11 April 2011

[Barça B] Luis Enrique donates his collection of shirts to a charity auction

The former Barca player and current coach of Barça B, Luis Enrique, wanted to donate his collection Ànima Foundation of 76 shirts collected throughout his career and professional sports to raise money for charity.

The coach has selected 76 players from 46 t of national and international teams which played to auction and thereby promote solidarity projects dedicated to children who Ànima Foundation has set up in different pediatric hospitals.

Within the range of T-shirts can find some lots with the emblem of the Champions, two World or shirts with a special meaning. Angulo, Michel, Kiko, Puyol, Luis Garcia and Ballack, among many other players have been exchanged with Luis Enrique their shirts, they can now be achieved through the auction. The same Luis Enrique will sign with your name to the buyers.

This beneficial activity will take place between 16 and 24 April for the Trofeo Conde de Godo Banco Sabadell; Ànima Foundation raffled at Barcelona Tennis Club stand part of the shirts, while the rest will be auctioned through the website : www.socialbid.org. (via SPORT)