29 January 2011

That would be the new Camp Nou grass

The club is considering injecting 20 million artificial grass fibers to improve the stability of the pitch at the Camp Nou.

Barca is considering next summer to install a system of mixed turf at Camp Nou to avoid the pitch again suffer the irregularities that are being repeated this season. But what is it? How much investment is required? What advantages does this model? It is injected into the natural grass (20 cm below ground) 20 million artificial grass fibers that allow the root of which is sewn to the root of the natural herb for increasing the consistency and density of the lawn.

The system has several advantages over the traditional herb: grass ensures that no 'bald' or areas with earth or clay, has greater durability and strength three times that of a natural herb. The model 'GrassMaster', the more contrasted, and would use the club if finally committed to this model, he says, as the company that patented, better drainage and reduces the influence of moisture and cold, why usual in the Premiership and northern European countries.

Since artificial fibers, not need natural light and better withstand the effect of low temperatures. If launched, the Nou Camp turf would have a 3 per cent of artificial grass. "It is a tool to improve the appearance and stability we are looking lawn awaiting the decision of the club," Royal sources confirmed Verd, the lawn care company Camp Nou.

Putting it into practice would involve investment of 300,000 euros (to rent the machine that implements and 'sew' the artificial grass fibers) and a similar maintenance of natural grass but with two qualifications: after each party has to use the 'loop ', the machine that flattens the field, and when painting the lines is to use a special paint, quick drying.

Chapter of drawbacks should be borne in mind that the ball bounce slightly change: the grass would have greater density, and the ball will absorb more and reduce your boat. (via SPORT)