29 January 2011

La Masia will become an institutional headquarters.

The full transfer to Barca quarry facilities Ciutat Esportiva cause a change of uses in the precinct annex to the Camp Nou.

The club works in the future redevelopment of the 600 square meters at present they constitute the La Masia. The full transfer to the Ciutat Esportiva is only a matter of months and have already made various proposals to provide social use to the units since its foundation have hosted much of the quarry Barca.

Barca aim to La Masia the future becomes a branch of the Barcelona capable of representing the entity and hold meetings of an institutional nature. The interior will undergo a major refurbishment that will include the creation of different meeting rooms and a spacious dining room designed to accommodate the traditional lunch clubs.

It is estimated that any better than La Masia to promote and export the image and philosophy of a club like Barcelona has become a global football reference. In return it will also reduce activity in the current offices. In any case the remodeling project of La Masia is still open to suggestions. (via SPORT)