28 February 2011

Dani Alves: "I do not know if everyone wants to continue here"

"My commitment is to continue, I feel overvalued" he said, but noted that "if we agree life goes on, I will not pull the hairs if they decide that Alves does not deserve to go."

The player of FC Barcelona Dani Alves regretted not yet finished "film" on its renewal, expressed his "tired" by the gossip which has caused and wished that the agreement "not far" , in addition to pointing do not know if everyone rowing in the same direction.

"I've always been optimistic and eventually solve, but do not know if everyone wants me to go here . I want to reach completion point as soon as possible so we can all rest easy and I do not worry about whether my future is to continue at the club or not. It would be nice to reach the end of this film that is heavy , "he said at a news conference.

He also stressed his intention to continue in the ranks of the Blaugrana. " I can not imagine one without the Barcelona Dani Alves . We are trying to do the right things to make my dream a reality, but depends on two parties. If we do not reach an agreement life continues, I will not pull hair if in the end decide that Alves deserves further in this boat , "said the Brazilian side, which revealed that there has been no progress in recent weeks.

" It is not just about money , is an important factor but other things are important. Here I am very happy, I have met very big players and that makes me want to fix it. If I had my way, would end here in Barcelona , but things do not depend only on me, "he said.

However, he stressed that he is very well appreciated by his teammates and his coaching staff. " I feel overvalued by the team , which is what interests me. The interest of the club is a reflection of the importance you have in your computer, and within the coaching staff feel overvalued, "he said. (via AS)

Pedro: "In the end, the schedule is the same"

Pedro Rodriguez has responded to complaints from Jose Mourinho on the league schedules ensuring that "at the end, the schedule is the same" as "is equal for all" , told the program 'Hat Trick Barça' Esport3 channel.

The Tenerife has stressed that "all league games are difficult," but in Saturday's win in Mallorca , "after a goal from Leo, the game changed" . "We suffered in the first few minutes" , but after the 0-1 Messi "We created more chances and we won" .

The end of Barça's third goal scored in the Iberostar Stadium and recalled it: "It was a good shot, the ball came out pretty fast and even played a little Nsue, is a beautiful goal" .

On the excellent goalscoring Guardiola, Pedro believes that "we are doing enough goals, we have conviction about" and also "always good to have much luck in front of goal" .

"I'm happy to learn from great players like Villa, Messi, Xavi and Andres (Iniesta)" , said the '17 'Barca who believes that the difference between Barcelona now and as last season's "in the tactical aspects especially in the pressure " .

Pedro also assessed very positively the recent signing of Guardiola on the renewal of his contract with the club: "It's a joy to follow Pep" . (via MD)

Xavi returns to Valencia and Pinto will continue in goal

Guardiola players began to recover, as well as Terrassa also have Dani Alves.

Pep Guardiola is to be congratulated. Not only for the seven points ahead of Real Madrid but also because it will begin to recover key players ahead of the upcoming matches.

In fact, for Wednesday's match against Valencia at the Mestalla and will be without Dani Alves, after serving his one-match ban against Mallorca, and Xavi Hernandez, after overcoming his hamstring small in the soleus DE1 left leg, which Saturday prevented him from accompanying the team on its visit to Mallorca.

The Terrassa has worked tirelessly over these days, including holidays for the team, to be ready for Wednesday, aware that the team needs him and can not fail at the most important events of the season. Today and tomorrow are expected to be incorporated into training with the group.

Two certainly great news for Barça coach, which will also feature another high over the first team, Jeffren Suarez, fully recovered from his broken the rectus femoris which has left more than a month away from the pitch.

Thus, Guardiola can make a call tomorrow with 18 first-team players against Mallorca only 15 available and had to turn three-team players, but probably will be Valencia to 19 because you have to have the presence subsidiary forced goalkeeper, Rubén Miño, and that Victor Valdes is not yet recovered to play at the Mestalla.

Do not forget that the Catalan goal now dragged from the first leg against Arsenal he was forced to put a stop to prevent greater evils.

Subsequent tests confirmed that Valdez suffered a strained anterior capsule in his left knee that would be about two weeks of the pitch. In fact, the janitor began a growth factor therapy, supervised by renowned orthopedic surgeon Ramon Cugat, to speed his recovery.

The evolution of the discomfort is still positive, but in no case will force the goalkeeper, making his return is set for Saturday March 5 against Zaragoza at the Nou Camp.

That means that goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto Andalusian come again to get the sticks and a match-reaching as that Barcelona will play against Valencia at the Mestalla. His performance in the two games he has played League has been more than remarkable, as it has scored just one goal and penalty as well.

Valdes confirmed lower on Wednesday, the team will present Blaugrana coach sheds little doubt. Thus, Pinto, as has been said, will defend the Barça goal, the defense will consist of Alves, Piqué, Abidal and Maxwell, it will consist midfield Sergio Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta, and how could it be otherwise, the trident fitter-Pedro Spanish soccer, Messi and Villa-played in the attack.

Barcelona Valdes and Puyol will stay, although both also are on the verge of returning to the pitch. (via SPORT)

Messi-Villa-Peter: The world best trident

The Argentine, the Spaniard and the Canaries are on a roll. Do not get tired of scoring goals and overcome collective and individual records. Three cracks.

Messi, Villa and Pedro are signing a historic season. From the producer point of view but also from other areas: work, solidarity, humility, consistency ... The trident of FC Barcelona is the best in the world (by far) and passing a fitness that is the envy of other clubs.

The three have signed a whopping 83 of the 118 goals he has scored the Catalan team in all official games this season. And it follows that they have had great weight in almost every game this season.

Of the 42 meetings that have so far (2 of Spain's Super Cup, 25 League, 7 and 8 Champions Cup), three have been magnificent gate in 34 of them 81%! Only 8 left unmarked, but remember that several of them or did not play or came off the bench. And only once, at San Mames (Cup), played by three and failed to beat out of goal.

In fact, all three have seen door together five times. The last Saturday in Mallorca (0-3). The remaining four were against Panathinaikos (5-1), Getafe (1-3), Deportivo (0-4) and Almeria (5-0).

But when they mark the three forwards, two of them do ... This combination, to mark two of three cracks, has been in 15 games, with the tandem Messi-director Pedro the most, because they have seen door in 7 games. Follow the couple Messi-Villa (in 5 games have shared the honors of seeing his name on the scoreboard) and closes the combination Villa-Pedro, who has scored in 3 games together.

Obviously, when you do not mark the three or two of the three, makes a ... Have been 14 games in which one of the three cracks have been filled the face of goal alone. Messi, this chapter has been the player most crucial to be able to sign goals in 8 games, followed by Villa (scored in 4 games) and Pedro (he did in 2).

These numbers tend to confirm the goal that has the club. Because when you do not check one else does. Could speak of certain "Messidependencia ', as the Argentine star has twice as many goals as the' Guaje 'and the canary, but the truth is that among the three complement each other perfectly and their successes, whether carrying the ball into back of the net giving rival or assists, are keeping the team on top, with options in all three competitions in which is still fighting: League (leads with 7 points ahead), Copa (on the final) and Champions (is in the second round and advance to the quarter should rise a 2-1 against Arsenal).

Between Messi, Villa and Pedro have marked 56 goals in league (out of 76 that carries the club). 73.6%. But it's also added more points the entire Real Madrid for Cristiano Ronaldo, Di Maria, Ozil and company ... The white team has 55 goals, one less than the best three-pronged attack in the world.

Moreover, when dialing the three, the club almost never usually miss. These are the statistics on: Messi has been door, since it is played first team in 114 games, of which the club has won 101, drawn 11 and lost only 2 (Atletico Madrid and Real Betis). Pedro has scored in 38 duels, of which the team ended up winning 36, tying one and losing another (Inter). And Villa have scored in 17 games, of which the club won 14, drew 2 and lost 1 (Arsenal). Three insurance goal three cracks that are making a difference. (via SPORT)

Arsenal Cesc denies that wants to quit the club

The executive director of Arsenal, Ivan Gazidis , insisted Friday that "there is no reason to believe" that the captain "gunner", Cesc Fabregas , the club wants to leave London to return home.

"There is no reason to think that is going to go and, moreover, sustainable business model that gives us the strength we have to say that we need not sell Cesc Fabregas to increase our capital. That means being in a strong position, " Gazidis said told the Sportsweek program of the BBC.

The midfielder world champion, whose contract with Arsenal until 2014, has been linked since last year with a possible move to Barcelona , an entity whose quarry was formed until his departure to England in September 2003 when player was 16. The Gunners, who today have their chance to win the first trophy since 2005 in the final of the Carling Cup against Birmingham, rejected two offers last summer from Barcelona to gain the services of Cesc, who is now 23 years.

Despite the expressed desire of the player to return to his home in Catalonia and the Barca team, which retains many friends of the quarry and current colleagues in the Spanish team, which decided before the market closed that he would stay at least one season More on the Arsenal, the club feels very committed. " Cesc has a long-term. This gives us a real strength from which to operate and gave us the ability to keep after what happened last summer, "said the manager of Arsenal .

Gazidis said that when the Arsenal was on the table the two offers of Barcelona , there was no financial imperative that forced them to sell. Although the club and first team coach, Arsene Wenger , they stick on the way to prolong the stay of Cesc in London, Gazidis is aware that it can not guarantee that it remains an Arsenal player next season. "I can not look far, football is not so. You can not predict which players will be there," he admitted before confessing that his hope is to have Cesc Fabregas in the year 2011-2012.

"He's our captain and an important part of the team, but right now we're focused on this season and not on the first day of the next," concluded Gazidis your comments on the long and constant speculation about the future of Fabregas . (via MD)

City is difficult to sign Alves and looks at Van der Wiel

Manchester City begins to look very complicated side of Barcelona signing Dani Alves and has already set his eyes on the Dutch Ajax Gregory van der Wiel. The English considered the Barcelona their first choice, but if that fails, polls plan B.

Dani Alves concluded his contract with Barcelona in June 2012 and has held talks to renew it, but has not yet reached any agreement. If confirmed the break, Manchester City believes that his move could get 24 million euros, half the price set by the Barcelona last summer.

Van der Wiel will be cheaper. A clause in his contract allowing him to leave Ajax for less than 20 million. The Dutch side's commitment ends in June 2013.

The City and probed the possibility of signing Van der Wiel last January, but the Ajax refused to sell it after you had already transferred to the Uruguayan Luis Suarez at Liverpool. Interestingly, the Barcelona also think Van der Wiel as Alves relay if it is finally transferred to Manchester City.

The English want to sell in July to Micah Richards and are thinking of relocating as central to German Boateng. (via AS)

27 February 2011

Barca will train with the Qatar Foundation logo

Starting Monday, the Barcelona debut new uniforms for training with the logo of Qatar Foundation. The workout clothes that are not available for sale, will have two different models. One has a pink shirt, in which the letters of the mark are blue, and the other has a T-shirt will be gray and pink lettering.

In addition, the logo does not include native tree that is the image of Qatar Foundation's primary. The cider gum itself will be in the official jerseys that the players will wear the first team next season.

The controversial agreement was signed on 13 December between Barcelona and the Qatar Foundation for it to become, from the season 2011/12, the official sponsor of the shirt. (via AS)

Activity of the first team in the Ciudad Deportiva

Despite enjoying a day of rest, up to 13 players have gone on Sunday at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper for exercise and, in the case of the injured, to continue with their recovery process.

After the hard-fought victory against Mallorca by 0-3 , Josep Guardiola decided to take a holiday to his players. Thus, it will not be until Monday when the staff start preparing for the next league game, Wednesday in the area of Valencia. However, some components of the first team, namely a total of 13 , have decided to go to the Sports City for different reasons.

This is the case, for example, four injured in that currently the template - Puyol, Jeffren, Xavi, Valdes, who have been doing recovery work from their respective injuries. In this regard it is noteworthy that for the first time since he was injured, Xavi has been part of his work on the field.

Have also been allowed to see on the pitch Bojan , Maxwell , Abidal , Adriano , Mascherano , Keita , Milito , Pedro and Dani Alves , remember that he was not in the field of Mallorca penalty because it complied card accumulation. In the case of Adrian and Peter have been doing treatment and recovery of various beatings they received during the course of the game. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Keita and Busquets, class assistants

The first two goals were scored by players' actions at all common in these fights in the game.

Have a reputation for defensive players, but both as Seydou Keita Sergio Busquets have tired to show his quality again and again in the first Blaugrana. The youth and Mali play an important role in a joint offensive eminently draws much of its success in a suffocating pressure in midfield for the participation of both is essential.

Last night, the pair of midfielders are 'dressed' for Xavi to become class assistant. The first showed his virtuosity was Keita, who gave a colossal through ball to Argentina's Leo Messi took advantage to open the scoring with his head after controlling with his chest. The Malian had the ability to lift the ball over the last line of local defense it fell as if it were a heavy rock.

No less impressive was the play of 0-2. Busquets took a pass a few meters from the central circle blaugrana defensive field and sent a measured pass on David Villa that left the Spaniard on clear advantage still outside the vermilion. The 'Guaje' remained calm and dribbled out of Aouate to sign Barcelona's second goal.

Far from smacking their two beautiful actions, Keita Busquets and emptied the entire game and were critical for Mallorca just uneasy domains José Manuel Pinto. In addition, the Malian again made good words of admiration that always works Pep Guardiola despite not playing too. (via SPORT)

Pinto resolved safely under the sticks in their second league match

José Manuel Pinto completed his second straight game as a starter in the league without problems.

The delantenteros of Mallorca just worried the goal of Cadiz, which resolved with certainty every time the ball approached the net.

The goalkeeper, 35, had to be alert in the first minute of the game, when the Cameroonian Webo tested with a low shot that Pinto notebook without problems. It took almost half an hour to reach the next action danger of Mallorca, De Guzman Ayoze first and then tried to test a Pinto that was very safe and who is only able to attribute an excessive use of fists to avert the danger, instead of trying to put the locking ball.

Moreover, the goalkeeper was alert and secure the posts to present their credentials, have convinced themselves that perish coach Pep Guardiola to Jose Manuel trust in the final of the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Montoya expanded the list of debutant Pep

The side played the last five minutes of the game and became the sixteenth canterano which debuts in the first team to hand Guardiola.

In a week marked by the departure of Jon cadet Toral Arsenal, yesterday's match served to make clear once again that the quarry is still counting, and much, to the first team. Defender Martin Montoya became the sixteenth canterano which debuts in the hand of Pep Guardiola, after skipping the grass yesterday in the match after 85 minutes.

Declines in defense for the injury of Carles Puyol and punishment of Mr. Daniel Alves forced to dip into the B and the right side of 19 years was chosen. Viladecans player replaced Adriano with five minutes remaining and the game already decided, a favorable scenario for the player to be released with the first team.

Since Pep gave him the alternative to Sergio Busquets Barcelona-Racing in September 2008 to debut yesterday of Montoya's been almost two years and a half and a long list of players that confirm the success of Barca philosophy in all its categories. In fact, yesterday also marked the debut season of youth Javier Espinosa with Barça B of Luis Enrique, who actively contributed to the victory of the Catalans 3-4 in Soria dialing. The cases of manchego and Catalan are only two clear examples of that Barca is the most trusted club players home.

During the five minutes the Viladecans was on the pitch just disposed of occasions to demonstrate the quality that Guardiola has led him to notice, however, successfully intervened when the ball broke to the feet. (via SPORT)

[Rating] RCD Mallorca - FC Barcelona (2-1)


Pinto 7, Adriano 8, Pique 7, Abidal 8, Maxwell 8, Sergio Busquets 8, Keita 9, Iniesta 8, Pedro 7, Messi 8, Villa 8, Afellay, 8, Bojan 6, Montoya, unqualified. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "We had a hard time entering the game"

Having passed by 0-3 to Mallorca, Josep Guardiola, very pleased with the result, notes that his players have been at pains to enter the game, a fact that has changed in the second half.

Happy to have won a victory in a field that is complicated, the Barcelona coach believes that Saturday's match in Mallorca with his team has struggled like never enter. A fact this, that has changed on the resumption and that "should be a lesson to other parties."

"We struggled like never get into the game, and that will serve as a lesson to other commitments . It is clear that the goal helped us. The second part, however, was another story. We played with more intensity, and we suffered less, "he noted in this connection the Santpedor.

Guardiola highly values have added the three points in the first of three commitments we have an important week like this. " In the same vein, the Barca coach stresses that the template is on a good path "and notes that" In this field, Mallorca has made many points. "

The Barça has been shown in Mallorca which has staff to overcome any adversity in terms of casualties that occur during the year: "Throughout the season these things happen. We knew it would not be" injured ", we have prepared the match and we responded well. If we lose it will not be low. If we are not one another. The titles that we have achieved together. I have great faith in these players. "

Guardiola particularly wanted to highlight the performance of Keita on the playing field "is one of the most reliable players can have a coach. It is he who has no doubt endured in the first half. Of course, the coach thinks "recover from the blows they have suffered very difficult to prepare for the match at the Mestalla awaits us." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Madrid punctures and Barça is more leading

The Real Madrid scoreless tie and has left two valuable points in their visit to the Riazor stadium. With this tie, FC Barcelona leaves the white set back to 7 points.

Night round to the interests of Barca in the league. On the one hand, the set of Guardiola has taken the three points despite having Mallorca with heavy casualties. Furthermore, in La Coruna, Deportivo and Real Madrid have tied a game in which the runner has enjoyed the best chances. The goal, however, has not arrived.

The best opportunities in the target group have arrived in the final leg of the match when Adebayor (minute 78) and Cristiano Ronaldo (minute 81) and smashed the ball to stick. The set of Lotina ranked thirteenth, has made a flawless defensive display throughout the meeting.

With this tie, Real is 7 points behind leaders Barca, when there are still 13 days to play. That is, a total of 39 points. In this way, the club recovers the maximum advantage he had with the draw in Madrid before Gijón two weeks ago.

The next day, the FC Barcelona play again away from the Nou Camp in Mestalla, while Madrid hosts Malaga on Thursday. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

FC Barcelona Facebook: 10 million thanks!

Barca is the first club in the world to reach this record fans on Facebook, the leading network in the world. This Saturday has surpassed the symbolic barrier of 10 million, thanks to support from Barca worldwide.

FC Barcelona has reached the 10 million fans on Facebook , the leading network in the world, becoming the first sports club to reach this record, ahead of Manchester United and Real Madrid . This figure has been made possible by the participation of Barca and fans around the world through their comments and their activity in this network of social relations have made, for example, FC Barcelona is ahead of the American League Basketball, NBA.

Weeks ago, FC Barcelona has launched a campaign to Leo Messi, under the name 'Find the 10' , giving visibility to the role of leadership in social networks Barça. The participation of the Argentinian star has accelerated the path leading to more than 10 million fans. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Keita: "I like doing the most for the team"

Barcelona midfielder Seydou Keita has started against Mallorca and has curdled in a good performance by helping the team to a victory "very important" in the islands by 0-3.

Has participated in the 92 minutes of the victory won by the club in the area of Mallorca (0-3) and has done so by supplying the owner being out injured for Xavi Hernandez in midfield. At the end of the game, Seydou Keita has said: "It was an important win and score three goals." Besides the seven turnovers and 92 of the 99 good passes carried out during the match, Keita has been instrumental in the first goal to attend Leo Messi, who signed the 0-1 and marked the road to success the team.

But shunning the limelight, the Mali midfielder explained: "Every time I have the chance to play I love to do utmost for the team." A team that despite having significant low Valdés, Puyol and Xavi has yielded a good level, "We are a team, other players have played, we played well, we won and it's important," concluded Keita.

José Manuel Pinto:

"I'm happy for the three points and it's always good to keep a clean sheet."

"Every day we have not as lucid as we would like, then we are stepping up and everything went well."

"The task team is more defensive than the defense."

"It's good that even if low, it is shown that everyone is a hundred percent."

Martin Montoya

"I'm very happy for his debut with the first team and the opportunity."

"I was a little nervous before going out, but once you're in the field and take away the nerves are calm."

"The first part was hard, Mallorca was back and left few spaces, and the second part we have been better with the ball and once we scored the first goal, others have arrived."

David Villa:

"I am particularly happy for the victory that was very important in so difficult a field where we could not leave any point. Happy with the result and the goal. "

"[He has four consecutive games scoring] I'm happy to continue the luck."

"The Valencia is one of the toughest matches of the League in its field and is a joy to return there for all the nice things I've been there."

"[On his goal] is hard to stay hand in hand with the goalie and pass by Sergio has left me alone with Aouate and I have been lucky enough to score the goal."

Gerard Piqué:

"It was much start in the first half, but Messi's goal has given us much peace and Villa's second goal of the game already sentenced."

"Play who you play, the team pays the same level."

"We're going to Valencia with the same premises to keep playing well, pressing up, taking the ball. Continue with our ideals. We are ready for Wednesday. "

"We like having two games per week to be more prepared and not have time to unwind."

Andrés Iniesta:

"Mallorca is always dangerous."

"I had taken some time [the captain's armband], but it is always special wear the armband."

"It has taken us into the dynamics of the game, but after the goal we have been more calm and we mastered better."

"If we keep the distance to Madrid, we've got to win in Valencia." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[La Liga -Liga BBVA - 25] RCD Mallorca 0 - 3 FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona without Valdés, Alves, Puyol and Xavi has proven to be a leader with enormous resources in Mallorca. The three strikers, Messi, Villa and Peter, were the scorers of the match. Montoya made his debut with the first team.
And three great goals thousand resources have solved a meeting that appeared a priori to be very difficult for FC Barcelona, which had five absences on your computer (Valdés, Alves, Puyol, Xavi and Jeffren) and was measured to Mallorca and tied him at the Camp Nou. A great job by the whole team and the brilliant execution of the trio of attack Barca Barca have allowed three points to take gold in Mallorca.

With this result, the FC Barcelona continued their triumphant way in the league, which already totals 68 points and 76 both in favor.

Technical Data:

RCD Mallorca: Aouate; Cendrós, Nunes, Rubén, Ayoze; Joao Víctor (Pereira, min. 61), Pep Lluís Martí; Nsue, De Guzman (Sergio Tejera, min. 72), Castro (Akihiro, min. 69) y Webó.

FC Barcelona: Pinto, Adriano (Montoya, min. 85), Piqué, Abidal, Maxwell; Sergio Busquets, Keita, Iniesta; Pedro (Afellay, min. 70), Messi y Villa (Bojan, min. 70).

Goals: 0-1. min. 38. Play that began Messi combined with Keita. This giveaway to the defense with a great pass spoon Argentine, who beat Aouate head. 0-2, min. 58. Sergio Busquets special pass to Villa , who wins the Central, escapes alone brand dribbles to Aouate and into the empty net. 0-3, min. 66. Pedro controls a ball down the left and from the edge of the area connects shot in 'dry folha' Aouate surprises.

Referee: Velasco Carballo (madrileño).

Incidents: 21,227 spectators at the Iberostar Estadio.

[2-Div - LIGA ADELANTE- 21] Numancia 4 - 6 FC Barcelona B

Barça B has gained in the field of vibrant place Numancia Barca match, and Soriano have been involved in a flurry of goals that has been finished decanting visitor side. Marked Soriano (3), Espinosa, Benjamin and Edu Oriol.

Technical Data:

Numancia: Eduardo; Flaño, Nagore, Pavón, Dani López; Garmendia (Victor Andrés, min. 80), Dimas, Barkero; Del Pino, Ion Vélez (Iñigo Vélez,min. 60), Cedric.

Barça B: Oier; Dalmau (Espinosa, min. 45), Bartra, Armando, Planes; Roberto, Fontas, Jonathan Dos Santos; Saúl (Oriol, min. 58), Jonathan Soriano (Benjamín Martínez, min. 80), Nolito.

Goals: 0-1: Min 31, Jonathan Soriano. 1-1: min 44, Nagore. 2-1: min 46, Cedric. 2-2: min 57, Jonathan Soriano. 2-3: min 60, Jonathan Soriano. 3-3: min 70, Iñigo Vélez. 3-4: min 75, Espinosa. 4-4: min 85, Barkero. 4-5: min 87, Benjamin Martinez. 4-6: min 92, Oriol.

Referee: Sureda Basin (Balearic committee). Showed yellow cards to local Flaño (min. 23), del Pino (min. 55) and Pavon (min. 73) and the Catalans Bartra (min. 42), Oriol (min. 84) and Nolita (min. 94)

26 February 2011

The fans want to see Thiago holder Mallorca today

The participants in our 'Best XI' have been proposed and his team for tonight measured Mallorca.

Thiago Alcantara is the main demand of the Catalans in the Barca starting XI this afternoon to be measured Mallorca. Although it is likely to be Keita who enter the center of the field, several Guardiola Catalans prefer the opportunity to young Thiago Alcantara.

Given the known low-Valdés, Alves, Puyol and Xavi, the team that the fans want it: Pinto in goal, Adriano, Piqué, Abidal and Maxwell, on the defensive line, Iniesta, Busquets and Thiago in the center field and
Pedro, Messi and Villa up front. (via SPORT)

Barca already in Mallorca

The Barça expedition on land already Balearic and moved the team hotel where he stayed until an hour before the match.

The 18 players, coaches and managers have enjoyed a pleasant flight to Palma de Mallorca where sl edge landed at 11:30 hours.

The output device was in motion at 9:45 pm, the group led by Josep Guardiola left the Nou Camp esplanade towards the El Prat airport to catch a flight around 10:30 pm.

Apart from the 18 players named first team -15 and three Barça B and the other components of the first team, accompanying policy qeuipo Pilar Guinovart, and sports director of Professional Football, Andoni Zubizarreta.

Both Jordi Cardona as vice secretary and spokesman of the Board Toni Freixa are in Mallorca, because on Friday attended a dinner meeting Barcelona supporters clubs in the Balearics.

Right now the team is in the team hotel where he stayed until about an hour before the game. Remember to be played after 20:00 pm in the Ono Stadium. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Nolito: "We trust the coach and he in us, we are a pineapple"

Nolito confident that the fate of Barça B will change once and for all this weekend during his visit to the birds after winning only one game away from home for the past four months. "Let's see if we win tomorrow against Numancia. I hope things go well, "he stressed, before noting the great physical condition with the Barcelona players B. "We are well physically, we can only win and that's it, but there you go little by little," he said. Yes, Nolito confirms that the whole team is more united and that trust between the players and coach, Luis Enrique, is absolute. "We trust the coach and he trusts us, we are a pineapple before you have to shoot for," concluded the footballer.

[Barça B] Nolito has an offer to play in the first team

The representative of Nolito, Oscar Font, says the proposal that the Andalusian is on the table is to have information about the first team.

The player's agent Barça B Nolito, Oscar Font, said that the offer that FC Barcelona has made to his principal is to have information about the first team. "The best team in the world, leaving is very difficult but you have to see if Nolito take minutes or not before accepting the information you provide for the first team," he said. "Yes, yes, is that either they offered information about the first team or not even raise the bid. Barca Barca is and the competition is very big, "he said when asked again if the offer is for the first team.

And is that the desire of the player to contest a minute Primera Liga and the age of the main factors Nolito being calibrated for opting for an offer or another. "Right now I want to focus on football, trust myself, I am very comfortable in the team but we'll see the decision I make," he argued. "I hope to play here for many years, I'd like to stay, but we'll see" reiterated to analyze what will happen to their future.

"Things change from month to month, we must continue working to have more options in the first team but his debut was a dream," he said, recalling the first 13 minutes he played in the tie to one of Barça-Mallorca. "My project is to play at first but we'll see what happens, now you do not want to think but I know is I'm in the best team in the world," acknowledged to remember the goal he scored in the Cup match between Barca and Ceuta .

"Barca want him to stay and he wants to stay but is 24 and it is important to offer a sporting, not economic, so you have to think about their future," mused Font, who said the Sanlucar de Barrameda ( Cádiz) has several offers but declined to specify more than Benfica. "There has been interest from Benfica as well as other Spanish and European clubs. These are options we are considering but it has to be an easy decision and I do not take much time the player more choice. "

Of course, the player of Barça B does not give any clue as to what will happen to their immediate future. "I will not say no to the offer from Barcelona but there are four or five months of competition and a lot can happen." (via SPORT)

A Russian team would pay 10 million for Hleb

FC Barcelona disbursed 17 million euros by the Belarusian in an operation that now might be the key to the return of Cesc Fabregas.

Barca could take oil to Aleksandr Hleb, on loan at Birmingham in the Premiership and with a contract until June 2012. The Belarusian and last played on loan at Stuttgart and do not account for Pep Guardiola, but the FK Kranodar might do something crazy early next summer.

Russian Table finished fifth in the last Piervi Division, but the disappearance of Saturn released a place in the Premier who has held this team in southern Russia. FK Krasnodar being increased in a rush for change of status, but time pressure has forced him to postpone the second round of signings until July, coinciding with the summer break of his league.

And here bursting Hleb, for whom the FK Krasnodar would pay 10 million euros, especially if the progress of the team forced to take tough decisions, a figure that the Russians would try to reduce by two or three million. Materialize if this operation, the amount received from the club would join the 45 million that the club had originally intended to signings.

That is, that the Belarusian could play a key role in the signing of Cesc Fabregas, his former teammate at Arsenal. It would be one of the best services Hleb since arriving at Barcelona in June 2008. (via SPORT)

Half of the Swedish partners have been discharged

Half of the Swedish partners had Barca (670) have been discharged as a result of the effect of transfer Ibrahimovic as the vice president of FC Barcelona , Jordi Cardoner , head of social area, which used this example to reinforce idea of protection of "identity and territoriality of the partners of Barca . That is the intent and purpose of the regulation of partners and other measures utilized at the facility by the board, "said in a statement to RAC1.

In addition, the continuous attacks on the figure of the first-team coach, Pep Guardiola , the Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic and again launches do not help keep a good image of the club between the Nordic country's public opinion. (via MD)

Messi Maradona prefers rather than Cristiano Ronaldo and Xavi praises

Diego Armando Maradona prefers his countryman Leo Messi before the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona's notes that, who went on the Argentina team, "has to Xavi, who increasingly academic playing."

"Leo you are doing in every game the great Mou, ie the tactics taught Mou with Inter last year. We expect two markers and a third further back, because everyone knows that those first two cleans" states in the second part of an interview published in the newspaper Marca.

Maradona, who in the first part of the interview Mourinho preferred rather than Guardiola, has no doubts about their preferences in response between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona's admits he is surprised every Sunday, but highlights the role of Xavi Hernández.

"And then Leo has to Xavi, who are increasingly playing da chair. That guy is a freak. When you have the ball, seems to have eyes in the back, because he knows perfectly who give it and never lose it," he adds.

Commending also the work of Pique and Puyol, Maradona said that Barcelona does not suffer because it stands behind the ball and back right "and acknowledged he was surprised that the 5-0 Guardiola endorsed this season by Real Madrid.

"Yes I was surprised, very much. It was terrible. Catch the ball did not leave Real Madrid at any time. Always dominated and were making a round the whole game. And all thanks to uncheck and technique of the Catalans. It is very difficult to play him a plugged and put Barca in the game, "he says. (via MD)

Guardiola: "We are who we are and I have the confidence to respond"

Pep Guardiola one hundred percent confident in all the players who form the staff of FC Barcelona and therefore not concerned with the five absences have the squad for Saturday's game against Mallorca.

Barça coach has always been clear that the parties and the titles are won all the team and not a few. Thus, in order to match against Mallorca , where the FC Barcelona travel to Palma without Valdés , Puyol , Jeffren , Xavi and Alves , Guardiola not worried about these losses. "We plan to go to Mallorca we are, and I think I have much more faith than I that they or the people." And is that Santpedor, far from complaining, he assured that "we are who we are and I have confidence they will respond."

If Wednesday Xavi , at a press conference, warned that injuries are a part of football, Friday Pep Guardiola has reaffirmed this idea: "For a year there are always those situations. Not only has happened this year." He explained that since he knew she would have worked five casualties and the game against Mallorca without them: "For this party are out of my head and enter another."

Moreover, the coach has spoken of the difficulties presented by the Mallorca, especially at home. "It is always difficult. It is a home computer that has numbers to be in European competition. They are very strong at home."

For this game, if there is no setback, will return to defend the goal José Manuel Pinto . Guardiola has praised the role of the goalkeeper after stating that "their performance within the performance is due out. It is an impeccable professional. Entrena and agree to play its rightful role."

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

25 February 2011

[Barça B] Sergio Roberto and Espinosa, novelties for Soria

Midfielders SergiRoberto and Javier Espinosa of the Junior A, are the main novelties of Barca B to play in the field of Numancia (Soria). Rafa and Víctor Vázquez, injury, Miño, Thiago and Montoya, with the first team, They are out. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

List: Masip y Oier; Dalmau, Bartra, S. Gómez, Fontàs, Muniesa, Armando, Planas y Abraham; Dos Santos, S. Roberto, Espinosa; Edu Oriol, Soriano, Saúl, Benja, Nolito y Tello.

Miño, Thiago and Montoya completed the list to Mallorca

Barca travel to Mallorca without injured Valdes, Xavi, Puyol and limbo, and the suspended Alves. In this situation Guardiola takes players B, Miño, Thiago and Montoya to complete a list with 15 first team players.

Eighteen players are this Saturday morning to catch the plane being moved to Palma de Mallorca to play against the team to shoot from 20 hours. In this aircraft, but five players will not be the first team of FC Barcelona. It is the injured Valdes , Xavi , Puyol and limbo , caught in the process of recovery. In addition, Dani Alves is not available for this game, as against the Athletic Club was the fifth yellow card and must comply with sanctions.

In recent days have been trained under the orders of Pep Guardiola 's team players, Miño , Montoya and Thiago . All three have come into the squad for the match at Mallorca and complete a list with 15 first team players.

The team has begun to train in field number 1 of the Sports City , where he has been warming. In this first part of the session the injured Jeffren has participated with his teammates.

The following players have been moved to field # 2 to continue working, with the exception of limbo, which has been doing work in 1 individual with a stove. Puyol, meanwhile, has also jumped into the field to continue their setup, while Xavi and Valdés , which sig. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

List: Pinto, Adriano, Abidal, Maxwell, Piqué, Milito, Mascherano, Keita, Sergio Busquets, Iniesta, Villa, Messi, Pedro, Afellay, Bojan, Miño (31), Thiago (30) y Montoya (40).

Guardiola is taken to Mallorca at three of the branch

FC Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, has been forced to call up three players from subsidiary to take on Mallorca in the Primera Liga match this weekend.

Low Valdes, Puyol, Xavi, Alves and Jeffren reopen the doors of First Division three young players from Barça B This is Thiago, Miño and Montoya, who along with the 15 players available from the first team travel to Mallorca to face the group led by former Blaugrana Michael Laudrup.

The squad, therefore, is as follows: Pinto, Miño, Pique, Maxwell, Milito, Adriano, Montoya, Abidal, Mascherano, Keita, Iniesta, Busquets, Afellay, Thiago, Bojan, Villa, Pedro and Messi. (via SPORT)

Cesc Fabregas will recover in time to be at the Camp Nou

The captain of Arsenal , the Spanish Cesc Fabregas will not play the final of the Carling Cup against Birmingham on Sunday, once the coach of the Gunners, Arsene Wenger , confirmed the worst predictions for the London club.

"It's a small wound, but Cesc does not play Sunday," said Arsenal coach. "I do not know how long it will hurt, but fails to Sunday," said the Frenchman, who said the Spanish player is "disappointed." "We all feel sorry and sad for him. The only way we can help is to win the title of Carling because Cesc has contributed much to this competition," he said.

In relation to his presence, on March 8 in the match against FC Barcelona in the return of the knockout stages of the Champions League, Wenger was unwilling to go. "It's very difficult to give a deadline. It is impossible."

Optimism in the environment Cesc

For its part, the coach of Cesc Fabregas in the Arsenal , Juan Ferrando , is optimistic about the quick recovery of the Catalan midfielder, after notice discomfort in the last match against Stoke (1-0 for ' Gunners).

"If the scanner confirms what we hope Cesc can play in the Nou Camp on 8 without problems, no doubt. We are optimistic after tests this morning, "he said in remarks to the program 'did you Dinata?" COM Radio. In this regard, he added that all tests that has undergone the Spanish international has been a good response.

" Cesc asked for the change as a precaution, he noticed a strange feeling and that stopped, "he said. " Cesc and could play this weekend, "said her coach. "Hopefully the scan confirmed the good news and if confirmed to have a microrotura continue to get treatment against Barca , "he said in this regard.

In fact, the '4 'could even play in Sunday's final of the Carling Cup against Birmingham , but for this game if that doubt remains about his recovery.

The same Ferrando has recognized that in case of Walcott , who also was injured in the same party as Cesc , the recovery could be a little slower. The end 'gunner' can not be subjected to the tests that should put her leg is still swollen. (via MD)

Rosell can not taste the treasure he has in Africa

Cracks in the 'Aspire Academy' will not come to Barça.

Sandro Rosell and Barcelona will not do business with the Aspire Academy project that since 1997, started his company (BSM) with the royal family of Qatar. Although it controls more than a hundred players from different countries of Asia, Africa and Central America, Laporta does not want to hear no landing of those stars on the hit football at Barcelona.

Rosell believes that in La Masia there is enough talent, and to assess who might misinterpret the recruitment of some of the talented players. Already in pre-campaign, when he was questioned by some of its rivals on this issue, Rosell was always serious and forceful. Keeps great distance between the club and professional commitments, which is becoming more remote, as promised.

Between Qatar and Senegal (where they just formed the players) are pure gold in the football aspect. Future cracks that President Rosell must conform to see on television or from the stands but not their rights. A pity, but his commitment to the partner is more important than it has with this project.

"What has been written about Qatar not true"
Sandro Rosell keeps Barca's agreement with Qatar is quite advantageous to Barcelona and did not affect any provision of professional conduct club Barcelona. Rosell said in an exclusive interview with TV3 conducted by Lluís Canut "When we arrived at the club and we had been sending letters to companies to sponsor the club shirt but no offers made. We got to work on this issue and we were lucky to find an institution to be jointly and wanted to be known. We are very happy because we help them cope. I wonder if Amnesty International denounces Qatar, but I know it is at the UN. What is written is not true ". (via AS)

Tickets for the Cup final, from 60 €

Everyone involved in the match in Valencia met yesterday to discuss security issues and box office.

Enjoy one of the best games you can see today, a final between Barca and Real Madrid, which played at the Mestalla on 20 April, will have a minimum price of 60 euros. If it is much or little may be known only after the match depending on who gets the trophy.

Representatives of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and the Spanish Federation met yesterday in the city of Valencia to discuss security and entries. That is why by the Catalans club moved responsible who are responsible for both matters at the club. Although progress was made on several issues, one of the most important, to know what the exact number of tickets each club will not be clarified definitively.

The figure will be announced on March 3, although we know that every team will have 40% capacity Mestalla with a capacity of just over 50,000 spectators, so that the club will have about 20,000 locations. Of these, the club has already made public that 85% allocated to partners and penyes, while the remaining 15% will go to institutional commitments of the organization and sponsors. What is known is that the minimum price is 60 euros. It is speculated that the most expensive could be around 120 euros, double. Those members who wish to attend the final should make the request through the usual channels that the club offers. Anyway, until they know the exact number will not start the process. If applications exceed the availability of seats available, which in view of the above is likely to happen, it will hold a lottery. Anyway, the first step is to wait until March 3, the day that Barcelona and Real Madrid will know exactly which locations may account for the end of Mestalla.

What we also know as the two finalists will be located is where their respective interests. Barca will repeat the same area where he lived and the 4-1 against Athletic in the final two years ago. Blaugrana supporters occupy the towns of Valencia stadium north goal. In the event that marked the first title of the triplet, the Catalans were greatly outnumbered by supporters of Athletic, who used other means to achieve more flow. On this occasion, the club has blaugrana trying by all means that the distribution is equitable and that the entries that are not directly aimed at the clubs do not fall back into the hands of rival fans.

Another thing that has been achieved is to advance the final schedule. The intention was that Barcelona and Madrid to be played from 21 am, an hour before the originally envisaged by the Spanish Federation. But both clubs must comply with the time half an hour ahead of kick-off, so the final knockout tournament will start from 21.30. Most importantly, beyond the distribution of tickets and schedule, is to ensure that safety devices are a success before, during and after the game to be regretted that no incidents between the two hobbies. In that sense, all means will be so and the police will be higher than for the final held in 2009. (via SPORT)

Barcelona faces four visits complicated in their next six games

Mallorca, Valencia, Sevilla and Villarreal await Barca in their next four OUTPUTS · In between, the second leg against Arsenal · Calendar theoretically more favorable for Madrid in that stretch · The targets will face those stages, plus the San Calderon Mames, in the final of the League.

The League has reached its turning point. Barcelona faces the formidable stretch of schedule and, in theory, the next six days are more favorable for Madrid to Barca. If white people think that the club can be left points on the road, will be in these games or probably ever. In the next six league games for Guardiola, four are at home and complicated stage (Mallorca, Valencia, Sevilla and Villarreal). In this section, while the Madrid have three games out of the Bernabéu (Sports, Racing and Athletic) and three in Chamartin (Málaga, Hercules and Sporting).

Does not seem the best time for Barcelona's response to the 'Everest' calendar, with fatigue beginning to take its toll in the form of injury. In four days, Barcelona will face two consecutive starts, the Iberostar and Mestalla Stadium. In the first of them is missing Valdés, Alves, Puyol and Xavi, four starters, to measure a team that has taken 23 of the 31 points he has in his stadium. Mallorca and draw against Barca in the Nou Camp and took a point at home to Madrid. After the Barcelona travel to Valencia to face, perhaps without Valdes, Xavi and Puyol, the picture of Emery, who has not lost in league since he visited the Santiago Bernabeu ten days ago. Since then has seven wins and three draws.

Zaragoza after receiving the following output will be the Sánchez Pizjuán Barcelona, where he expects a Sevilla irregular but somewhat improved following the arrivals of Rakitic and Medel. Sevilla-Barcelona has the added ingredient that will play right after receiving Barca Arsenal in the Champions League, a circumstance that also need to know how to manage the team Guardiola. Two weeks later, the Barcelona visit the Madrigal stadium, where only the Levant has so far managed to win in this league.
Complicated four visits over the next six games will have to face Barcelona. The next departure after Madrigal, is already at Santiago Bernabeu in a game that probably will mark the future of the championship final. The stretch drive of the calendar, yes, so AFONT Madrid. It will do when I finish the club. Whites visit the Vicente Calderon, San Mames, Mestalla, Pizjuán and Madrigal in the last stretch of the season, where some say they actually decide the title. Stadiums really hard to have to visit them. Barca is just around the corner. As for no league. (via Marca)

[Youth] Beware of the Cadete

The Cadete is not only Toral, the squad signed for Arsenal. There are many good and brilliant season that are leading to the orders of the former Barcelona and Ros García Pimienta has not gone unnoticed among the scouts who gather frequently in the Sports City to see them in action. They are leaders of their league with one loss to the Vilassar (3-2), 109 goals for and against ten and eleven points advantage over Espanyol. The Premier and the future Barca pressed some hazards.

1. Pau Otero

Midfielder - 02/01/1995

Can also act as interior. Noted for its vision.

2. Ondoa

DOOR - 24/12/1995

Agile and strong, plays the ball well with his feet. She has performed with the Youth B.

3. Mara

INTERIOR LEFT - 01/17/1995

Almeria, serving his third year at the club. It can also act in extreme. His football is very striking.

4. Alejandro Grimaldo

LEFT SIDE - 09/20/1995

All technicians speak wonders of it. Side route that generates a lot of great danger. Defense is very aggressive. One of the most sought after football players base.

5. Jon Toral

INTERIOR LEFT - 05-02-1995

Next year will showcase his talented left foot, his powerful header and his generous efforts to Arsenal.

6. Keita

FRONT CENTER - 08-03-1995

He began the season in the Cadete A, but now on loan at Cornellà military. It has options to return to Barca next season.

7. Ebwelle

RIGHT SIDE - 09/28/1995

Cameroon striker snap. For months now playing Sergi Barjuan orders in Youth B.

8. Sandro

FRONT CENTER - 07/09/1995

Ex UD Las Palmas, known for its smell and its definition. On Saturday he scored four goals to Badalona.

9. Pol Ballesté

DOOR - 22/08/1995

Keeper of a high level. Also sought by many teams, and is playing with the Youth B.

10. Pau Belana

RIGHT SIDE - 02/13/1995

Technically correct and long haul. Very complete player, can also be central.

11. Roger Riera

CENTRAL - 17/02/1995

Captain. Natural Manresa, regardless of their quality stands out for its character, discipline and commitment. Is low, broke the fifth metatarsal of his right foot.

12. Pol Garcia

CENTRAL - 02/18/1995

Lefty. Strong in the air and technically sound. Displacement has a good length.

13. Godswill

CENTRAL - 14/05/1995

It can also act as a right back. Very fast cutting, like get forward.

14. Iu Ranera

INTERNAL LAW - 01/08/1995

Worker and good team player. Have stuck up.

15. Sergi Samper

Midfielder - 01/20/1995

Another pearl of the quarry, the classic '4 'with privileged vision and exquisite technique. We need to improve at the top. Wenger also refused.

16. Simon Hill

INTERNAL LAW - 02/07/1995

A 'Eusebius', the classic '8' ball with good touch and excellent approach to distribute the game.

17. Ivan Roman

FAR LEFT - 28/02/1995

Fast, skilful, known for their good one against one.

18. Cristian Antonio

LEFT SIDE - 18/10/1995

Natural Cadiz side can act, but also central. It has character, is very competitive.

19. Marc Navarro

RIGHT SIDE - 07/02/1995

Carries a lifetime of Barca, from first year of baby. Good wide player.

20. Hector Bellerín

RIGHT SIDE - 19-03-1995

Lateral started, but lately also shines as extreme. It has good center and gives a lot of assists. (via MD)

Premier called Bojan

English football continues to look to the club. This week's Arsenal Wenger has made news for 'fish' again in the quarry Barcelona, specifically the cadet Jon Toral, which will packed up for London next summer at age 16. Bojan Krkic is 20 and, although not share that spirit of adventure, if it would would take the same fate. Tottenham, Arsenal rival city, Linyola intended that part of your draft next season.

Spokesmen for the Spurs have turned their environment to learn first hand what the player's willingness to move out, knowing that the striker has only minutes, even more since the arrival of Ibrahim Afellay. The response has been negative. Bojan still believes she can succeed at Barca's Guardiola and also open that door now would be detrimental to the team at a defining moment of the season like this.

Tottenham has not been the only team in the Premier Bojan interest (Chelsea and Arsenal will continue for some time). In Italy also is speculation the Juventus, although in his case has not yet been any contact with the environment Krkic. Juve have in mind to try to reinforce his signing ahead of next season. Napoli also followed closely. Anyway, if Bojan decided to take the step to leave the club, is likely to choose England ahead of Italy. "The Premier I like a lot," the squad recently acknowledged in an interview with Barça TV.

Following in the realm of hypothesis, another issue to be resolved upon a change of scenery would be the formula chosen to shape the signing. Do not forget that Bojan is only 20 years and also renewed its contract with the club two months ago to 2015, ie a transfer to hair would be very unlikely and even illogical. Seríaoptar more feasible for the transfer or a transfer option because in both cases the Catalan club never quite lost a very dear and valued player, although his participation in the first team not being expected.

The curriculum is Linyola spectacular third player in the history of Barça youngest and most precocious debut to score in the league, has already passed the 100 official matches in the first team despite his youth. In his hand is to keep trying as Barca despite the lack of opportunity or packing for an adventure in the Premier that, yes, you should have a return ticket upon proof of his talent. (via MD)

The application to the Due Diligence by Laporta and Oliver

The Court of First Instance 55, Barcelona has made a decision Thursday rejecting the application of the Due Diligence made by the president Joan Laporta and Joan Oliver former director general.

This application was filed as preliminary discovery 'diligence to further raise demand for right to protect their honor. The judge dismissed the application based on the following considerations:

1. The car is understood that "the requesting party, either in this initial brief, nor at the hearing, has completed what concrete expressions made in the Assembly of Delegates who injured his rights, nor which of the individuals of the due diligence that were exposed to the Assembly of Delegates could injure them. "

2. The judge is not seen as "an economic document drawn up by independent experts, such as the Due Diligence, and their exposure to the Assembly, have been infringed these rights of the applicants."

3. However, the judge understands that "the invocation by Mr. Laporta and Mr. Oliver in the filing of a future action in defense of its honor and its image is just a ruse, a strategy or procedural shortcut for quickly the due diligence to combat their content through the media related, I think that really is what it is. "

In addition to these facts, the judge recommended the amendment of Article 26 of the Regulations of the Club under which the Due Diligence "shall have the reserved character, can not be disclosed and will remain in the offices of the club" to "give more transparent information to financial management of the institution. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Maradona: "hire Mourinho before Pep Guardiola

Diego Armando Maradona said in an interview with sports daily Marca would sign prior to Jose Mourinho that Josep Guardiola . Still, if he were he would stay with them. But you have to choose one. "Mou would hire first, and certainly by their experience. I believe, however, that Pep is a guy who is touched by a magic wand and, further, that no mistake, is a hard worker," he says.

The legendary 10 has been reviewed Argentine Spanish football today and highlighted the work of Mourinho with whom he maintains a good relationship. "If Mourinho had the time Guardiola has had, things might be more equal" and was surprised by noting that "removing Messi and Cristiano, Marcelo is still the best player in the league for now " . On the Spanish championship, Diego warns: "I think there's League for a while, many things can happen." Regarding the Champions, "Barça, Madrid and Chelsea are the favorites of 'Fluff'.

Maradona also spoke of his son, the Kun Aguero . "I see in Madrid. With Ronaldo breaking hip Pique and Puyol . " On central Barcelona, all praise: "They BRAVIS. See, he saw in his day hard core, and Mozer, Julius Caesar or Augenthaler. Scary. But those two are cracks." (via MD)

Pinto: "I think next week will renew"

"Next week, if there is nothing new, I think we will agree with the Club to renew my contract," said this afternoon FC Barcelona goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto.

Pinto has been happy to trust that gives the club: "A month ago we spoke to the Club and we gave their intentions to renew for another season." He added: "I am very happy to be here and I think in a few days to find an official time my renewal."

After analyzing its renewal, Pinto, asked why Wednesday initialed coach Pep Guardiola , has been equally pleased: "The coach is the key and thanks to him and his work have won many things," he assured.

Furthermore, its presence in the starting lineup for the injured Victor Valdes , the doorman agreed: "Nothing has changed for me. Still working well. But it is true that when your name korea love you feel very loved and is an indescribable state of pride. "

To paint the most important thing is the confidence that clothing has on me and my work. " "It is, indeed, the most important. Usually I forget everything that is external, the respect, but do not lose an ounce of energy and listening to what they say outside these four walls. "

Asked if he would rather go to another team where he could play more games and more minutes, Pinto has been clear: "No doubt if you were more comfortable somewhere else, leave. If I'm here is because I can not be better than anywhere else. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rosell: "No doubt the renewal Guardiola

Sandro Rosell , president of FC Barcelona , has granted his first interview since being appointed president in Esports program 3, "Efectivament", which has ensured he has always shown confidence that Pep Guardiola renewed, leaving you free to choose free how. It has also considered becoming more like the formula to renew year after year and that the stability of a computer is not sustained by a signed contract. "Stability is not a role is the work of the people, the commitment they have. We do not give the papers because they can get a break." Whether it is the highest paid technical, Laporta, who has denied that is the case, has made clear emotional involvement Santpedor Technician salary above the copper. "Guardiola is romantically Barca, Real Madrid is professionally Mourinho."

Asked about the renewal of Dani Alves , Rosell has stated that there is an issue of concern, and that over time will understand the situation and creating more convenient.

On the possible signing this summer of Cesc Fabregas , who wished a speedy recovery from his injury, Rosell has said that the negotiations they have with the Arsenal will not be influenced by the "Case Toral. "I think that Barca should have the best team in terms of technical decisions, not to mention that there is a delicate economic situation and we must pay payroll. If we can see that sign, I am sure that within a short time, the amateur culé gladly accept it. "

About transcendent game to be played for the Catalan side against Arsenal in the Nou Camp again in two weeks, the president has held that "all Catalans are convinced to spend, but in football anything can happen." Also considered that, if they come to face the Real Madrid for the remainder of Champions, no matter when or where the faces vein, as "our players are ready, we will do our job."

Finally, questioned on the subject of "Due Diligence", Rosell has said that during the meeting were explained "the great events and great figures for about ten hours. There are many files of information, but in the issue we leave for see the partner were the conclusions we reached with various documents. " (via MD)

Pirlo, to Barca?

Andrea Pirlo is emerging as one of the most desirable objectives of the 'market' summer. Midfielder contract with Milan ends this summer. And many clubs value their location, quality and experience to strengthen his midfield ...

One of them is the FC Barcelona. But not alone. The Catalans would be in a long queue with other teams such as Juventus, as published by the Italian website 'Data Sport' , it would be best placed to try to sign him. Completely free, of course.

Pirlo, 31, still has not renewed his contract with Milan, and currently in no hurry to do so. March may be the crucial month in clarifying his future.

Meanwhile, Juve, Barca and Chelsea, among others, would be waiting. (via SPORT)

"Cesc madly want to sign for Barça"

The personal trainer of Cesc, Juan Ferrando, reiterated in an interview to ONA FM concecida Catalan desire to play in the future at FC Barcelona.

The personal trainer Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas, Juan Ferrando, said in an interview on Thursday to ONA FM radio station that "Cesc dearly want to play for Barça." Undoubtedly, another statement of intent Fàbregas environment is further evidence of the player's desire to return to Barca soon.

In addition, Ferrando spoke about the injury he suffered against Stoke City Catalan Wednesday that play will not prevent the return of the second round of the Champions League at the Nou Camp. "Cesc has a hamstring microrrotura in the right thigh and has for ten days at most.'ll Play safe against Barca," he said. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Nolito: "I have not signed anything with Benfica"

The striker said that the club expects him and has no agreement with another club.

The player of Barça B, Nolito said Thursday that no agreement signed with another team and that it intends to stay tied to the Catalan club.

Cadiz striker, which ends in June and no contract has been renewed with the club, said in the microphones of the step of Ona FM that has nothing done with the Benfica club which has been linked for months.

"I have not signed anything with anyone, the club relies on me and I am very happy and I hope to play here a long time. But there are still five months and in time will decide my future," said the player of the subsidiary.

Nolito also discussed the situation of Barça B in Second Division, after the bad results achieved in recent days: "We have to start winning, and we must work hard."

According to Catalunya Radio in FC Barcelona have offered to Nolito have information about the first team to accept the renewal offer. (via SPORT)

24 February 2011

Ibra reloaded against Pep: "He was my problem"

My problem in Barcelona was a man. And that is the 'philosopher'. He was my problem. I had no problems with anybody," he repeated, as it did when he left Barcelona, the current AC Milan striker.

Pep Guardiola left a powerful impression on Zlatan Ibrahimovic , and the rest of players who have been under his command, but in the case of Sweden in the negative. The Swedish and slit of his former coach when he left Barcelona , and now does so again in an interview in ' Eurosport 'to be published in full on Monday.

' Ibracadabra 'Guardiola returns to refer to as the' Philosopher '. " My problem in Barcelona was a man. And that is the 'philosopher'. He was my problem . I had no problems with anyone. There is nobody who can say I did something wrong. (...) I still do not know what happened. Still waiting for the answer , "said the striker.

Also compare the returns to Barca with Jose Mourinho , a coach who, according to Swedish, it knows how to motivate his players. " At the time he was with Mourinho, could go out and kill for him , for the motivation he gave me, that's how he encouraged me. With the other (Pep) was football, football ... . " It also ensures that Guardiola never strove to adapt the system to your game. "A coach has to adjust the game to players who have, especially if you bought a player for 70 million." (via AS)

Messi back in training with the group

After Tuesday to stay in the gym, Leo Messi returned to training with the rest of the group to prepare for Saturday's game against Mallorca.

Messi, who arrived a bit late for training, was the main novelty of the meeting, which also was attended by team players Thiago, Rubén Miño and Montoya.

Outside the group followed the injured Victor Valdes, Xavi and Puyol, who are out for sure for the match this coming weekend. (via SPORT)

Pinto Summit to renew

The agent's goal, John Maraver, revealed that the future of Pinto can be solved within days.

Pinto also will move from the Nou Camp. Sign is not clear when or whether to renew its commitment extended by one or two seasons. But where there is no doubt is a time to contemplate his future as Barca. The player, his sports management consultant and have not tired of repeating in recent days that there is a full conviction that the renewal of the goal just a matter of a couple of meetings. That's when complications arise.

The representative of Pinto, Juan Maraver, COPE Esports confirmed that it intends to soon move to Barcelona to negotiate the continuation of the goalkeeper. "I was Zubi and we agreed to meet next week." The consultant found that are not yet finalized the terms of renewal, but stated the Pinto will not move out. "The player wants to stay at Barcelona. Is very happy at the club, feel loved by everyone and has proven to be a true keeper. "

Maraver reiterated that still does not work on a specific draft and did show his desire to enter into a longer lease to end the formula every year that has been followed regularly with Pinto. "I do not know if it is good to negotiate every year. Clear all I have is the will of Pinto, who has said on more than one occasion that he would hang up his boots at Barcelona, but we'll see. Sign for two seasons would be nice, but again we have not yet spoken. "

Zubizarreta has confirmed the start of contacts in Seville and the will to get back on track future of Pinto at the time the match all professional agendas.

In this sense, the vice president and head of the sports area, Josep Maria Bartomeu, remained more airtight in Com Radio. The manager confirmed the good intentions but said technicians have not spoken about the future. "It seems that follow. Pinto has a specific weight in the locker room, but the decision is taken. " (via SPORT)

Cesc and Walcott, injured!

The Emirates had a day marked by the ax of injuries. The closeness of the final of the Carling and the game in the Nou Camp flooded with concern the steps of the temple 'gunner'.

The Emirates experienced the game against Stoke City with a knot in the stomach from the minute 13. Moment where the sound was in the stadium with Cesc's injury. Arsenal captain left the field with a face, visibly angry at his misfortune, but without symptoms of lameness. In the stands there was silence and Wenger changed his usual calm face a serious gesture. Of utmost concern.

In the yard, Cesc was replaced by Arshavin and the fans 'gunner' wondered if the Catalan would be ready for the final of the Carling on Sunday against Birmingham. In Barcelona, the question was different: "Cesc will be lost again around the Camp Nou?" The response should be expected because muscle injury 4 'gunner' leaves many unknowns.

While waiting for the player now pass the relevant medical tests yesterday in London had quietly optimistic about the injury of Catalan. After the initial shock, the feeling grew that this was not a serious injury, but for now he is doubtful for Sunday's game. The first impressions are that it could be between one and two weeks off.

One of the hardest hit yesterday was, of course, Cesc himself had placed great hopes on the meeting of the Camp Nou. Catalan already missed the game last season and I felt like it was claimed in the home. Cesc Impotence was also justified by the feeling of having to deal with injuries since the start of the season. And is that Fabregas has suffered a number of the same campaign muscle injury that prevented him from showing his best. Also last year suffered the hack of injuries. The most serious is the place in a play with Puyol in the Emirates. Then the fibula was the affected area and Cesc did not arrive in the best conditions for the World Cup. Yesterday again suffered discomfort behind the knee, near the hamstrings, a very sensitive area for the players.

Interestingly, when asked about his return to Camp Nou after the match against Barcelona, Cesc and warned: "I hope to be. I hope so, "he said then. Surely aware that injuries have accompanied him throughout the season. Concerned about the possibility of a repetition of history, Cesc was cautious in his response. After yesterday's meeting Wenger himself would not get wet: "He has a muscular problem, tomorrow we will try," he said.

Cesc's injury was not the only bad news of the night at the Emirates. Theo Walcott, the young end of English, was injured in the second half and had to leave the field on a stretcher. In his case, the lesion is in the ankle and the prognosis less optimistic. As soon lose the final of the Carling on Sunday, just now he had achieved some continuity in the team. Walcott again highlighted yesterday in the attack 'gunner' and is now doubtful for the game against Barcelona. That is a very explosive player makes Arsenal medical services are particularly cautious with the young footballer. If the end is not very fast to point against Barcelona, the English team lose one of its greatest assets in attack. Without doubt, one of the Arsenal players that has strained the Barca defense in recent times. Since the last course came in the second half at the Emirates and was the author of one of the goals from Arsenal. A few days ago turned into a real nuisance for Maxwell. (via SPORT)

Hleb goes into operation to buy Cesc

A week and a half after Javier Faus , financial vice-president of FC Barcelona , remember that the club "only" have "between 40 and 45 million euros to sign if no sales," operation could yield an unexpected injection of cash for a succulent Barca coffers ahead of the possible investment by Barca converted back to Cesc Fabregas . According to information that appeared yesterday in the British press, Alexander Hleb , on loan from August to Birmingham City , is in the orbit of the Kuban Krasnodar Russian, who could pay 6 million euros by taking the services of Belarus midfielder .

As was informed MD, Barça is not aware yet of the interest of newly promoted club to Premier League Russian, although there is an option to purchase Birmingham where he wanted to stay with the player. However, the possibility that the English team would like to run this clause to do business with Hleb is ruled out because the amount payable initially at Barça would move at levels similar to those that want to pay the Kuban Krasnodar .

Thus, if it ends up the offer of the club taking shape in southern Russia , the Barça could pocket a substantial sum which was not in the future plans of the board. The Kuban Krasnodar intended to give a qualitative leap in its return to the First Division of the Russian football from the hand of Dan Petrescu , the former Romanian side that shone in the Chelsea DEEC the late 90's. The league debut against Rubin Kazan is scheduled for March 13 and in Russia the deadline for signing is still open. There is no doubt that Barca would accept with open arms supply by Alexander Hleb , 29, since he is not considered recoverable for the whole of Pep Guardiola . (via MD)

Iniesta: "The best thing is to play well and win"

Andres Iniesta has spent the night on Wednesday for studies of RAC 1 to grant an interview to 'You say' which has provided its good vibes in the face of the tie against Arsenal and has defended the need to combine the style Barça to victory.

"The feelings are good and believe in the comeback. We have to make a full game without mistakes, but with our people, who always gives a push, the party has to go right," he assured the Barca, who only conceives go round : "It is imperative to get as far as possible in the Champions League. We have equipment for it and the head of each one must have that one thought" .

In this regard, expressed Fuentealbilla ultimate ambition: "We must seize this moment that has led to football. It all happens very fast and we must try to make this last lot" . Iniesta pointed out that "for an outcome side must not change the vision of the costumes and the idea is to keep playing but when you lose everything changes. The result has a great influence and the best thing is to play well and win. You can not go home with the feeling that I could have done more ".

Happy for the renewal of Guardiola has stated that "I hope his time is more than four years" and stressed that "blind faith in the coach we have demonstrated since the first day and it is reassuring to follow." Class on her performance against Athletic, said that "when you leave a game things, gives a lot of morals."

Don Andrés has revealed the happy news of the birth of her first daughter, Valeria, is a reality "within two months, almost coinciding with the final of the Copa del Rey" in the April 1 that can be brutal at all levels.

Progress Cadet Jon Miquel Toral Harper Barca Arsenal, Iniesta has held that "everything is respectable. Everyone has their situation and I can only speak of mine. I would rather play for five minutes here, 90 in another place. I do not I saw something else. " (via MD)

David Villa: "Madrid doesn't give truce"

The player of FC Barcelona has ensured that the game against Mallorca , this Saturday at 20.00 hours will be "dangerous", especially because the game displays the Real Madrid , which gives no "truce" to the Blaugrana. He also assured that the team is "quiet." "We do not talk about whether there league or not. we did not before and not now, "he said about whether a victory for Madrid before playing his game is more pressure on them.

After the draw with Sporting de Gijón (1-1), losing to Arsenal in London (2-1), and the victory against Athletic de Bilbao (2-1), the striker was confident of fitness and game time through the template. "We're fine, we finished the last matches in the rival camp, despite supporting a great physical strain," he said.

"I think there will be no litmus test. We have low, but we have a workforce prepared to meet all the matches of the season," he argued about the fact that before the Mallorca will be out through injury Valdés , Puyol and Xavi and Alves for penalty. On the other hand, assessed that the second leg of their knockout final against Arsenal will do the same thing at the Emirates Stadium, but be "more successful in front of goal."

"We were superior at all times unless the outcome," he concluded. "Give favorites now useless. We are in the second round and many teams," said the Spaniard on the finalists of the European competition. Finally, he was "happy" about the renewal of coach Josep Guardiola . "It's a joy to us all and for the club. Is to blame for all this, the titles and victories," he said.

David Villa has confirmed this Wednesday afternoon , as explained MD, that his presence in the match against Valencia for the 26 th day of league is in doubt due to his forced appearance before the judge for an unresolved dispute with his former representative.

The view forces the player to stand at 9.00 am on next Wednesday 02 March in Gijon while the game will be played at 22:00 pm in Mestalla . Although there appears to be many problems, club and player will do "everything possible" to get the best codiciones. Still, we know that these situations are not the ones most like the first team coach who prefers that his players get rested and clear.

Moreover, Villa , now presented in Barcelona with new running shoes that sponsor, acknowledged that the current position of FC Barcelona is "privileged" because "no matter if Madrid wins it all if we do the same. " (via MD)

Rosell, "Pep is sentimentally of Barça"

Sandro Rosell said that convinces him and attracts him to extend this commitment year after year contract with coach Josep Guardiola.

The Barca president, Sandro Rosell explained that negotiations for the renewal of contract were quick Josep Guardiola. "No convincing cost. It was a great job of Andoni Zubizarreta and Josep Maria Bartomeu. Quietly and behind closed doors. Then they agreed with the agents of Pep. In a couple of weeks, it closed," he said in interview program on TV3 and Esport Efectivament 3.

Rosell has acknowledged that the contract extension from year to year, convinces him and likes. "For us, it's a luxury to have a coach like him. Asboluta We choose freedom for him. This formula of 1 +1 I love it. It is very good for the club. Stability is not a written paper but the work, commitment and feeling and that it is Pep, "summed up the president.

In this sense, and a comparison with José Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid, Rosell has made a distinction between the two technicians. "There is something that differentiates us. Pep is Barça.'s Romantically Barca and Real Madrid is professionally Mourinho." The Barça president Josep Guardiola has said that is not the highest paid coach in the world.

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