16 April 2011

Pique went to eat before training Shakira

The couple is not hiding and yesterday she was spotted sharing a table in a romantic restaurant in Barcelona.

Gerard Pique received yesterday the visit had been waiting more than a few weeks, your partner, Shakira, after ending his Latin American tour that has lasted a month and a half, has traveled to Barcelona to meet with her guy before you face a more intense phase of his career.

The couple was spotted yesterday in the romantic 'Jardi de l'Abadessa', a restaurant located in the upper area of ​​Pedralbes and used to bring together the elite of the Catalan capital. Thus, Shakira will have it well enough to be near the Catalan side in the decisive stage of the season, as the singer did not start the tour again until 29 April when the European tour starts.

Player and singer and not hide from the cameras and try to take with the utmost ease their relationship. The Colombian throws even nods to Catalan from Twitter when you're away. A few weeks ago, for example, hanged himself in his profile a photo of Gerard hugged her during a break. After the match against Shakhtar in the Camp Nou, the artist sent a dedication to Barca, who had contributed to 5-1 with a goal: "Long live the club and live on 3."

The dates for the singer's European tour will bring Shak in Barcelona on May 29th, just one day after the Wembley final. While Spain will stop at Valencia, Almeria, Madrid and Bilbao, all after the season has ended, so Gerard will not have any problem to be with his girlfriend. The artist's tour ends on June 14 in Paris.

From the noble area of ​​Barcelona Piqué could you explain to the vortex Shakira comes over them, wishing that she too is a talisman that will bring luck in the coming weeks. (via SPORT)