanish League TV rights in a system that does not support variable depending on the classification of recent seasons, hearings or `What's pricking pay TV, as in the French League, German, English or Italian. That is the model advocated by several clubs in the middle, led by Seville: the money would be divided into two parts, 40% and another of 60. The first would be divided among all the clubs first in equal parts (each club would correspond to an amount of 18 million euros). The second would be set based on the hearings, sports scores and the historical classification, among others, notes the journalist Ruben Uria on his blog Eurosport.

But this model has the opposition of Barcelona and Madrid, which go hand in defending their privileged status. Both clubs to maintain a common strategy is essential for the further spread of television pie the same way and therefore, Barca and Madrid are forced to fight from the same trench in the television war, though their relationship in the face of gallery can be broken.

If the league adopted the model of the big European leagues, the championship would be much better played and exported to other countries. "It's much more valuable to sell a Liga with many good teams battling to the end for the title. If a match between two mid-table clubs become as attractive as one of the big play, the league would be much more profitable and all participating clubs will benefit, "says Mario Oliveto, CEO of the consultancy Sport + Markt. But it is impossible to consider a deal like this without the approval of Barcelona and Madrid, which account for the vast majority of business and do not seem willing to budge.

According to many experts, is the English model is best suited to the Spanish league. The Premier, half of the television pie is distributed equally among all clubs. The remaining 50% is divided in two: half, according to the classification criteria. The other half, by the audience.

The Premier handed out 1,080 million euros, 64 for the leaders Manchester United and 44 for the bottom club West Ham: a difference of 20 million euros. In Spain, Barcelona and Madrid paid 20 times more than the lower teams, but who of the two big, dare to take the step to reform the current model? (via SPORT)

Cesc prefers to be culé to be the best paid of the world in City

The Arenys has rejected the offer from Manchester City, 12 million euros a year for the club, six million.

He has said it actively and passively, in a clear or hidden, the more serious or more cheerful ... And now he is demonstrating with facts, nothing more and nothing less than resigning to become the highest paid player in the world.

How could it be otherwise, has been the architect of Manchester City make the best offer to gain the services of Arenys. Bids millionaire owner of English club have bypassed one of the most coveted players in the market. However, Cesc does not allow for a purchase or not by others. Know what you want.

Despite 12 million per year could be charged if signing for Manchester City Do more the 60 offered to Arsenal Besides private flights at the expense of flashy club and other details that will become the `megacrack' better paid and carefully team, the player has said no. Has not even thought twice.

His dream is to be FC Barcelona and there's that. More than a year he publicly declared and no one will take the idea of ​​returning to the ship's head. And that's in charge of your life club, if all goes well, six million euros per season. Exactly half of what they could charge in the City. A juicy and negligible figure to be reckoned with.

But his sense Barcelona, ​​his squad past, the desire to return home to be with his family to win major titles and share a dressing room with great friends like Pique and Puyol are worth more than all the money in the world.

In addition, as a good captain of Arsenal, Cesc has said repeatedly that leave the English club would not go to any other team in the Premier League for the respect he feels for his teammates, the coaching staff and fans of the Gunners '.

Late in the campus and will leave Ibiza today to continue the holiday

Cesc Fabregas came to campus to match the enthusiasm of the 97 children enrolled in this third edition in Tordera. His father, Francesc Fàbregas, is the director of this new successful issue, while Albert Garcia, coach Mollet, is the coordinator. The campus is international and has the most presence of Catalan children, but also Moroccan, British, Tenerife, Seville, Murcia and Madrid.
After going to the campus, Cesc Ibiza travel this morning to continue their vacation until Sunday to await news. (via SPORT)

["Cesc: Barcelona or Champions 'gunner'?"]
Children of campus squeezed her a great time at an impromptu press conference

Cesc Fabregas as a child had gone to the campus organizing the TARR escola with Quimet Rife, the failed Toni Torres, Asensi and Charly Rexach. Even a year, was with his uncle George, with which it takes little time. Now, his turn to star in his own campus, it has for the second consecutive year in Tordera.

There, one hundred children from Catalonia, the rest of Spain, Morocco and England are enjoying the football and the stunning facilities of the population maresmeña until Sunday.

Before yesterday evening received the visit of crack, Cesc Fabregas, Francesc accompanied by his father. Introduced by surprise and was talking with the kids until dawn. The children did not leave the bush: "Cesc, what would prefer, or joining the club win the Champions League with Arsenal?". The applause generated by the crack did not leave too clear that his response was "the club" to rave kids in school together Ignasi Iglesias, they sleep and eat in the campus. Come on, where they lodge.

The kids will remember Cesc made his beginnings, how he won the title of best player in the U 17 and U-20, tournaments in which he was top scorer, the Golden Boy award for best Under 21 granting 'Tuttosport'. How did the Euro 2008 and World Cup, how was the International Red youngest reach 50 caps. How did the Arsenal captain after replacing a myth as Patrick Vieira, how was the Gunners' youngest debut and scoring the first goal. The kids would always ask. All saw him and Barca already lost interest and talk about the club, the team who were followers of the vast majority of participants in the campus, including monitors.

Thiago, a phenomenon

Why not, asked by Thiago Alcantara. Cesc said he would love quesiguiera at Barca, he was a talented footballer and highlighted the great goal that went into the final of the European Under 21 to Switzerland, which had already done before in his Twitter account. To Cesc was "excellent news" know that the club had renewed two years Thiago, as known in the day yesterday when he arrived in Tordera.

Cesc recalled his time in Barcelona cadet with Pique, Messi and Victor Vasquez, of which he repeated that he was a crack in those days the highlight of the team. I surprised that now go to Bruges, which is set any Spanish Primera him for his "tremendous quality." He spoke with the children of the effort it takes to reach success in football, how hard it becomes the road.

Fabregas had not seen the images offered TV3 presentation of the new Arsenal shirt. There seemed to amaze, however, that there were shirts with his name and he did not appear in the 'spot' to promote the club and Nike. He made no comment as he signed dozens of shirts, most of the club, although the former Arsenal and red participants in the campus put him in his hands.

Cesc had lunch with the kids. He ate the same menu, mixed vegetables, white rice with scallop, fruit and water to drink. The kids sat at the table with him, they kept asking questions, while Cesc is interested in them, how would the campus, their hobbies. After photographing all of them, participated as one in the partidillo pm at the Municipal Tordera. The party was complete. (via MD)

Víctor Sánchez will play in Neuchatel

With this transfer, Barça will save a file and ensures future receive financial compensation.

To Victor Sanchez still had one year left on his contract at Barca, but not fulfilled. The player goes to the Swiss Neuchatel, who pay nothing for his signing, but offers other benefits to the club Barca future.

Barca will save the tab of the player, in addition to a preferential option to repurchase at the end of next season. You will also have a percentage of a possible sale. However, the operation not take it for the club closed, nor the player's agent, Jokin Barcenas. Yes, however, the Neuchatel.

Within the club Catalans did not sit too well that the player already appear in traditional photography with the shirt and the club president in question. In this case, Neuchatel Xamax, and Bulat magnate Chagaev, who has filled with fluid to the club.

Both Victor Sanchez is not the only player linked to Bacre by which they are interested. Keirrison Henrique and are also targets of Neuchatel. (via SPORT)

Villarreal is not willing to give Rossi

Villarreal team wants to become a seller and that his intention is to transfer players at bargain prices. His desire is to work in the future to be the third title contender. Hence, it is not willing to part with striker unless it is worth paying.

[Youth] Óscar García: "I want a career in Barça"

His debut on the bench of the juvenile, as happened with Pep Guardiola in his first year at the Camp Nou, could not be better: he has won everything.

Coach youth champion of the second triplet of the story still does not know whether it will. It is logical that way. The club wants to renew and the coach has no intention of leaving. Perhaps the club waited too long to start talking, two days after a memorable year.
Could you imagine that?

I could not imagine or what we did or how we have done with a very competitive football.

What was most difficult?

At first. We wanted to instill some concepts that were just in a well and be competitive. When assimilated have gotten the results.

What concepts?

We must prepare for competition, for which you will find below. At each stage of youth football should be taught some things in the juvenile and one of them is competitive.

¿Especially because the jump is to the Second Division?

Yes, it is the most decisive step. They must be prepared physically, technically, tactically and psychologically. Must master these four aspects.

Do you have taught other records, as the backlash that we saw in the Cup final?

It is very important not to rely only on what the coach tells them. One of the keys to a computer is considered a very good team.

Have you spent many hours looking for solutions?

I love it, I like to study how to hurt your opponent, how to exploit the qualities of my players. It's exciting. And when you see the results give you the reason ...

As Rafa false to place nine.

Does well because it is free and close to the area makes a lot of damage.

Do you have a different character Thiago?

Thiago did not know him at his age.

¿Rafa is more humble?

That I do not complain of any player: Gomez, Rafael Espinosa Deulofeu ... and many who have gone to Barca B. The most played Rafa and Gomez have been demonstrating that had fallen when they want to play. That is an example for his teammates.

The best thing is Deulofeu mental progression?

Not only him. Gerard is a player with a very good future. And you have saberle carry, but it can be a player taken very, very important in Spanish football.

Had he seen as capable of imbalance in youth?

No, not in the category. No one like him. No other player has a one on one, its speed to do so. But other things must improve. Doing so will be very important.

Did you feel respected by the players?

It has helped me being a former player. Later in the year, we're winning the day.

Would you like a career in the club?

Yes I would. Being in the club means to work in the club of my life, I'm from Barcelona since childhood, I've been a lifetime defending these colors. And keep in this house would be good both from the professional point of view as from the staff. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Manchester City wants to make from gold to Samuel Eto'o

The magazine Forbes announced recently that Eto'o had stopped to be the better paid African because Ivory Coast midfielder Yaya Toure, with his move to City had won after securing a salary of 9.2 million euros per season. Eto'o is currently earning 10 million, tax free, for Inter and the offer he has made Manchester City is well above that figure. (via SPORT)

Mazinho hints that Madrid wanted to Thiago

'Mazinho' father and representative of midfielder Thiago Alcántara, revealed that the club had "substantial offers" by the player ... and hinted that Real Madrid was interested in his signing.

Mazinho came Wednesday with Thiago at the offices of the Camp Nou to initial the new professional contract of his son will follow in the Barca until at least June 30, 2015. And told the program 'grandstand' Ona FM, hinted at a possible interest of Madrid for his recruitment: "There are always many situations and when there is a major player of these characteristics, there are clubs in Spain and abroad. The was discussed with them are private things, "he said.

The buyout Thiago goes from 30 to 90 million euros, although the former player of Celta and Valencia believes that it is unimportant, as the squad "is enchanted with its renewal" and want to stay "all his life" in the Barcelona. Mazinho responded to all media upon arrival at the club.

Father and son were found in the offices of Barça Barca president, Sandro Rosell, the financial vice-president, Javier Faus and technical secretary of the first team, Andoni Zubizarreta.

After the signing ceremony, posed for the media Thiago graphics Zubizarreta shield against the club, but his father was in charge of talking to the press.

Mazinho said he always knew that the club would not use your child as a bargaining chip in any other operation, not even still be closed to bring the Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas.

"At no time doubted whether he stayed or not Thiago. The club has always called, has always given us this tranquility, this security, and have always wanted to end this story," he said.

In addition, Mazinho announced that his son does not care the least possible arrival of Cesc, because "they are two players from different profiles" and also in the Barça squad there is room for both.

"The competitiveness of Thiago is very large, has now shown in the sub 21.'s A kid who does not wrinkle at all, know what Barcelona and knows to look for your space. I think there is no problem with Thiago remain in a template with important players such as Cesc. There is always great players and we must fight and work to gain a foothold, "he said. (via SPORT)

Borghi: "Whoever wishes to Alexis Sanchez now must come in person"

Alexis Sanchez can not travel to Barcelona to sign with FC Barcelona for prohibition of their coach Claudio Borghi.

"Sanchez and Jimenez were allowed to travel on their transfer. The Magus was Sunday. Alexis can not leave, "admitted Claudio Borghi.

That's how sharp the Chilean was referring to the possibility that Sanchez should move this week to Barcelona to sign.

The coach has given the deadline of a week that has not yet been completed, allowing the Chilean player absent from the concentration that is conducting its selection for the Copa America which begins July 1. "They've sold like 38 times. Today I sold the next day deny it. Is having a difficult time. Do not know where to play, "said the coach.

Nevertheless, his team-mate, Luis Jimenez, traveled on Sunday, according to the coach to close his signing with Al-Ahli, United Arab Emirates.

As a result of the ban on the `Boy Wonder ¿, interested in signing the player should move to Argentina to carry out the necessary arrangements without disturbing the Sanchez game in the competition.

Knowing in advance the restrictions imposed by their star player Borghi, carried out by signing the player for the Catalan club, the leaders of it would face a long journey, after the completion of telephone conversations and tied all the ends of contracting, to close the signing of a player.

However, the Chilean coach has not been so tight in other respects. So far, the training of selection have been closed, to date, has lifted the veto Borghi ahead of the Copa America. (via SPORT)

[Former coach] Rijkaard, King of Saudi

The Dutchman signed a contract today in London for three years as coach of Saudi.

Frank Rijkaard will sign the contract today that will link as coach of Saudi Arabia for the next three years. After his dismissal in front of Galatasaray in October 2010, the Dutch coach's bench will become one of the highest paid coaches in the world, the Saudi football federation will guarantee a contract worth a total of 11 million dollars, 7.7 million euros to change.

A lack of rigor fringes is expected the deal to close in London today. "The deal is safe by 99 percent," said a source from the Football Association of Saudi Arabia. When the deal is sealed, Rijkaard will be the second highest paid coach in the world with revenues of 2.5 million per year, as the German Löw, and surpassed only by Capello. The England coach, with nearly nine million tab, leads the ranking.

Rijkaard, who in his time as coach of the Netherlands was runner-up at Euro 2000, a contract will be much higher than the average for coaches. Vicente del Bosque, despite having led Spain to the title of world champion last year, receives 1.5 million per year, as the Italian Prandelli, who has not been able to retain the status that his predecessor, Marcello Lippi, whose record stood at around three million euros.

Rijkaard is replacing the Brazilian Ricardo Gomes, who had committed to the Basque da Gama and asked to reconcile his position in Brazil with the coach of Saudi Arabia. (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta highlights the commitment of Thiago

The sports director thanked Thiago will to stay at the club despite offers that may have had. "We also wanted to continue in this project," he said.

Closed continuity Thiago 2015, Andoni Zubizarreta has welcomed the willingness of the midfielder to renew. "Offers? Neither know nor want to know. It is normal that you had. It's a great player, very good in one on one, you goal is to happen, has arrived and displayed compromised," he said.

He said "after the season he has done, both in the first team at the subsidiary, and even more for his football with the Under-21, it is normal and has had more than one offer." "But I also want to add these things in any case neither he nor the environment have been used to press any situation. This is also appreciated," he said.

Speaking to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat The athletic director has reported a good understanding of both parties at all times: "Everything falls under its own weight. He wants to continue with us, all the good things that implies, and we also wanted to continue in this project .

Therefore, if both parties so wish, it is normal that no matter what happened. " Moreover, for Zubi, this renewal is a new model shows culé. "It's part of our philosophy: look at what we have at home before looking outside. Thiago is one of the clearest examples we've had before." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection Under-20] Call for Under-20 World Cup Colombia 2011

You know the list of players summoned by national team for the dispute of the World Championships in Colombia, to be held between July 29 and August 20, 2011.

A proposal for national teams, the Royal Spanish Football Federation has called for the preparation of reference, the following players:

C. ATLÉTICO DE MADRID SAD: Jorge Pulido Mayoral y Jorge Resurrección Merodio “Koke”
ATHLETIC CLUB: Aitor Fernández Abarisketa
FC BARCELONA: Martín Montoya i Torralbo, Marc Bartra Aregall, Marc Muniesa Martínez, Oriol Romeu Vidal, Sergi Roberto Carnicer, Cristian Tello Herrera.
SL BENFICA: Rodrígo Moreno Machado
RCD ESPANYOL DE BARCELONA SAD: Jordi Amat Maas, Álvaro Vázquez García
HÉRCULES CF SAD: Francisco Femenia Far “Kiko”
LIVERPOOL FC: Daniel Pacheco Lobato
MÁLAGA CF SAD: José Luis García del Pozo “Recio”
REAL BETIS BALOMPIÉ SAD: Ezequiel Calvente Criado
REAL MADRID CF: Fernando Pacheco Flores y Sergio Canales Madrazo
SEVILLA FC SAD: Antonio Manuel Luna Rodríguez
VALENCIA CF SAD: Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez “Isco”
REAL ZARAGOZA SAD: Alejandro Sánchez Benítez “Alex”

Barça could announce Fábregas and Alexis on Friday

Ona FM announced today that Barcelona's intention is to close and make public the two contracts before the end of the week. Bartomeu will travel from Italy to England.

If the information is correct handles Ona FM, Barcelona could make a dramatic effect within 48 hours. Catalan broadcaster has said that the intention is to announce the Catalan side on Friday the hiring of both Alexis Sanchez as Cesc Fabregas, his two most desired and actual signings soaps, the end of Chile in recent weeks and the midfielder raised in The Farm since last summer, when Arsenal rejected 40 million euros weeks after Piqué Puyol and Cesc dress with the shirt of Barcelona in the celebrations for the World Cup won by the selection.

The two signings seem to have entered its final stretch. Cesc today acknowledged he was "calm and optimistic" and the English press has been responsible for filtering that Arsenal have finally decided to accept the output of Cesc. After turning down 27 million pounds, figures for the final operation could be around 35, higher than what Barcelona and wanted to pay less than the initial aims of Barcelona, ​​who wants to avoid at all costs keep the player at Arsenal when the London club start their pre-season. As for Alexis, and after a few days of relative calm, it seems that the pressure of the player to play for and only for the Barcelona has been with the millions of Manchester City, who would have already withdrawn from the auction leaving the way clear for the Barcelona. (via AS)

Thiago renewed until 2015: "Now time for me to prove myself"

Thiago Alcantara has improved and extended his contract with the Club for two more seasons, until 30th June 2015. The buyout clause will be 90 million Euros.

After the renewal of his contract, which was signed on Wednesday afternoon, Thiago showed himself to be very happy both on Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat : "It's a dream to continue with this team and this club. I am really happy. Now It’s time to share it with my family”. He added: "I never thought about leaving. I’ve always wanted to be here".

The midfielder, still recovering from the operation on his nose, was thankful for the education he’s received at Barça: "The club has already done everything for me. They’ve trained me, I’ve come up through the youth ranks, they trusted me to play last season in the first team, and they offered to renew my contract”. As from now he made it clear that: "Now it’s up to me to prove that I can play for Barcelona and help the team to stay at the top".

Present at the signing of new contract were President Sandro Rosell, Sporting Director Andoni Zubizarreta, Director of Football Raul Sanllehi, and Thiago himself, accompanied by his father and his agents. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Neuchatel Xamax introduces to Victor Sánchez without closing the agreement with Barça

The Neuchatel Xamax has published on its website incorporating Barcelona for two seasons of Víctor Sánchez . Still, from FC Barcelona , who would welcome the operation, and were surprised that has not even signed the agreement. In fact both clubs are in the middle of negotiations because they still are deciding if the squad is being assigned or otherwise dissociates club Catalans.

Ruby midfielder who has played this past season on loan at Getafe at the moment does not come in Pep Guardiola's plans but has one year left on his contract with FC Barcelona. Thus, the club would be willing to let him go to the Swiss league but , following the philosophy of sports management, wants to keep an option to buy the player. (via MD)

29 June 2011

Neymar will leave Santos, but not before January

Waganer Ribeiro says he wants to be world champion with the Santos before leaving.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport ', 'Gazzetta dello Sport', Neymar will leave Santos, but not before January. His agent, Wagner Ribeiro, the Brazilian's agent, told the Radio Jovem Pan that "any decision on the future belongs to him and his father, there are clubs willing to pay the buyout clause, but first he wants to be champion world with the Santos. "

He also confirmed that Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Chelsea, Manchester City and Anzhi Roberto Carlos would be available to pay the clause 45 million to sign him. (via MD)

"Alexis wants to go to Barça and we want that this ends up"

Gino Pozzo, son of the owner of Udinese, confirmed that negotiations with Barcelona for the transfer of Alexis Sanchez "continue".

"Negotiations with Barca still and calmly find a solution. The will of the player is going to Barcelona and, above all, our intention is to end this, one way or another," said Gino Pozzo, the entry into the headquarters of the Italian Professional League Football in Milan.

Gino Pozzo also added that Udinese will "continue talking to Barcelona", then take a decision on the sporting future of Alexis Sanchez. This version is the same that have been sources of Barca on Wednesday morning after a false rumor that the transfer was already signed.

Pozzo, who continue to rule even in the whole Alexis friuliano, returned to assess the player in a figure close to 50 million euros, an amount which, he acknowledged, could be reduced with the arrival of a Barcelona player. In that sense, the coach denied having spoken with Barca squad yet. "Not true. I was with your selection (sub'21 European) and we still speak it well", commented.

Finally, Pozzo also denied any negotiations with Manchester City on Alexis Sanchez, something that is not true since the City itself has revealed who has been withdrawing from the bidding. "With the City we have not tried before," he said. (via SPORT)

José Ángel, to a step of Rome

Sporting Gijon is waiting for Rome to send a written agreement reached for the transfer of Jose Angel to the Italian club before confirming the sale is estimated around 4.5 million euros.

The Board of Directors of the Asturian club does not confirm the move until all is not signed because a few weeks ago saw the pass was frustrated by José Ángel Barcelona when nearly everyone took for granted.

The Roman club's new coach, Luis Enrique, included the lateral Gijón between their requests to strengthen the team and the Italian bank began negotiations after finding that the club, which had also been interested in the player, did not increase their initial offer had been rejected by the leaders sportinguistas.

Sporting had placed the price of either of his left side, Jose Angel and Canella, a minimum of 4.5 million euros, which had previously rejected offers that did not reach this number by the Rome, Apparently, they are willing to go.

Part of this income transfer is used to strengthen the team and the rest to reduce debt that is now the key objective of the entity Asturian still immersed in a bankruptcy, but since his return to First Division is forward getting some payments.

The coaching staff has already indicated its decision not to make any signing to replace Jose Angel, as has the presence of Canella, who have total confidence, which adds further arrival of Uruguayan Damian Suarez you can play on both sides.

Sporting sporting director, Emilio God has also shown their confidence in what they can bring the team players and in this case would be the young Alex Menendez who will make the preseason first team. (via SPORT)

Abidal: four years of Barca

Four years ago, one of the best sides in the world, Frenchman Eric Abidal, to Barcelona signed from Olympique Lyon. In four seasons, 'Abi' has become a symbol for Barca.

Falling Gio van Bronckhorst at the end of the 2006/07 academic year has accelerated the hiring of Abidal. The Dutchman went to Rotterdam to play Feyenoord and left the band needed a player guarantees as France. On June 29, 2007 Eric Abidal was presented as new player of FC Barcelona.

First year without a title in his first season, 2007/08, '22 'plays more minutes than ever, and thus becomes indisputable for Frank Rijkaard . The team reaches the semifinals of the Copa del Rey and Champions, Abidal almost always left-owner of the squad.

Guardiola Successes With the arrival of Pep Guardiola's first team bench, Abidal has established itself as a mainstay of the Catalan defense. Still, two untimely expulsion would get lost in the Cup final at the Mestalla and the 2008/09 Champions League final in Rome.

In the 2009/10 share position with Maxwell, but a serious groin injury of the left thigh bill passes and lets you play almost the second round of the League.

Last year has been one of contrasts. Abidal, 31, has offered its best as Barca, both left-and center back. At the height of his career received the worst news: March 15 diagnosed with a liver tumor, for which he must undergo surgery. One and a half later he gets the best gift for him and for Barcelona: Abi, with a standing ovation, he returned to tread the Nou Camp the night when the team qualified for the Champions League final. He who would raise serious.

If anything is clear is that in these four years, with its football and its vitality, '22 'Barca has won the hearts and respect of all' Cules'. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Thiago renewed until 2015

FC Barcelona is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with Thiago Alcántara to renew his contract with the Club for two more seasons, until 30th of June 2015.

The buyout clause of the new contract will be 90 million Euros.

The signing of the contract will take place today, Wednesday, at 17.00. Later there will be a photo session, open to the media, at the doors of the FC Barcelona offices. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

16 titles and 16 years of being kings of Europe

The number 16 is the common denominator between the season with more titles in the history of FC Barcelona and its hegemony on the continent.

Three titles in football, four in basketball, handball three, four in football and two in hockey skates. They are sixteen championship professional teams Barca this season, the most fruitful years in about 112 living entity . Beats a fifteen he did in the previous year.

In addition, four league championships (football, basketball, handball and football) and two in Europe (football and handball) imply a qualitative jump in the wins.

The season of 16 titles match the sixteenth consecutive year in which a professional team FC Barcelona has proclaimed champions of Europe. Since the victory of the handball section 1996 to double this year's Champions League football and handball again, success has never missed a continental squad.

During these sixteen years has been four more European doubles: 1996 / 97 (handball and roller hockey), 1999/00 (handball and roller hockey), 2004/05 (handball and roller hockey) and 2009/10 (basketball and hockey).

The roller hockey is the most professional team tops Europe has risen in 16 years: nine. The football has contributed to the supremacy culé three Champions, with seven more handball and basketball has made ​​two Euroleague. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

"We are awaiting the response of Udinese"

A source of FC Barcelona who had access to the EFE news agency said the club is waiting to hear from Udinese Alexis Sanchez.

Despite the different information given by the recruitment of Chilean closed Alexis Sanchez, Barcelona sources have denied that the negotiation has been closed.

"We are awaiting the response from Udinese. Barça has conducted a sealed bid for the player and will not move the parameters set," said the spokeswoman said, declining to reveal more details.

The operation, as explained in our issue of Wednesday, could close by paying a fixed amount (between 25 and 28 million euros), plus another variable (between 11 and 13 million euros), and one of the issues is how to negotiate different payment fractionated. (via SPORT)

In Brazil they speak of a 'megaoferta' of Barça for Neymar

These days the rumors do not stop. Although it appears that Madrid is tied to Neymar, a Brazilian journalist said Tuesday night that the player will go to Barca.

In the words of Ulisses Costa, a Brazilian journalist who starred in the television program 'Jogo Aberto', the club has submitted a bid for Neymar of no more and no less than 50 million euros. She says, the operation could also enter a Brazilian player of FC Barcelona, ​​which does not say the name. The news is very surprising when you consider the economic policy being developed by the Catalans club in recent times. Without going any further, is struggling to reduce the amount of transfer to pay for Cesc Fabregas. Moreover, it seems odd that the club wants to go for Neymar when it is also bidding for Alexis Sanchez, another offensive player profile. (via SPORT)

City withdraws from bid for Alexis Sanchez

According to several Italian media suggest, Manchester City will not continue to fight for signing Alexis Sanchez, in this case, it seems that the club will have it easier.

Manchester City coach Roberto Mancini said his team will not continue trying to sign on Alexis Sanchez.

Both La Gazzetta dello Sport 'and the' Corriere dello Sport 'or' Sportmediaset 'echo the words of the Italian coach. Apparently, Mancini spoke with Sanchez. If at first the Chilean would have said he would be willing to come, it seems that the offer did not quite convince.

While the City for other purposes, the path of the boat to gain the services of Alexis Sanchez paving. (via SPORT)

Premier is on the lookout for Thiago, the King

Premier is still lurking and Manchester United take the lead, but Chelsea also hopes.

Surgery on Monday in the nasal septum to solve some breathing problems, Thiago Alcantara's future remains unresolved.

The eldest son of Mazinho has reiterated that he would like to continue wearing Barca, even if it means having top-level competitors to enter the 'once', but the powerful Premier League still pining for the young crack, champions of Europe next sub'21 to Barca Bojan, Jeffren, Montoya y Miño.

Rating high

Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal have taken or attempted to cast their nets on the midfielder, 20. That the four 'big' of English football I want to speak for themselves today Thiago hook. Clubs Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford have launched bids of around 20 million euros: the valuation that both entities have made the Blaugrana player is quite high.

However, first, none of these clubs are willing to take the repurchase clause requiring the club as a premise to give the green light to the output of Thiago. The player, meanwhile, is not keen to enter into a transaction Barça Arsenal for Cesc Fabregas arrived pursued the Camp Nou.

Moreover, it was Bolton, who also watched the signing of Thiago Alcantara, who uncovered the offer from Manchester United. When contacted the player's environment to probe its availability were informed that the amount of its proposal, apparently less than 10 million euros, was insufficient and that 'Mancunians' had, at first, the lead in terms of responsiveness by the player.

Moreover, again according to information circulating in Britain, Thiago will also attract Chelsea. (via MD)

Femenía a request of Pep

Kiko Femenía has the 'yes' and travel to Barcelona immediately upon signature of all.

Sanet y Negrals In a small mountain town of Alicante, where he was born, Kiko Femenía wait for the phone rings. His future is tied to the boat and takes days with bags ready. The protocol documents in a club like Hercules under the Bankruptcy Act but delayed joining his signing is imminent, this week probably because after the call walk pending final of the Sub-20-is on a shortlist of 30 players - who played the World category to be played in Colombia between July 29 and August 30.

Travel to Barcelona with a contract for three years (2 +1) and all the enthusiasm in the world. Although the B alternate with the first team, Kiko Femenía is a request of Pep Guardiola. The coach was the one who advised the sports management to cast nets on the front Alicante. Despite being in the First Division debut, his outstanding performance at the Rico Perez at Depor and the opinion of Boqueron Esteban convinced. Fast, daring in one on one, very vertical, and above all, very brash, young player (20) mark him as the new Peter. Pep also demanded to know his character if Barca really has the DNA results so successful that he has given. And it has. More introverted than extroverted, Kiko Femenía highlighted in blue and white costume for being a humble and unassuming player, who could listen and learn from the leaders of apparel, as Rufete. Those who know him well say that, like Messi, just think of the ball. Their idols are the very Barca striker Dani Alves canary, who was venerated in a special way. In fact, Stephen, there were parties who came to the position of right back, but it handles better as a winger.

In the club, at least, shall not relive some tough economic times and went through in the last days of Hercules, when directivadebía players, as some reported, four and five monthly. (via MD)

Puyol works by the piece in double sessions

He goes every day at the Ciutat Esportiva and go running along the Carretera de les Aigues.

Carles Puyol continues to work while on holiday piece from Monday to Friday to recover from his injury as soon as possible and to be available to Pep Guardiola as soon as possible. Barca captain performs double sessions each day. Most of the time working with the recovery Juanjo Brau in the Joan Gamper Esportiva Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi, although, as yesterday morning, comes running down the Carretera de les Aigues.

The recovery is proceeding as planned. Puyol had surgery last June 1 after enduring a season that tendinopathy in the vastus lateralis of the left leg prevented him perform normally for about three months. After the campaign, the player decided to undergo surgery, where Dr. Cugat was extracted from a free body left knee cartilage that came from the femoral trochlea. During the first three weeks after the operation, "Pu Yi" has focused its work on strengthening your leg and it was hoped that these days began conducting field work smoothly.

The Barça squad is summoned to return to work on 18 July and hopes to go Puyol coming gradually to the rest of his teammates. However, in principle there is no player is fully field to contest the Super Cup of Spain, played against Real Madrid on 14 and 17 August, first in the Santiago Bernabeu later in the Camp Nou. Will have to see how it gets to the start of the League, the weekend of 20 and 21 August, and the European Super Cup against Porto, scheduled for February 26. In any case, do not force you to be fully recovered. (via MD)

The first team of Barça and the branch will train together from the 18 to the 22

Pep Guardiola will work with the branch the first week of the preseason in the absence of effective.

The first team will work with the reserves in the first week of the season, from July 18 to 22. The lack of effective template Guardiola injury, the signings have not yet been closed and the Copa America has led the technician chooses to join the B, also undermined by the European U-19 Romania and the U -20 Colombia.

Split Test

At first, Pep will lack five troops who will be in Argentina, Brazil Adriano Alves and Messi, Milito and Mascherano to the albiceleste more Puyol, who is recovering from his knee injury. And Eusebio, the four already mentioned in sub-19, Sergi Gomez Espinosa, Rafinha and Deulofeu, and pointing to the U-20, Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Oriol Romeu, Sergi and Robert Taylor. After this first week together, and friendly 23 days before the Hajduk Split, Guardiola B decide which players will lead to the American tour. In principle, Pep his men will feast on 24 and 25 before heading to Munich to compete in the Audi Cup against Bayern, Milan and Internacional Porto Alegre. Of Germany and will travel to the U.S.

Barca B, day 11

When you start the first team, the reserves and take a week of work. Eusebio has cited his own on 11, so the rising of the Youth only have two weeks vacation. Among the new highlights and Isaac Riverola Cuenca, returning from Vitesse and Sabadell, and Lobato (Hospitalet). (via MD)

[Youth] La Masia change of use

Tomorrow, the last day as the residence of players.

La Masia, nursery-grown players of Barca in the last 30 years, will close its doors tomorrow. Barca said the directive for months that the June 30 cease to function as a center for training players to become the new headquarters of the entity. In recent days, taking advantage of the inactivity of almost all of the teams below, individuals responsible for the transfer to the Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi Esportiva, the building will be named Oriol Tort, have intensified the move and most of the material is already in the new factory of players.

The idea of ​​the club is to be operational by the end of July, between 20 and 24, although not yet clarified the day. What is certain is that the modern facilities erected in the Ciutat Esportiva operate at full capacity this season. It cost about 8 million and house about 100 players. (via MD)

Alexis: "I dream of winning titles at Barça"

Alexis Sanchez confirmed the English press their will only go to Camp Nou and Mancini announced that the City withdraws from the bidding.

Alexis Sanchez's signing for the club is taking steps to materialize. Time plays heavily in favor of FC Barcelona in this negotiation. Especially since the main key to the operation, the player is literally engaged in play only at the club and his club, Udinese, known to have this summer to pass it or risk to their best product to lower its rating. Had special significance that the British press yesterday, following the multimillion offers Manchester City and Chelsea by the Chilean striker, picked up some words from the 'Wonder Boy' leaving very clear their desire to sign for Barça. "I dream of playing for Barcelona because there have a chance to win many titles," Alexis said firmly, as published in the 'Daily Mail'.

His desire is no doubt because Alexis may have been elegantly ambiguous when dealing with British media, who want to know if the petrodollars Manchester or rubles Roman Abramovich will be more powerful than the expectation of the player. Apparently, passing the ball along with Leo Messi, Xavi Hernandez and company can handle it all. "I'm still young, but I have the ambition to become the best player in the world," he said Alexis. Also demonstrated a sense of self when he warned that for the future, "I have to be more decisive in front of goal." Another thing sounds like a club. "Perhaps my biggest secret is humility," said the star of the Chilean team about to play the Copa America.

The pull of this boat

If only for money, Alexis Sanchez did not come into the club. The financial offers of Chelsea and, above all, Manchester City have exceeded the 40 long-million to tocateja, and in that competition the club has no chance to get away with it. The great strength of the Catalan club is called football and inigualablegancho today has among the players who want to be something in this racket. Alexis Sanchez is one of them.

The best evidence of that last night gave Roberto Mancini, coach of Manchester City. In the words told Sky Sports Italia admitted to "talk to Alexis, but he wants to go to Barca." Mancini announced that the City withdrew from the bidding.

It is Chelsea, but Barca know they have the winning card to the player. Seen in the Chilean end specific soccer virtues which give that of which does not go left on staff, but also values ​​greatly look forward to coming to shows Alexis.

Logically, the club will make a great effort to achieve the signing treasury, but was never in the numbers who could pay the English, the message pure responsibility for controlling spending advocated by this policy. The operation is acceptable for the Catalan club from a very concrete roof: it offers 28 million euros in fixed, however, has gone up varying amounts. Some sources are already talking about +11 for this item. Udinese began to resign

Italy echoes information MD

"Barca or nothing." Alexis Sanchez's ultimatum to the owners of his club Udinese, was front-page story in yesterday's edition of paper Mundo Deportivo. Throughout the day, many Italian websites and spread the information collected by this newspaper forward. Logically, the most likely exit the player who was declared at the end of the last Italian league is the best player every day then, but the feeling that a great country like Inter Milan and has withdrawn from the bidding live ruefully.

Jeffren and Soriano, key to the deal

The negotiation, if all goes well, should lead to Nou Camp Alexis Sanchez is extremely complex in design, since it depends only on a pure question of money. If the economic formula that is concocting the club and is "imaginative", to compensate for variables which can not be reached with the fixed, there is a human factor that is part of the deal and not easy to fit into the puzzle. Udinese agreed to allow Jeffren Suarez, the brand new European Champion U-21 was part of the payment by Alexis. The problem is that Barca end did not sit very well to negotiate his departure with him in Denmark concentrate with the selection and not from the outset was amused that the possible destination outside Udinese.
However, the club friuliano, qualified to play prior to the Champions League has not lost hope of convincing Jeffren.

Another possibility that is gaining momentum in the late Jonathan Soriano is also part of the deal. Subsidiary striker, top scorer in the Second Division A with 32 points and still with a one year contract as FC Barcelona, ​​of interest to Granada. It's another new twist in this complex history. The Andalusian club, newly promoted to First Division, chaired by Quique Pina, strong man in the Spanish market Pozzo family, owner of Udinese. (via MD)

Homage to the King Messi

The other cracks in the Copa America, Messi rendered.

The day after tomorrow will start the Copa América,, in which Leo Messi wants to endorse his unquestioned status as King of Soccer also Argentina. Since the albiceleste focused the past day 8, their fellow strikers have heaped praise on him, starting with Aguero, Lavezzi and Pastore through and ending with Higuain and Tevez, two of the biggest victims of the bet Sergio Batista crack for Barca as '9 '.

Also the great figures of the other teams in the tournament have paid homage to Messi, who was described as "the best" even though they themselves also try to trace as destabilizing and deadly attackers to goal.

The 'canarinho' Neymar, with whom Leo could see their faces at the end of next July 24, notes that "Messi is above all", while Chile's Alexis Sanchez, intended for the club, insists: "I like love to see Leo play "and Falcao said it was" an honor to call me the 'Messi Colombian' "by the unparalleled quality and class of '10 'of Barcelona.

Uruguay's Luis Suarez, once on the agenda Blaugrana, the Costa Rican or Mexican Bryan Ruiz and 'ex' Giovani dos Santos Barca also have called Leo "out of range" or "special". (via MD)

Cesc-Barça: Final Countdown

The club FC Barcelona raises its offer to 35 million more variable and fixed a solution will soon
The player waits for the OK before the weekend and has agreed not to speak today on campus

Gradually, the pieces of 'puzzle Cesc' fit together. No word yet if the puzzle will be completed in a few days or if you have to wait until next week, but what is clear is that all parts are emitting signals in the same direction: that the agreement seems near. In fact, both the player and the FC Barcelona and Arsenal believe that the transfer is almost digested and its realization is a matter of days.

The sources most optimistic Barca even think that the signing could be closed soon, between tomorrow and Friday. The player also hopes, and the best proof is that, according to FC Barcelona, ​​has decided not to speak today during the first visit made ​​in Arenys your Campus football . Things seem to roll in the right direction and is not about making noise, now that the agreement seems to be about to materialize.

Arsenal rejected an offer from Barcelona for 30 million but admitted a couple of days at the BBC, through an authorized source, if the Catalan club would end up selling their offer his captain. Barca got the message quickly and went to work on a new offering in the fixed increases substantially (going from 30 to 35 million) and also variable, but never without exceeding the 40 million made ​​it a top Sandro Rosell to spend on Fabregas. The Catalan club hopes to close the operation without touching the fixed 35 million (an amount that is considered more appropriate given that no possible Cesc auction), but as a last resort even then could one ultimate sacrifice of the directive Barca.

Yesterday in London, there was speculation a new journey of Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu last weekend to present a new proposal to Arsenal, something which is not confirmed. In any case, what is clear is that both the club and Cesc Fabregas deseancerrar recruiting before next July 5, when they officially join the Catalan player should discipline 'gunner'.

As advanced MD, Cesc was seriously pondering a measure of strength and not presented to the first day of work if Arsène Wenger's Arsenal did not fulfill his promise to pierce the club. The English club already know that Cesc is serious and will not result in a sorry spectacle with the footballer in default and accusing Wenger of having deceived him.

All in all, the club has completely closed the deal with Cesc Fabregas . The player has agreed to collect six million euros per season, which would have to add the same variables for individual performance and have set titles the rest of the template.

They decisive days for the future of Cesc Fabregas. His dream finally seems on the verge of becoming reality. (via MD)

Cesc looking home in Barcelona

The player will come to your campus today Tordera, but has no intention of making public statements.

The signing of Cesc Fabregas by FC Barcelona has entered the final straight and the outcome is on track to reach throughout the week. Yesterday took place the contacts between the player's representative, Darren Dein, and leaders Barcelona to smooth the fringe earrings. Details, especially related to the final price of the transaction and payment formulas for the Arsenal Barca accepts the final proposal to be located in the 35 million, plus incentives. A figure that seems to meet the objectives Gunners' ¿.

Cesc is very excited about its more than possible return to Barcelona, ​​where she plans to live soon. Therefore, the player has begun the search for a house in the upper area of ​​the Catalan capital. His hope is that the signing will close in the coming days, but in any case is clear that its roots are in Barcelona, ​​close to family and friends, is where you want to settle.

The differences are shrinking day by day and the priority for both Barca and the player's manager is it that no last-minute hitch to complicate the operation. Therefore, the club has recommended Cesc continue acting with the utmost discretion. The player will go today to his traditional appointment with the kids on campus Tordera, but will focus on holiday with small and will not make public statements that could hinder the signing. The priority is not to give any false step, leading Arsenal to return to camp on anger and bargaining. The outlook is for success and, therefore, Cesc does not want a misinterpretation of his statements mean a setback in England and, in principle, opt today for not speaking to the media.

This will be his last public act of the week. The player wants to rest for a week, could travel to Ibiza, awaiting the final outcome of the operation, which could take place from Friday to coincide with the formal start of the year 2011-12. His signing, to be announced in July, and would account in the budget for next season.

Arsenal, meanwhile, has taken on the sale of Fabregas is inevitable. Pending the transaction can be closed soon, the player should travel to London on Monday to start on Tuesday July 5 training under the command of Arsène Wenger. But in England there was speculation yesterday with the possibility that the French gave him permission to incorporating them later closed pending the final details of technical trapaso.El wants to avoid tensions, above all, the discomfort to himself would cause for breaking his word. Wenger promised the Arenys he would sign for the club and although it has given its approval to the transfer, it is not working according to the fidelity that the player has always demonstrated. The Frenchman has preferred to look away and leave it to the clubs who reach an agreement when other signings usually act as lead actor.

Wenger knows that if he comes face to face with Cesc may not require anything. We will have failed and can not give any argument to justify continuing the discipline `GUNN. `Give more vacation would it be a way forward in order to consummate the trapaso. The coach would win long before the team leaves on tour on July 9th to play two friendlies in Malaysia and China.

The technician is planning for the future without the presence of their captain and already thinking about rebuilding the team with 35 million arriving from Barcelona. The agreement should be a reality because it is the option that suits all parties. Be relieved Wenger, Arsenal would get a substantial compensation for a player who joined the club almost zero cost and Pep Guardiola would be his key to a leap in quality. Not to say that Fabregas would realize his childhood dream.

The pieces should fit naturally and it looks like it will soon join with a sense that Cesc is the first signing for next season. (via SPORT)

Increase the offer for José Angel

The player expected to give free rein to Sporting transfer after the new proposal, two million fixed.

Although his move to Barcelona is taking longer than expected, José Angel does not lose patience. "We get along. I try to be as quiet as possible. I can only hope that everything is resolved in the next few hours for the good of myself and the club. Still nothing is clear, "he said yesterday in the` What have you Dinata? COM Radio.

So far the Barcelona has sent a second proposal to accelerate the Sporting player's pass. The proposal is now 2 million fixed (previously 1 Do 8 kilos more variables). The side, meanwhile, expected events and does not get wet "is normal to be called and then the nerves you have, but you have to trust your agent and make things," he said. In this sense, be aware that this is a once in his career. "They say that the train only passes once in life, so you have to use it." It also ensures not know anything about a possible bid from Roma, who might be interested in the player at the express wish of Luis Enrique.

Cote `is it also referred to the success of the sub 21, which won the European Championship in Dinarmara recently. "We had a great tournament. The fans can rest easy because in the future there will be over from Xavi, Iniesta and all these people. " (via SPORT)

Milito dream of Independiente

The centre-back is planning to stay in Barcelona, ​​but does not rule out retiring in the Argentine club.

Gaby Milito's future is in the air. The first Argentine central idea is to follow in FC Barcelona, ​​but acknowledged that would be a dream return to Argentina for Independiente, the computer became a household name in his country.

"The desire to retire in Independiente are, of course. I'd go back in two years, but that is still missing and before I assess if I'm in good shape. It would not if I were in full physical and football. Before giving a bad image I stay home or switch back to the audience as a fan, "he told Ole` ¿.

And it saves a great memory Milito its passage through Independiente. That coincided with many players who are now recognized throughout the world, players who are among the best in the world. "When I meet with the subject always comes Kun. The day he made his debut against San Lorenzo I leave of the club. He is very swollen. He also spoke to Osky (Ustari) with Chucho (Cambiasso), with translucent (Forlan )...", recalls.

It was so wonderful experience that everyone dreams of getting back together someday Independiente and reminisce times when everyone dreamed of playing in Europe someday. "It happens that we live in a nice stage. With Chichu and Diego almost grew up together in First. Even the title fight with River in 2000, when we left runners with Trossero. Hopefully we can return all, heh. " The objective is to close an account yet then: "I would have liked to play the Libertadores. It's something I'd like to meet someday. We'll see, "admitted to Ole` ¿.

So far the Argentine defender prefers to focus on the Copa America, a challenge to Milito after a season where he has had the role he would have liked. The former Independiente has become a basic part to Batista, who has given gallons of leading a team in progress.

The center believes the chances of the albiceleste, especially now that Messi seems to have found its place in Argentina after years of difficulties. Gaby has always defended the role of the albiceleste Messi, now both have the opportunity to make happy the entire country. The selection comes first, then who knows. His first choice remains the club, but the interest of some teams like Bayern could change his mind. Independiente, it seems, must wait. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Òscar continues without renovating with the juvenil

Òscar Garcia Junyent out of contract as coach of youth for tomorrow, June 30.

After winning the treble certify the Copa del Rey against Espanyol in Ceuta, the first juvenile bench has no owner yet assured.

The club has waited until after the season to sit down with the coach, who must now assess whether to accept the proposal from the sports management. The meetings officially began Tuesday, but nobody wants to perpetuate the issue and is expected to close later this week. One of the keys is making a strong team to defend all three titles made this year. The departure of key players such as Espinosa, Rosell, Gustavo Balliu or in addition to the rise to a subsidiary of Gerard Deulofeu and Rafa Alcantara, although it will tab youth must be strengthened to template. (via SPORT)

The agreement for Alexis, to point

Barça and Udinese striker Pactan pricing in 40 million. Rosell wants to impose the formula 27 'kilos' fixed and 13 variable.

After the break last week, Barça and Udinese have resumed contacts. A return to the negotiations to the final key to end Alexis Sanchez wearing the Barça shirt next season. Both clubs are locked in a tug of war to unclog the only issue that prevents the final announcement of the transfer of Chile: Payment of the transaction. It is not a minor issue.

The situation of the negotiation process is as follows. There is full agreement on pricing Alexis Sanchez on 40 million euros. The figure was agreed and there for days, oddly enough, lies not any doubt. Another issue is to capture very different contractual forms and payment terms of this costly operation. There do exist serious discrepancies that up to now have put the kibosh on the expected signing.

In a first, the club raised the difficulties in taking the 40 million euro signing. The club called for flexibility on time and included a number of variables which included the possible inclusion of a player, Alexis sports performance and equipment and other details such dispute Joan Gamper trophy or a friendly. In between formula reached the magic figure of 40 million euros. In sum, 27 million fixed and 13 more subject to incentives.

Udinese partially accepted the proposal by Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu after incorporating a fundamental clause in the whole network. The Italian club was how good the method of payment dilated Barca but demanded a compensation required to pay the difference up to 40 million euros in a final maturity. That is, yes or yes Udinese charge of EUR 40 million. The only difference is that in terms of the quantities sensed variables before or after. One way of sharing the sacrifice, as the Italians have understood the stresses of treasury Barca remembering that they have given up more juicy financial offers from England.

Bartomeu increased consultations with the president Sandro Rosell and the arrival of Alexis Sanchez suffered a slowdown compulsive disorder. From the outset, the club does not accept the amendment suggested by Udinese. Barca just want to reach 40 million euros to ensure Champions League title do or what League player's optimum performance based on their ownership. Two small demands that the Italian club unwilling to take considering the varying amounts to almost 40% of the volume of the operation.

The rest of the fringes themselves have been resolved gradually. There is no problem splitting up late payments in three years and include comfortable option Jeffren in the transaction. If the striker accepts, Udinese will open the door and the club will lower the operation of three million euros. Otherwise, there is no major drawback, the Catalan club should put more cash on the table. Everything is covered.

Unable to close the large transfer, Barca and Udinese scored a truce. Taking advantage of the family's own efforts Pozzo, Barca executives agreed to seek a third way able to satisfy the Italian club. It now remains to translate it into an imminent summit. Bartomeu must make a move and schedule a new session key is presumed. Just need one last fringe, but still there pending. Udinese are not the work of selling their star for less than 40 million euros and the club just wants to access them through the triumph of the Chilean gem. (via SPORT)